Hal's Hacks
I ain't no "master hacker" or nothin', I just like messing around with NES roms and making different versions of them. If you're into that sorta thing, feel free to check them out..

Maniac Mansion : Zombie Hack - A fresh spin on the classic game, with crazy text and graphics edits! --> more

Zelda II: The Adventure of Error - Zelda 2 text/sprite hack with silly, low-brow humor and images from other NES games added. (download) FRESH UPLOAD, 2022!!

Maniac Mansion : Rilo Kiley Version - like the band? like the game? like the hack! --> more

Mario's Secret Castle - a hack turning Milon's Secret Castle into a Mario game --> more

Bionic Metroid - a hack turning Metroid into a Bionic Commando themed game. --> more

Bionic Commando hacks - a couple crappy hacks of Bionic Commando. --> more


hey, let me know what you think = gavin7@gmail.com

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