tracklists to some Frank Black recordings.. 1993-1999
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Frank Black DVD ("a couple '98 shows + TV stuff")
* Frank & the Catholics - Slim's, SF 11/9/98 (incomplete, audience video recording-1st gen. Poor audio quality (too loud), little mic overwhelmed by bass. But video quality is ok, close to stage.)
Wave of Mutilation, All My Ghosts, Kicked in the Taco, Man of Steel, I Switched You, Calistan, I Need Peace, Ten Percenter. King & Queen of Siam. Superabound. Don't Ya Rile 'Em. Steak n Sabre. You're Such A Wire (cut)
* Frank & the Catholics - Phoenix Theater, Petaluma 11/20/98 (incomplete, audience video recording-1st gen. poor quality video (flashy screen), audio is ok, shot very close to the stage, right under Frank {he even gives the camera a confused look}. Show is prefaced with some footage of Mark Mulcahy opening for Frank [playing with Scott & Dave as "Polaris"] for a song. Polaris rarely played live.. so this is pretty cool for fans of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete.")
Wave of Mutilation/Man of Steel/All My Ghosts/Speedy Marie/Suffering/Holiday Song/You're Such A Wire/I Switched You (gets cut off 1/2 way through).
* Frank Black on 'Sonic Ignition' playing "Old Black Dawning" accoustically outside.
* FB&tC - Phoenix Fest 7/18/96 (tv broadcast)
you aint me, brackish boy, superaboud, los angeles
* FB&tCs - Rockpalast Festival 6/22/96 (tv broadcast, poor picture quality)
shazeb, los angeles, taco, headache, you aint me, jesus was right
* FB on JBTV, Chicago playing "Duke of Earl" acoustic
* FB with Kennedy 3/25/93 Alternative Nation, MTV, NY (int + Beat on the Brat/O.B.Dawning)
* FB on Jon Stewart Show 10/31/94 - Headache

KROQ FM, Los Angeles, CA March 8, 1993 14m
1. interview
2. Czar
3. interview
notes: funny interview with FB in good form, plus solo acoustic Czar.

FRANK BLACK 3/9/93 KCRW FM Mourning Becomes Eclectic, L.A. [*+] cdr
1. Los Angeles (LP version)
2. interview
3. I Heard Ramona Sing
4. interview
5. Old Black Dawning
6. interview
7. Czar
8. interview
9. Brackish Boy
10. interview
Notes: pretty bad quality (muffled, buzz) perhaps from a RealAudio broadcast. But not a total waste of your listening time. Also includes very short teases of "Rumble" and a parody of "Dog's Life" by the Fall.

* KSJS-FM, San Jose CA April 15 1993...32m
1. interview
2. Old Black Dawning
3. interview
4. Czar
5. interview
6. Two Spaces
7. interview
8. I Heard Ramona Sing
9. interview
10. Brackish Boy
Notes: somewhat awkward interview plus solo acoustic tunes. a little muffled.

* WOW Hall, Eugene OR 5/27/93...77m...
1. intro
2. Fear (One Step Beyond)
3. Fear (One Step Beyond) [continuted]
4. War of the Satellites
5. Tossed (instrumental version)
6. Czar
7. Hang On To Your Ego
8. I Heard Ramona Sing
9. Adda Lee
10. Old Black Dawning
11. Places Named After Numbers
12. Two Spaces
13. Don't Ya Rile 'Em
14. Freedom Rock [work in progress / band intros]
15. Fu Manchu
16. Los Angeles
17. Parry The Wind High, Low
18. Ten Percenter
19. This Is Where I Belong
20. Duke Of Earl
21. Brackish Boy / The Ballad Of Lucas MacGraw
22. Every Time I Go Around Here
NOTES: the first live show by the Frank Black Experience (AKA first performance of Frank Black with his post-pixies band.) Understandably, the band is not quite as tight as it was for later shows on the tour. But it's still a cool show and a great recording.. cdr clone of the dat master (Denon DTRP-100 DATDTRp-80 / Sonic Studios DAT master>wav>cdr) The last song cuts on the final note (it's like that on the master).

FRANK BLACK '93 Musique Plus, French-Canadian FM [***] cdr
1. interview
2. "UFO"
3. interview
4. Old Black Dawning
5. interview
6. Fu Manchu
7. interview
Notes: "UFO" is a little improvised song with Frank playing what would later become "Man of Steel" and the DJ guy singing in French.

Frank Black "Acoustic" (1993-1996) 74m cdr
1. (I want to live on an) Abstract Plain
2. At The End of the World
3. Brackish Boy
4. Calistan
5. Czar
6. Duke of Earl
7. Freedom Rock
8. Fu Manchu
9. Handyman
10. I Don't Want to Hurt You (Every Single Time)
11. I Heard Ramona Sing
12. The Jaques Tati
13. Jumping Bean
14. Kicked in the Taco
15. the Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
16. the Man Who Was Too Loud
17. Men In Black
18. Modern Age
19. Old Black Dawning
20. Pray A Little Faster
21. Pure Denizen of the Citizen's Band
22. Space is Gonna Do Me Good
23. This Is Where I Belong
24. UFO (Man of Steel)
25. Village of the Sun
26. Whatever Happened to Pong?
27. You Ain't Me
28. You Never Heard About Me
Notes: This is a cdr i put together from a few tapes I got. The quality varies, but is pretty good for the most part. Most tracks are from radio sessions, just Frank solo with his acoustic guitar. A couple tracks are from the Hello Recordings ep. "UFO" is a short jam, with the DJ making up words while Frank plays an early version of "Man of Steel".

