3/4/12 --
Been a while, but some Dig news to share! The band has had some activity lately, re-recording the self-titled first album which will be released on Scott's label. That should be out in Spring '12. The band has also be working on lots of new songs, and plans to put out a new album later in 2012.

6/5/09 --

There are 8 new Dig songs recorded that just need to be mixed. No word on when/how these will be released, but something to look forward to.

In other Dig-related news, the band The Barons are active again, featuring guitarists Jon and Johnny from Dig. They've got some great rocking songs recorded, with a CD expected out soon. The line-up is: Chuck Garric (Vocals & Guitar), Jon Morris (Guitar), Johnny Von Baron (Guitar) Jamie Carter (Bass), Dave Casey (Drums). Check them out at

7/13/08 --
Wow, over a year without an update. Sorry, but there's simply been no news to pass on. It's sad to think that the band reunited over 4 years ago (March 2004), yet all that's come out of it in all that time are a couple LA shows and one new track (see previous update). Bummer. Hopefully more new songs and live shows are in the future, but who knows.

Apparently another new Dig song ("Overhead") was used in the 2006 film Love Is The Drug, though I haven't been able to find more info on this yet.
Scott Hackwith has been working on doing the score for the Discovery Channel show Bone Detectives. A couple years ago he produced the Only Son album Drop to the Top, and also contributed some bass and backing vocals to it.
Johnny Cornwell is still playing in the 70s punk cover band No Thanks.

Anyways, some site updates to mention. The web address for this here Dig fansite has changed. Please note that we're now located at
Please update your bookmarks/favorites! To help celebrate the new home, a full live show from 1994 has been added to the audio section.. so go download that if you like. Enjoy that and thanks for visiting the site.

6/14/07 -- new track!, "No One's There"
Check out the band's myspace for the first new dig song in years, "No One's There". The song will be on a compilation cd by Poison Tree Records due in late August called Road To Nowhere. The band will soon be back to work on a new EP, which will hopefully be out around August. The band will likely play some shows around that time, too.

the current line up for DIG is:
Scott Hackwith- vox, GTR
Jon Morris- GTR, backing vox
Jonny Cornwell- GTR
Pete Reichert- Bass (a.k.a. Petey X, previously from Rocket from the Crypt)
Dave Stedronsky- Drums

11/9/06 -- album update and some cool links
Sorry so long since an update, but I haven't had anything new to say. But today Johnny the guitarist was nice enough to fill me in on the progress:

"We (dig) were trying to set up a show before the end of the year but scheduling didn't work out. So, we're taking the rest of the year to work on the record. Hopefully we'll be in full force by the end of Feb. Scott's been spending alot of time on getting his label up and running so that when we do put out the record it will be all in place."

Good to know. I know all us fans are very excited to hear it and wish the band the best of luck.

Here's a MySpace round up:

Dig is on myspace.

As mentioned, Scott started a new label called Cassette Recordings which will release the next Dig album. Other bands on the label are Only Son, Modern Cinema, Beandip, and L.A.D. look in their "top friends" and check them out while you're at it.
see also,

Dig guitarist Johnny Cornwell has a new band called No Thanks that plays 70s punk rock covers. Their first show will be at "On The Rox" (above the Roxy) in L.A. on Nov 16th, 2006.

Former dig guitarist from Life Like, Joel Graves is now in Earlimart.

YouTube round up:

"Believe" video


"We Don't Care" video


Update: Thanks to Mike for the heads up on this one I missed:
"I'll Stay High" video

These are the only Dig videos I've found on YouTube, but if you come across more, please let me know.

4/18/06 -- another dig show
Short notice, but I just got word that dig is playing the Viper Room in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 10pm.

2/26/06-- live show recap
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the recent show, but dig fan Jason Evans kindly posted this brief recap on the dig yahoogroup:
they played ten songs. they did most of the ones you'd think they would do. it was kind of a laid back environment. a couple of songs were kind of sloppy, but that's to be expected with the layoff they had.
on s/t they did unlucky, believe, tight brain,. on runt they did we don't care, mothership. they also did king of my world and live in sound. plus a couple more i don't remember. i'm glad i went and made it part of my roadtrip.

Angie adds:
Just wanted to add to the review. The setlist for the show was:
We Don't Care
I'll Stay High
Unlucky Friend
King of My World
Tight Brain
I'm Around (listed on the setlist, but not played)
Live in Sound

2/1/06-- a show!!
dig live -- Thursday, February 16, 2006 @ the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA.
For the first time in 7 years (wow, has it really been that long?) dig will rock the stage. Johnny Cornwell says, "We’ll be playing a lot of songs from the first record and first 2 eps. The line-up is Scott, Jon and I taking care of the guitars (Scott on vocals of course), Matt Tecu from the 2nd record on drums and our new bassist Jamie Carter. Hope to see you there."
Ticket price is $12. Opening band is Surfact. Dig goes on at about 11pm. Must be 21+ w/ ID. There is a "discount list" for fans to get in for a few bucks cheaper, so if you plan to go, email me your name and I'll pass it on. Or you can buy tickets in advance at
If I hear any news about additional shows, I'll of course pass on the info, but I think this is the only show planned for the time being.

1/8/06-- I recently checked in with Scott and here's what he had to say:
the dig record is still in the works.
i have started a label called Cassette Recordings and i am about to release our first record by an artist that is calling himself the Only Son. his real name is jack dishel. he used to be in the Moldy Peaches. the record came out great.
i signed another band called Bean Dip. almost finished with that one. you can check them out on
the dig record will also be coming out on Cassette.
we just did .. check it out. the web site is in the works.