Frank live in Vancouver 29/5/93 Commodore Ballroom, second show of his first tour. The image and the sound are decent by amature audience video standards. Personally, I think it's a great video. There aren't really close-ups, but the filmer isn't too distant, and pans over to the other guys from time to time. The show is about 75 minutes long. Some surprises in the setlist, compared to many of his 93 shows which seemed to have a standard setlist. The musicians with Frank are Joey Santiago, Eric Drew Feldman, Nick Vincent on the drums, and Tony Maimone on the bass. Here's the setlist:
1- Intro/Tossed (with vocals)
2- Czar
3- Amnesia
4- Hang on to your ego
5- I heard Ramona sing
6- Adda Lee
7- Old black dawning
8- Places named after numbers
9- Two Spaces
10- Don't ya Rile'em
11- Freedom rock (Presentation of the band)
12- Fu Manchu
13- Los Angeles
14- Parry the wind high low
15- Ten Percenter
16- This is where I belong
17- Duke of earl (accoustic)
18- Brackish Boy (accoustic)
19- Every time I go around
And for the Frank live (Sam the record Man, 29/5/93,Vancouver), it was the afternoon before the other show. Same day! Frank jokes around in the 35 minutes accoustic prestation. The camera shakes a lot but the sound is great. He talks a lot between the songs and even during the songs. A funny show. Here's the setlist:
1- Old black dawning
2- Czar
3- Brackish Boy
4- I heard Ramona sing
5- Ten Percenter
6- Duke of earl
7- Don't ya Rile'em
8- Fu Manchu

6-8-93 Chicago, IL, Vic Theatre [58m]
intro/Fear, War of the Satellites/Tossed, Czar, Hang Onto Your Ego, Adda Lee, Old Black Dawning, Places Named After Numbers, Two Spaces, Don't Ya Rile 'Em, Freedom Rock (instrumental), Fu Manchu, Los Angeles, Ten Percenter, This Is Where I Belong, Parry The Wind High Low, Every Time I Go Around Here
notes: seems to be a nice radio broadcast. some apparent between-song editing has been done, but nothing too noticable or annoying.

Frank Black - Tipatina's, New Orleans 7/3/93
1. weird talking intro
2. weird synth intro
3. Fear
4. War of the Satellites
5. Tossed Instrumental
6. I heard Ramona sing
7. Los Angeles
8. Fu Manchu
9. Adda Lee
10. Hang on to your Ego
11. Freedom Rock
12. Parry the Wind high, low
13. Ten Percenter
14. Two Spaces
15. Old Black Dawning
16. Don't ya rile Em
17. This is where I belong
18. Duke of Earl / Brackish Boy
19. Places Named After Numbers
20. Everytime I Go Around Here
21. Czar
notes: awesome soundboard.. possibly the definitive '93 Frank boot. a bit of roughness in the middle of Ramona, and a handful of seconds are missing from the beginning of This Is Where I Belong, but otherwise this is a OLAQ recording! (Official Live Album Quality). MIXING DESK MASTER > DAT > CDR

Frank Black "BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL" Houston, Texas, July 5th, 1993
1. Intro
2. Fear
3. War of the Satellites
4. Tossed inst
5. I heard Ramona sing
6. Los Angeles
7. Places named after numbers
8. Fu Manchu
9. Every Time I go around here
10. Adda Lee
11. Hang on to your Ego
12. Freedom Rock
13. Parry the Wind high, low
14. Ten Percenter
15. Two Spaces
16. Old Black Dawning
17. Don't ya rile Em
18. This is where I belong
19. Czar

FRANK BLACK ?/94 The Beat, London (solo electric) [***] 30m
adda lee
hate me
sir rockaby
big red
2 spaces
Notes: this is audio from a TV performance on The Beat, London Astoria.

April 21, 1994 - Fullerton, CA, Cal State Fullerton (early show)
1. hate me
2. old black dawning
3. 2 spaces
4. superabound
5. men in black
6. sir rockabye
7. calistan
8. oddball
9. at the end of the world
10. parry the wind high low
11. 10%er
12. freedom rock (Late Night With Conan O'Brien, June 16, 1994 NYC)
13. pong (these 3 are live from some unknown tv appearance)
14. thalassocracy
15. abstract plain
NOTES: Frank sounds kinda sick at the Fullerton show and apologizes for not being able to hit the high notes. sound quality ain't very good, but decent show.
The filler seems to be TV stuff transferred to cdr.. not the best quality either, but ok.

5/18/94 GLR Radio, Europe - 13m cdr
1. interview (w/ a little bit of Handyman)
2. Calistan
3. interview
4. Men In Black
Notes: radio interview with a couple acoustic songs.

FRANK BLACK 5/16/94 Mark Radcliffe session, Radio 1 [***] 15m
1. Abstact Plain
2. interview
3. At The End of the World [abandoned 3/4way through-- Frank forgot the words]
4. interview
5. Whatever Happened to Pong
notes- solo acoustic. pretty good.

McCabe's, Santa Monica - May 27 1994 (late show) 83m 2cdr
man who was too loud
sir rockaby
this is where i belong
at the end of the world
adda lee
space is gonna do me good
freedom rock
---band joins---
two spaces
hate me
big red
fu manchu
vanishing spies
2 reelers
bad wicked world
hostess with the mostest
notes- cool show.. first frank plays a solo set, then is joined by his band (Eric bass, Nick drums, Lyle guitar). right around the time Teenager was released. Frank talks about the songs a lot. they played 2 shows at McCabes that day, and this is the 2nd show.

June 4, 1994 - Paris, France, Arapaho -- 86min
PART 1 {45min}
1. 2 spaces
2. space is gonna do me good
3. calistan
4. old black dawning
5. ole mullholand
6. vanishing spies
7. brackish boy
8. bad wicked world
9. hate me
10. big red
11. superabound
12. headache
13. men in black
14. at the end of the world
15. oddball
16. adda lee
PART 2 {41min}
1. pong (first second or two cut)
2. thalaocrassy
3. pie in the sky
4. hostess with the mostest
5. two reelers
6. white noise maker
7. parry the wind high, low
8. ten percenter
9. sir rockaby
10. los angeles
11. freedom rock (frank solo)
12. handyman
13. abstract plain
14. everytime i go around here
Frank Black : Guitar and Vocals
Nick Vincent : Drums
Eric Drew Feldman : Bass
Lyle Workman : Guitar
Source: Sony WM-D3 (Maxell XLII)
Transfer: Sony WM-D6C (Maxell XLII Master) > Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96
Software: CoolEdit 1.2 (record to HD, amplify the volume), CD-Wave (split into tracks), mkw Audio Compression Toolkit (shn)

live in Arapaho, Paris on June 7, 1994...80m cdr
1 / Two Spaces
2 / I Heard Ramona Sing
3 / Calistan
4 / Ole Mulholland
5 / The Vanishing Spies
6 / Brackish Boy
7 / Bad, Wicked World
8 / Hate Me
9 / Headache
10 / The Jacques Tati
11 / The Man Who Was Too Loud
12 / Big Red
13 / Superabound
14 / Czar
15 / Whatever Happened To Pong?
16 / Thalassocracy
17 / The Hostess With The Mostest
18 / Two Reelers
19 / Los Angeles
20 / Parry The Wind High, Low
21 / Ten Percenter
22 / Handyman
23 / Oddball
24 / Men In Black
25 / White Noise Maker

6/10/94 Fun Radio session, France
1. men in black
2. the man who was too loud
3. the jacques tati
4. pure denizen of the citizen's band
Notes: i love the acoustic version of 'pure denizen'. nice solo acoustic session, but some hiss, and annoying fake crowd noise put over the starts of the songs by the radio station. Seem like it was an interview+songs, but this recording is songs only.

FRANK BLACK 6/13/94 NYC Wetlands 77m soundboard cdr
1. Sir Rockaby
2. Two Spaces
3. Hate Me
4. Abstract Plain
5. At the end of the world
6. Calistan
8. Freedom Rock
9. Space is gonna do me good
10. Big Red
11. Superabound
12. Oddball
13. Pure Denizen of the Citizens Band
14. White Noise Maker
15. Speedy Marie
16. Men In Black
17. Adda Lee
18. Parry the Wind high, low
19. 10%er
20. The Man who was too loud
21. Handyman
22. Los Angeles
23. Ole Mulholland
24. Czar
Notes- digital clone of "Hate Me" CD bootleg. sounds great.

Mercury Club, Buffalo, NY 14-Jun-94
freedom rock
adda lee
space is gonna do me good
i heard ramona sing
brackish boy
at the end of the world
men in black
sir rockaby
the man who was too loud
old black dawning
places named after numbers
i could stay here forever
pie in the sky
ten percenter
jacques tati
big red
speedy marie
two spaces

FRANK BLACK 8/26/94 Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK - 65m cdr
1. los angeles
2. freedom rock
3. whatever happened to pong?
4. Thalassocracy
5. Abstract Plain
6. Headache
7. The Vanishing Spies
8. Brackish Boy
9. Men In Black
10. Superabound
11. Czar
12. I Could Stay Here Forever
13. White Noise Maker
14. Hate Me
15. Bad, Wicked World
16. Two Reelers
17. Parry The Wind High, Low
18. Ten Percenter
-filler, same show, different source-
19. Old Black Dawning ("outtake")
20. Two Spaces ("outtake")
21. Hate Me (uncensored)
22. Bad, Wicked World (with slightly more introduction from Frank)
23. Ten Percenter (with DJ wrap-up)
Notes- The first part is from an official promo CD for BBC radio (52 min). Sounds muy excelente... no DJ talking, no commercial breaks, just crystal-clear Frank Black.. the only thing keeping me from giving it a perfect score of '5 asterisks' is that the word "shitty" is edited out twice from the song "Hate Me" and "fucked" from "Brackish Boy". but at least they just muted the vocals, so it's not too annyoing. (funny thing, the word "fuckers" is still there in "Parry The Wind".)
Then the last five tracks are from the same show (12.5 min), but from a slightly lower quality recording of a radio broadcast.. including 2 songs not on the other recording, as well as an uncensored "Hate Me", strangely enough.

Europe Top 1 Live Session, France 9/14/94
Freedom Rock
The Jacques Tati

FRANK BLACK - Toad's Place, New Haven, CT 20-Jan-95
1. Freedom Rock
2. Two Spaces
3. Old Black Dawning
4. Ole Mulholland
5. Headache
6. Adda Lee
7. Calistan
8. Superbound
9. Vanishing Spies
10. Czar
11. Pong / Thallasocracy
12. Brackish Boy
13. Bad Wicked World
14. Men In Black
15. At The End Of The World
16. Jumping Beans
17. 10%er
18. Hate Me
19. Pie In The Sky
20. Sir Rockaby
21. Los Angeles
NOTES: Short cut-out in Two Spaces, and the end of Jumping Beans has some quick recorder problems. Otherwise, pretty good.

Frank black 1/23/95 Europe 1 Top Gear Live, French FM
1 czar
2 calistan
3 interview
4 duke of earl
5 two spaces
6 white noise maker
7 interview
8 jacques tati
9 men in black
10 interview
11 ole mullholand
12 abstract plain
13 jumping bean
14 big red (cut)

FRANK BLACK 1/25/95 Lille, France, Fnac Forum [**+] 30m
1 abstract plain [joined in progress]
2 headache
3 old black dawning
4 jumping bean
5 jacques tati
6 big red
7 duke of earl
8 los angeles
9 brackish boy
Notes: Frank solo on stage with an electric guitar. Crowd is noisey at times and brackish boy is very quiet. but decent overall. reminiscent of old Black Francis solo boots, such as "The Dream Is Over".