8/17/05-- It's been a while, but finally there's word from the dig camp about the next record. Sweet! Johnny Cornwell told me the following:
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we’re in the studio. I know, we really are. We have drum tracks for 16 songs thanks to Matt Tecu who was the second drummer in “dig”. It’s great to play with him, I never did before. For bass, which we’re in the middle of tracking right now, we have enlisted Jamie Carter (Capricorn) Jon and I’s bassist from our band “The Barons”. He’s doing a great job and fits right in with everyone. It’s been a really great vibe so far. As soon as we have pictures we’ll send them right out.

4/15/05-- Sorry, no news on the new dig album. But I was digging around my closet the other day and stumbled upon some the tablature for the song "Believe" from the May 1994 issue of Guitar magazine. I scanned 'em up and here they are:
guitar page 1
guitar page 2
guitar page 3
guitar page 4
bass page 1
bass page 2
bass page 3
and here's the accompanying article
Other little site updates:
I added a short review of Defenders from Bikini magazine to bottom of the "various blurbs, etc" page. Also added pic of "I'll Stay High" 1 track promo (that I just found out about thanks to an eBay auction) to the discography.

11/23/04-- Scott Hackwith, Jon Morris, and Johnny Cornwell are still working on the next dig record. It's been slow going, but they hope to pick up the pace after the new year. This info comes from the awesome Mr. Cornwell, who jokes that the album should be called "snail". Hopefully they'll be able to get me some pix and a track or two to share on the site soon.

5/13/04-- Some more news on the reunion thanks to a new interview with Scott by Chip Midnight at

3/26/04-- Dig is back! That's right, recording has recently begun on a new Dig album. This is their first activity since splitting up back in 1999. I don't have much details, but I know the project involves the 3 original guitarists.. Scott Hackwith, Jon Morris, and Johnny Cornwell. This should be a great CD! Hopefully they'll play live, too. I'll be sure to pass along more info when I hear it. Stay tuned.

Also, notice the new look of the site? I figured since Dig was returning, I owed it to them to spruce up the site a little. :)


 2/22/04-- No updates to speak of, really. But I thought I'd address a somewhat frequently asked question: Where to buy dig stuff. Well, many of dig's releases are out of print. However, they can be found used very cheaply. So even if you're one of those fans who only owns the first album, you might as well shell out a couple bucks for Defenders, Life Like, and/or Runt!
Here's a handy little search tool I made for finding/buying Dig cds online...

--CD-- --Description-- --Amazon-- --eBay--
Runt dig's first EP Runt EP search
dig (self-titled) dig's first full-length Dig search
Defenders of the Universe dig's second album Defenders of the Universe search
Life Like dig's third album Life Like search
Airheads (soundtrack) with "curious george blues" Airheads search
Virtuosity (soundtrack) with "hu hu hu" Virtuosity search
Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits (compilation) with "fat albert theme" Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits search
Soft Pretzel dig EP n/a search
Believe single dig single n/a search
Unlucky Friend single dig single n/a search
I'll Stay High single dig single n/a search

Also, there are several UK cd retailers with dig singles for sale: here, here, here, here.
Other large retailer listings with rare stuff can be found here and here

Please note that the dig site does not endorse any of these stores and can't vouch for their trustworthiness. The exception would be Amazon, who we're in cahoots with and get a couple cents credit if you buy a CD from them through one of the links above.
Another warning: since "dig" is a very common name, it makes it hard to search for stuff from the band. Be careful not to be fooled thinking you've found a super-rare dig cd that you've never heard of, and then find out it's not really the band dig, but some other band also going by the name dig. For example, there's a cd called "dig live 1999 @ Milton Theatre & The Basement".. when I first saw that, I got very excited thinking it was a live recording from the band.. but it turns out it's really just some Australian acid jazz album. Luckily, I didn't go ahead and buy it. (Nothing against acid jazz, but that would've been a huge disappointment to pay over $20 for a cd and it turns out to be something totally different than what you were expecting.)

Oh wait, here's one dig-related update for you: WiLD GiFT, the band featuring former dig guitarist Joel Graves, has unfortunately broken up. Check out their official site to download their last recordings.. great stuff, and i'm not just saying that. Also, I'm not sure, but judging from their respective long-dormant websites, I assume other dig-related bands Teen Machine and The Puppies have also given it up. And The Barons, the promising new band mentioned a year ago a couple updates down, apparently never went anywhere.. as I can't find a website for them or any info online. It sucks that bands featuring former dig members haven't had very good luck lately!

BTW, while searching for dig stuff selling online, I found a couple pictures that I've added to the discography.

8/6/03-- Got a great update from Scott recently. He says he's been real busy with his music house, Slogan. They do music for film and TV. They've done spots for companies such as Budweiser, Bombay gin, Nike, McDonalds, and the NY Knicks (the theme song that they played before every home game last year and next season). Check out the website at ..there are some sample videos you can watch.. dig fans will recognize "Busstopping" in one of them. Slogan also produces records sometimes, like recent releases by Beachwood Sparks and The Pattern. Currently, a group called Kinky is recording there.

Also, Scott's got a couple bands going. One, mentioned here in previous updates, is called Glassy and features a young lady named Zosia on vocals.
Another band is Scott (on vocals) plus Brent Rademaker and Charlie George. At the moment they're calling the band olo. Scott describes it as "mellow stony music." They got a bunch of stuff recorded so far, and plan to record more and play some live shows.

Scott was cool enough to share some olo and unreleased dig with me. I hooked up the folks on the mailing list.


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