FRANK BLACK Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica CA 02/25/95...71:08 cdr
1 / Sir Rockaby
2 / Two Spaces
3 / Old Black Dawning ^
4 / Big Red ^
5 / Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
6 / Modern Age
7 / Jumping Bean ^
8 / Superabound
9 / Calistan
10 / Headache
11 / Ole Mulholland
12 / Faser Eyes
13 / Bad, Wicked World
14 / Freedom Rock
15 / Whatever Happened To Pong?
16 / Thalassocracy
17 / Brackish Boy
18 / Men In Black
19 / At The End Of The World
20 / Pie In The Sky
21 / Czar
22 / White Noise Maker
23 / Los Angeles
NOTES: Strange, unfocussed show.. the three songs marked ^ fall apart midway and are resumed from where they collapsed. Pretty good sound for the most part, but the second half of the show is slightly lower quality for some reason.

3/3/1995 - The Edge, Palo Alto, CA - 63:19
1) Freedom Rock
2) Two Spaces
3) Old Black Dawning
4) Calistan
5) Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
6) Modern Age
7) Jumping Bean
8) Headache
9) The Vanishing Spies
10) Ole Mulholland
11) Ten Percenter
12) Men In Black
13) Brackish Boy
14) Whatever Happened To Pong
15) Thalassocracy
16) Jacques Tati
17) At The End Of The World
18) Bad Wicked World
19) White Noise Maker
20) Pie In The Sky
21) Sir Rockaby
22) Los Angeles
Notes: Jacques fades out near the end. Pie gets a little skippy near the end and stays for remainder of recording. not real clear sound, but decent most of the time.

"Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 25, 1995" 61m
6. freedom rock
7. men in black
8. old black dawning
9. brackish boy
10. hate me
11. at the end of the world
12. ten percenter
13. big red
14. speedy marie
15. two spaces
16. headache
17. vanishing spies
18. sir rockaby
19. pong
20. thalac.
21. bad wicked world
22. white noise maker [first couple seconds cut]
23. abstract plain
24. ole mulhuland
25. pie in the sky
26. Jacques Tati
Notes: this show is circulating as "Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 25, 1995".. but i'm almost positive that's wrong. I'm thinking it's gotta be a mid-1994 European show. of course, i could be wrong, though.

Jan 10, 96 Inter Acoustic Session, French Radio
1. jumping bean
2. modern age
3. pray a little faster
4. i don't want to hurt you
5. you ain't me
6. freedom rock
notes: nice acoustic session. no screwing around with a DJ/interviewer or audience, just Frank and his acoustic playing songs. but the songs seem to be missing some personality from it. like, when he's playing for people, he gives it more than when he's alone in a room, ya know? but maybe it's just me.

- 'KinK FM' interview, Dutch FM, 'Cult Of Ray'-era (mp3-sourced) {15:26}
notes: frank seems to have his acoustic with him, but no songs are played
note to self: this is filler on disc w/ Breeders Melkweg '02 and FB 2 Meter Session 1/14/96

- 2 Meter Sessies, at Bullet Sound Studios, Nederhorst Den Berg, The Netherlands, January 14, 1996
. introduction (by Jan Douwe Kroeske)
. Duke Of Earl
. Jumping Beans
. Handy Man
. You Ain't Me
. Kicked In The Taco
. I Don't Wanna Hurt You (Every Single Time)
. Headache
Notes: '2 Meter Sessie' - acoustic session, at Bullet Sound Studios, Nederhorst Den Berg, The Netherlands, January
14, 1996; re-broadcast on Kink FM, Dutch FM, August 26, 2001; FM > CS (master) > CDr
note to self: this is filler on disc w/ Breeders Melkweg '02

FRANK BLACK mark radcliffe session 1-22-96
white noise maker
village of the sun
jumping bean
modern age
Notes- great full band electric session

Frank Black - Tampa, FLA, Rub A Dub Club 2-28-96 [***+] 78:26
1. -
2. marsist
3. big red
4. freedom rock
5. L.A.
6. you aint me / jesus was right
7. i dont want to hurt you / creature crawling
8. men in black
9. abstract plain
10. adda lee
11. superabound
12. kick in the taco
13. 2 reelers
14. shazeb andleeb
15. pong / thala
16. brackish boy
17. dance war
18. bad wicked world
19. white noise maker
20. ten percenter
21. headache
22. pray a little faster
23. announcement
Notes: CDR from DAT 0 clone transferred digitally and sampled at 44.1 with WT2496 digital soundcard.

Acoustic session 'Studio Brussel' Belgium, February 3, 1996.
1) introduction & short interview [including a few seconds of "The Cult of Ray"]
2) i don't want to hurt you (every single time)
3) pray a little faster
4) you ain't me
5) men in black
notes- pretty good quality mostly, but some little skips.. gets especially bad on the last track.

Astoria, England 2/9/96
1.the marsist
2.big red
3.los angeles ain't me
5.jesus was right
6.i don't want to hurt you
7.superabound in black
9.mosh, don't pass the guy
notes: pretty nice sounding radio broadcast. "mosh, don't pass the guy" has some vocals. some small skips, but nothing too terrible.

frank black - john peel session 2/17/96
everyone is wrong (unreleased song)
man of steel
skeleton man (early version)
i need peace (early version w/ different lyrics)
Notes- great full band electric session

* "Modern Rock Live" 2/18/96 - 37:41 cdr
1. intro/interview (Frank does a little Ozzy cover in the background)
2. Men In Black (LP version with Frank playing along at the end on his acoustic)
3. interview
4. Jumping Bean
5. interview
6. Pray a Little Faster
7. interview
8. You Ain't Me
9. interview
Notes: Once again, a radio interview with some acoustic songs. Some kids phone-in and ask questions. The interviewer is in NY, but Frank is actually in LA.

FRANK BLACK 3/17/96 Just Passin' Thru, WHFS, MD/DC/VA - 30m cdr
1. interview
2. Jumping Bean
3. interview
4. You Ain't Me
5. interview
6. Kicked in the Taco
7. interview
8. I Don't Want to Hurt You
9. interview
10. Abstract Plain
11. Handyman
12. interview
13. Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
Notes: pretty decent solo acoustic performance. a mostly fun interview, but has a few awkward moments.

FRANK BLACK 3/21/96 WBCN, Boston [*+]
1. Pray A Little Faster
2. interview
3. You Ain't Me
4. interview
5. Kicked in the Taco
notes- Heavy reception buzz, but good otherwise. solo acoustic.

FRANK BLACK 3/21/96 WFNX, Boston [*+] 20m
1. interview
2. You Never Heard About Me
3. interview
4. Village of the Sun
5. interview
notes- Heavy reception buzz, but good otherwise. Fun interview + 2 solo acoustic songs (both of which he rarely does acoustic)

3/24/96 Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto 102.1 The Edge FM - 20m cdr
1. interview
2. At the end of the world
3. Kicked in the taco
4. interview
5. You ain't me
6. Jumping bean
notes- radio broadcast. solo acoustic plus interview. Jumping Bean's got some nifty crowd participation backing vocals.

April 8, 1996 - Bloomington, IN, Second Story
p 1 {71:30}
1. mosh, don't pass the guy (w/vocals)
2. pong
3. thalacracy (aborted)
4. bad wicked world
5. freedom rock
6. you ain't me
7. jesus was right
8. men in black
9. brackish boy
10. dance war
11. last stand of shazeb andleeb
12. headache
13. superabound
14. marsist
15. los angeles
16. ten percenter
17. kicked in the taco / "emergency!"
18. two reelers
19. at the end of the world
20. abstract plain
21. pure denizen of the citizen's band
22. czar
April 8, 1996 - Bloomington, IN, Second Story p2 {9min}
1. calistan
2. announcement
Notes: volume fluctuates a little a few times in the first half of disc one. but not too bad. "pure denizen" is a live rarity.. especially full-band.. especially from '96. Frank even comments before it something like, 'Let's see if we can remember this one.'

First Avenue, Minneapolis 13-Apr-96 - disc 1 - 66m
1. the marsist
2. calistan
3. suberabound
4. freedom rock
5. you aint me
6. men in black
7. the vanishing spies
8. adda lee
9. headache [aborted]
10. abstract plain
11. pong / thala
12. brackish boy
13. dance war
14. [band intros] / shazeb
15. jesus was right
16. kicked in the taco
17. 2 reelers
18. you never heard about me
19. los angeles
20. ten percenter
disc 2 - 20m
1. czar
2. white noise maker
3. announcement
4. sir rockaby
5. pray a little faster

Frank Black - Moe's Cafe, Seattle, WA 4-22-96 - 2 cdr from dat master 87m
-disc 1-
1. The marsist
2. Superabound
3. Brackish boy
4. Creature crawling [abandoned]
5. Jesus was right
6. Freedom rock
7. Adda lee
8. Headache
9. Calistan
10. Whatever happened to pong?
11. Thalassocracy
12. Shazeb andleeb
13. You ain't me
14. Faser eyes
15. Bad wicked world
16. Dance war
17. Los angeles
18. You never heard about me
19. Two reelers
20. Kicked in the taco
21. Abstrat plain
22. Big red
23. Men in black
24. Czar
25. Ten percenter
26. Pray a little faster
-disc 2-
1 White noise maker
2 Announcement
Notes: i originally got this on tape direct from the DAT master, but the guy must've recorded over something, because there were times when you could hear another band playing in the background (the cure, i think). aside from that, this is a really good show/recording.
UPDATE 6/25/02... I just upgraded to cdr direct from the DAT master (Sony WMD7).. so no more bleed-thru. Very nice. highly recommended.. one of my personal favorite Frank shows.

Frank Black - 4/24/96 La Luna, Portland, OR - 90m cdr
1. --
2. the marsist
3. superabound
4. pong / thalla
5. brackish
6. kicked taco
7. headache
8. mosh, don't pass the guy (w/ some vocals)
9. big red
10. creature crawling [aborted]
11. -frank takes a break; pissed off crowd-
12. adda lee
13. jesus was right
14. white noise maker / men in black
1. los angeles
2. czar
3. you aint me
4. abstract plain
5. shazeb
6. calistan
7. 2 reelers
8. freedom rock
9. ten percenter
10. pray a little faster / you never heard about me
11. announcement
Notes: rowdy kids in Portland! Frank doesn't like some of the moshers and eventually gets in a fight and leaves the stage for a few minutes before coming back out and apologizing.
Recording sounds pretty good.. DAT master > cdr

1. The Marsist
2. Big Red
3. Brackish Boy / Dance War
4. Men in Black
5. Superabound
6. Headache
7. Two reelers
8. Freedom Rock
9. Los Angeles
10. Czar / Pong intro
11. (I want to live on an) Abstract Plain
12. Calistan
13. Ten Percenter
14. Jesus was right
15. White Noise Maker
16. Los Angeles
17. The last stand of Shazeb Andleeb
18. Kicked in the Taco
19. Headache
20. You ain`t me
21. Jesus was right
Track 1 - 16 recorded at the Commodore Theatre, Vancouver April 23, 1996
Track 17 - 21 recorded at the Loreley Festival, Germany June 22, 1996

frank black -live at the troubadour, west Hollywood. May 2, 1996
1) the marsist
2) superabound
3) brackish boy
4) dance war
5) calistan
6) big red
7) adda lee
8) jesus was right
9) the last stand of shazeb andleeb
10) headache
11) the creature crawling
12) freedom rock
13) you ain't me
14) the vanishing spies / pong intro
15) whatever happened to pong?
16) thalassocracy
17) men in black (cuts out briefly in middle)
18) two reelers
19) kicked in the taco
20) czar (faded near end)
21) [intermission] ?!
22) los angeles (incomplete- faded in, then technical problems)
23) white noise maker
24) ten percenter
25) speedy marie
26) you never heard about me
27) pray a little faster
28) (i want to live on an) abstract plain
notes- the first few songs are unlistenably riddled with skipping. sounds like major cdr burner problems. Gets better (stops skipping), but is never really good quality. Plus short gaps bewteen tracks. However, includes an unaborted "creature crawling".. somewhat of a rarity.

Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 6/14/96
1) the marsist
2) jesus was right
3) headache
4) men in black
5) you ain't me
6) freedom rock
7) pray a little faster
8) the last stand of shazeb andleeb
9) (I want to live on an) abstract plain
10) ten percenter
notes- nice radio broadcast. some minor problems, but good overall. Sometimes also labeled as Frank Black, 1996-06-13, The Loft, Berlin.

Frank Black - Santa Monica, CA, Alligator Lounge 8-25-96
1. -
2. oddball
3. superabound
4. you aint me
5. dont you rile em
6. freedom rock
7. speedy marie / sir rockaby (aborted)
8. ten percenter
9. jumping bean
10. shazeb andleeb
11. creature crawling
12. brackish boy
13. space is gonna do me good
14. sister isabel
1. pong / thalla
2. calistan
3. kicked in the taco
4. los angeles
5. czar (slightly mellower version)
6. the vanishing spies
7. abstract plain
8. adda lee
9. big red
10. the marsist
11. headache
12. you never heard about me
13. white noise maker / jesus was right
Notes: CDR from DAT 0 clone transferred digitally and sampled at 44.1 with WT2496 digital soundcard. Notables: one of the first times Frank's played "sister isabel". "Czar" is a subdued version.. not kicking in like it normally does. Also, I believe this was the last "Frank Black" full-band show.. what I mean is it's the last show they did before becoming "the Catholics". This might also be Lyle Workman's last full show with Frank.

Frank Black solo - 9/21/96 McCabes, Santa Monica - disc 1 - 73:34
1. old black dawning
2. abstract plain
3. pray a little faster
4. los angeles
5. pure denizen
6. 666
7. adda lee
8. kicked in the taco
9. headache
10. superabound
11. shazeb andleeb
12. skeleton man
13. creature crawling
14. sir rockaby
15. don't ya rile em
16. jumping bean
17. at the end of the world
18. two reelers
19. calistan
20. i heard ramona sing
21. village of the sun
22. the vanishing spies
23. modern age
24. wave of mutilation
25. sister isabel
disc 2 - 72:40
1. brackish boy
2. the cult of ray
3. big red
4. i don't want to hurt you
5. i could stay here forever
6. whatever happened to pong?
7. oddball
8. everybody got the beat [aborted] / dance war
9. everytime i go around here
10. punk rock city
LATE SHOW [incomplete?]
11. you ain't me
12. old black dawning
13. superabound
14. men in black
15. 666
16. czar
17. at the end of the world
18. abstract plain
19. pure denizen
20. the cult of ray
21. everytime i go around here
22. sister isabel
23. wave of mutilation
24. headache
25. adda lee
26. brackish boy
notes: very nice solo acoustic performance with some rarely played songs.

2/25/98 Frank Black & The Catholics - Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA - inc
Superabound, You Ain't Me, Los Angeles, Do You Feel Bad About It, All My Ghosts, Whatever Happened To Pong?, Thalassocracy, Two Reelers, Adda Lee, Holiday Song, Kicked In The Taco, Solid Gold, Six Sixty Six, The Creature Crawling, Calistan, Headache, Czar, I Need Peace, Ten Percenter
Notes- missing last 8 songs. rough quality

FRANK BLACK 3/6/98 Coach House, Santa Barbara, CA (w/Larry Norman) 79:52 cdr
1. freedom rock 2. you aint me 3. calistan 4. two spaces 5. los angeles 6. six-sixty six (with larry norman on guest backing vocals) 7. I need peace (again with larry doing some crooning, but its cut at the end!!) 8. ten percenter 9. big red (the start is slightly cut) 10. superabound 11. wave of mutilation 12. dog gone 13. holiday song 14. czar 15. all my ghosts (I missed this edit, oops!) 16. kicked in the taco 17. headache 18. pong (start and end cut!) 19. thalssocrasy 20. abstract plain 21. steak 'n' sabre 22. suffering 23. speedie marie
Notes: pretty crappy quality recording. One bright spot is rare guest appearance of Larry Norman, who helps sing a couple songs including his "six-sixty-six".. after which he reveals the true meaning behind the song.
james barnard says: this show arrived with so much hiss on you could hardly hear the music! add to that the fact that the person recording it paused the tape at regular intervals (between nearly every song!) and you have a pretty shitty show, however the experience is saved by a guest appearance from larry norman, so I put in a lot of work cleaning it up plus losing the gaps and its now kind of listenable, some of the songs are cut though unfortunately, anyway...

3/7/98 galaxy theater, santa ana, CA. (w/ John Doe) - 77:19 cdr
1. don't ya rile 'em 2. pong 3. thallassocrassy 4. abstract plain 5. last stand of shazeb andleeb 6. two reelers 7. czar 8. six sixty six (guest backing vocals from John Doe) 9. I need peace (CUT again! featuring John Doe on backing vocals) 10. ten percenter 11. calistan 12. holiday song 13. los angeles 14. steak 'n' sabre 15. speedie marie 16. two spaces 17. all my ghosts 18. wave of mutilation 19. solid gold 20. headache 21. jesus was right.
Notes: super low quality recording, not worth it except maybe for the guest appearance by John Doe (from X) on the same two tracks as Larry did above.

FRANK BLACK 3/23/98 French radio session, possibly France Inter, int/acoustic [***] 21m cdr
1 interview
2 dog gone
3 interview
4 humbolt county massacre
5 interview
notes: some tape hiss

March 23, 1998 - France, Oui FM (15+ minutes) interview do you feel bad about it [acoustic] interview

FRANK BLACK March 23, 1998? (AKA 6/10/98) Radio Nova FM, France. cdr 5:25
interview (part of it) w/acoustic Humboldt County Massacre and Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day (Doug Sahm cover)

frank black - 5/5/98 club toast, burlington, vt - 70m
1. superabound
2. whatever happened to pong?
3. thalassocracy
4. living on soul
5. all my ghosts
6. the holiday song
7. ten percenter
8. shazeb andleeb
9. king & queen of siam
10. six-sixty-six
11. do nothing
12. handy man
13. adda lee
14. los angeles
15. kicked in the taco
16. headache
17. suffering
18. two reelers
19. czar
20. steak n sabre
21. abstract plain
22. sister isabell
Notes- decent sounding cdr made from a 1st gen tape from analog master. taped by the legendary Trevor Ayer. He is quite the character! It's not often your hear someone yell "no, don't play that one!" after the band introduces the next song (Handy Man). There are a few seconds missing in the intro to Kicked in the Taco, while the tape was flipped.

Frank Black - 5/7/98 The Cabaret, Montreal, Canada 68m cdr
1. Los Angeles
2. Kicked in the Taco
3. The Holiday Song
4. Whatever Happened to Pong?
5. Thalassocracy
6. Two Reelers
7. I Need Peace
8. Ten Percenter
9. Speedy Marie
10. Czar
11. Steak n Sabre
12. Calistan
13. Space is gonna do me good
14. Superabound
15. You Ain't Me
16. All My Ghosts
17. Headache
18. Wave of Mutilation
19. Solid Gold
20. (I want to live on an) Abstract Plain
21. The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
Notes- sounds like from DAT. Decent, but not great.

6/27/98 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI
all my ghosts
the vanishing spies
king & queen of siam
solid gold
wave of mutilation
shazeb andleeb
dog gone
back to rome
don't ya rile 'em
i need peace
Notes- opening for Pearl Jam. cdr direct from the DAT master.

6/29/98 United Center, Chicago, IL
dog gone
back to rome
wave of mutilation
kicked in the taco
don't ya rile em
king & queen of siam
i need peace
ten percenter
i gotta move
steak n sabre
solid gold (cut)
Notes- opening for Pearl Jam. last song is cut. Up thru "i need peace" is cdr direct from the DAT master. "10%er" and after is cdr from first generation tape from the DAT master.

8/27/98 (or maybe it's 8/26/98?) House of Blues New Media Studios, Los Angeles
1 interview
2 666
3 interview
4 the holiday song
5 interview
6 billy radcliffe [aborted - string broke]
7 interview
8 billy radcliffe
9 interview
10 you're such a wire
notes- somewhat interesting interview with solo acoustic songs. from RealAudio broadcast.. so not too hot quality.

The Warehouse, LaCrosse, WI Oct/5/98 79m
1. All My Ghosts
2. Whatever Happened To Pong?
3. Humbolt County Massacre
4. Thalassocracy
5. Kicked In The Taco
6. Headache
7. Steak'n'sabre
8. Sufferin'
9. Wave Of Mutilation
10. King And Queen Of Siam
11. Los Angeles
12. Calistan
13. The Man Who Was Too Loud
14. Six Sixty-Six
15. I Need Peace
16. Ten Percenter
17. You're Such A Wire
18. I Love Your Brain
19. Big Red
20. Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
21. Man Of Steel
22. Two Reelers
23. Czar
notes- "It was a very small crowd that night, maybe 75 or 100 people, that's why it is so quiet sometimes between songs." track-at-once [gaps between tracks]

October 11, 1998 - Dallas, TX, Galaxy
disc 1 {73m}
1. Wave of Mutilation 2. All Of My Ghosts (aborted) 3. Do You Feel Bad About It? 4. Czar 5. Whatever Happened To Pong? 6. Thallasocracy 7. Two Reelers 8. Six Sixty Six 9. I Need Peace 10. Ten Percenter 11. Calistan 12. Kicked In the Taco 13. Suffering 14. Big Red 15. Don't Ya Rile 'Em 16. You're Such A Wire 17. Holiday Song 18. Los Angeles 19. Superabound 20. Man Of Steel 21. Ada Lee 22. Headache 23. So Hard To Make Things Out
disc 2 {25:33}
1. Steak 'N Sabre 2. I Gotta Move 3. Dog Gone 4. Speedy Marie 5. I Want Rock and Roll 6. So. Bay.
NOTES: this show is sometimes mislabeled as 10/5/98 Dallas. solid show, and very long. if you were to ask me to recommed a Catholics show from '98, it'd probably be this one.

FRANK BLACK - Slim's, SF 11/9/98 - 70m cdr
1. Wave of Mutilation
2. All My Ghosts
3. Kicked in the Taco
4. Man of Steel
5. I Switched You
6. Calistan
7. I Need Peace
8. Ten Percenter
9. King & Queen of Siam
10. Superabound
11. Don't Ya Rile 'Em
12. Steak n Sabre
13. You're Such A Wire
14. So Hard To Make Things Out
15. I Gotta Move
16. Dog Gone
17. Czar
18. Solid Gold
19. South Bay
Notes- sounds good. From a DAT master, I believe. But there are quick cuts between some songs (probably to make the show fit on 1 disc), and some of the tracking is off (sometimes a song will end on the beginning of the next track).

4/27/99 Incognito, Munich [**] 2cdr
wave of mutilation
all my ghosts
don't ya rile 'em
abstract plain
kicked in the taco
i switched you
man of steel
your such a wire
so hard to make things out
bad harmony
i gotta move
dog gone
back to rome
i need peace
ten percenter
steak 'n sabre
western star
i want rock & roll
last stand of shazeb
holiday song
speedy marie
los angeles
sister isabel
notes- Cool thing about this show is it has "i want rock & roll".. Frank didn't play that tune very often back around then. Lame thing about this show is there's a shitload of skipping in it. it starts at the end of "dog gone" and proceeds to ruin just about all remaining songs. Luckily, "IWR&R" appears to be unharmed.

5/24/99 live in london, LA2
1 all my ghosts (joined in progress)
2 the holiday song
3 man of steel
4 so hard to make things out
5 you're such a wire
6 headache
7 dont ya rile em
8 superabound
9 I switched you
10 I gotta move
11 calistan
12 steak n sabre
13 wave of mutilation
14 abstract plain
15 I need peace
16 ten percenter
17 dog gone
18 kicked in the taco
19 western star
20 so. bay
Notes- CDR made from master recorded with a minidisc recorder. taped by the world-renowned James Barnard.

Frank 1999-06-20 Santa Monica, CA 18m
solo acoustic set
1. I Gotta Move
2. So. Bay
3. (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
4. All My Ghosts
5. Wave of Mutilation
6. This is Where I Belong
Notes- "live on the open road" radio show. internet broadcast, i think. some sound problems (like the guy who recorded it had a slow connection). plus breaks between tracks.

6/24/99(?) House of Blues, Hollywood
1. dog gone
2. i gotta move
3. i switched you
4. such a wire
5. western star
6. bad harmony
7. man of steel
8. steak n sabre
9. taco / suffering
10. holiday song
11. abstract plane
12. so hard to make things out
13. so bay
14. sister isabelle
Notes: Poor quality.. probably from RealAudio broadcast. date listed as 7/23/99, but that's most likely wrong. Probably 6/24/99, 6/25/99, or 6/26/99.. opening for X.

Live at Karma, St. Louis, MO, 03.July.1999
> Disc 1
> 01. Kicked In The Taco
> 02. All My Ghosts
> 03. Czar
> 04. I Gotta Move
> 05. Wave of Mutilation
> 06. I Switched You
> 07. You're Such A Wire
> 08. Headache
> 09. Suffering
> 10. Dog Gone
> 11. Calistan
> 12. Los Angeles
> 13. So Hard To Make Things Out
> 14. Speedy Marie
> 15. Man Of Steel
> 16. Steak N Sabre
> 17. Bad Harmony
> 18. The Holiday Song
> 19. The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
> 20. Do You Feel Bad About It?
> Disc 2
> 1. So. Bay
> 2. Sister Isabel
Notes- CDR made from master recorded with a Sharp minidisc recorder and Coresound binural mics.

> Live At The Metro
> Chicago, IL
> 06.July.1999
> Disc 1
> 01. So. Bay
> 02. Wave Of Mutilation
> 03. Los Angeles
> 04. Speedy Marie
> 05. Steak 'N' Sabre
> 06. You're Such A Wire
> 07. Western Star
> 08. Skeleton Man
> 09. Superabound
> 10. Don't Ya Rile 'Em
> 11. So Hard To Make Things Out
> 12. Calistan
> 13. I Switched You
> 14. All My Ghosts
> 15. Dog Gone
> 16. I Gotta Move
> 17. Bad Harmony
> 18. Smoke Up
> 19. Kicked In The Taco
> 20. (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
> Disc 2
> 01. Suffering
> 02. Headache
> 03. I Love Your Brain
> 04. Sister Isabel
Notes- CDR made from master recorded with a Sharp minidisc recorder and Coresound binural mics.

frank black 7/15/99 Higher Ground, VT - 97m
Disc 1 [73m]
1. man of steel
2. superabound
3. all my ghosts
4. czar
5. calistan
6. you're such a wire
7. steak n sabre
8. skeleton man
9. shazeb andleeb
10. i switched you
11. los angeles
12. the holiday song
13. kicked in the taco
14. headache
15. i gotta move
16. dog gone
17. back to rome
18. wave of mutilation
19. western star
20. so hard to make things out
Disc 2 [24m]
1. 666
2. abstract plain
3. suffering
4. speedie marie
5. so. bay
6. sister isabell
Notes- 2 cdr made from 1st gen tapes from the analog masters. Another fine product from Trevor Ayer. Missing a few seconds of the beginning of Los Angeles (tape was flipped). Also a few seconds missing in The Holiday Song (Trevor had to mosh a little, recorder got knocked). Abstract Plain also is missing a few seconds while the tapes were switched.

FRANK BLACK 7/18/99 Wellfleet, MA, Beachcomber
1. all ghosts
2. czar
3. calis
4. yr wire
5. supera
6. la
7. switched
8. man-o-steel
9. skeleton
10. dont rile
11. abstract
12. gotta move
13. dog gone
14. suffering
15. steak sabre
16. taco
17. headache
18. smoke up
19. so hard to make things out
Notes: right nice sound most of the time, but the recording is kinda ruined by some weird distortion blasts that happen a few times near the middle of the show. also, small gaps between tracks.

7/21/99 Peel Session, BBC (broadcast date; recorded a couple months prior)
living on soul
billy radcliffe
sister isabelle
valley of our hope
changing of the guards

12/12/99 Frank Black solo - McCabe's Guitar Shop - Santa Monica, CA - 30min
I Gotta Move, 21 Reasons, Llano Del Rio, Bullet, If It Takes All Night, I'll Be Blue, All My Ghosts, I've Seen Your Picture, Angst


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