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The Amps - 4/1/95 Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ
1. pacer
2. breaking the split screen barrier
3. she's a girl
4. empty glasses
5. hoverin
6. bragging party
7. full on idle
8. mom's drunk (inst.)
9. tipp city
10. just like a briar

THE AMPS - 10/30/95 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (2 shows) - {62:22}
1. empty glasses
2. pacer
3. i am decided
4. breaking the split screen barrier
5. mom's drunk
6. hoverin'
7. full on idle
8. bragging party
9. she's a girl (dedicated to Kelley Deal, who was in the audience)
10. tipp city
11. first revival
12. pacer
13. i am decided
14. breaking the split screen barrier
15. empty glasses
16. mom's drunk
17. hoverin'
18. bragging party
19. full on idle
20. she's a girl
21. tipp city
NOTES: plauged by occasional digital "clicking" throughout the show(s). otherwise, quite good recording.

Amps 11/20/95 Trefcentrum Vartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium
First Revival
I Am Decided
Breaking The Split Screen Barrier
Mom's Drunk
Fortunately Gone
Empty Glasses
Bragging Party
Full On Idle
She's A Girl
Shocker In Gloomtown
Tipp City
Just Like A Briar
Head To Toe

APPLES IN STEREO 05/21/1998 LA2, London, England - cdr 37:18
Intro music (NMH's The Fool)/Shine A Light/What's The Number?/Tidal Wave/Tin Pan Alley/You Said That Last Night/Haley/We'll Come To Be/Seems So/Heroes And Villains/Get There Fine
Notes: trade with taper for cdr direct from DAUD Sony Minidisc master.

Apples in Stereo 3/20/07 Casbah, San Diego, CA
. intro
. can you feel it
. please
. go!
. energy
. do you understand
. strawberry
. sun is out
. tin pan alley
. seven stars
. rainbow
. skyway
. baroque
. same old drag
. what's the #
. i can't believe
. ruby
. [wait for encore]
. open eyes
. tidal wave
Notes: overloaded recording. sorry.

BABLICON 08/28/1999 University Of London Union, London, ENG. cdr 63:14
1. (warming up)
2. Chunks Of Syrup Amidst Plain Yoghurt
3. Silicon)(Bucktown
4. Rhinoceros
5. Francis Locrius
6. ?
7. ?
8. Silicon Diodes
9. ?
10. 2 Birds (1 Wing)
11. ?
Notes: trade with taper for cdr direct from DAUD Sony Minidisc master. Recorded at Terrastock III Festival.

Beach Boys - Smile cdr (The Early Years 02-CD 3317)
1. Surf's Up (Brian Vocal)
2. Bicycle Rider Theme
3. Good Vibrations
4. Barnyard
5. Do You Like Worms
6. Medley: Painter/Sunshine
7. Can't Wait Too Long
8. Tones
9. Cabin Essence
10. George Fell Into His French Horn
11. Bicycle Rider Theme (instrumental)
12. Heroes and Villains
13. Our Prayer
14. Wonderful
15. The Four Elements:
a: Earth - Vegetables
b: Wind - Wind Chimes
c: Fire - Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
d: Water - I Love To Say Da Da
16. Child Is Father To The Man
17. Surf's Up (instrumental)
18. Good Vibrations (rehearsal)
19. Smile Promo Advert
Notes: Many people consider this the greatest album never made. personally i can't listen to it without getting nauseous, though it has it's moments. This recording is decent but has some vinyl-like popping at times.

Beastie Boys "Original Ill" Liscense to Ill before release 55m
4. I'M DOWN (Beatles song - not on album, deleted at last second)
7. NO SLEEP 'TILL BROOKLYN (diffrent lyrics in spots, fade out is longer)
10. HOLD IT NOW, HIT IT (diffrent ending)
12. SLOW AND LOW (extra lyrics)
14. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT #2 (extra lyrics, guitars are louder, effects on vocals)
15. SCENARIO (unreleased track - deleted at last minute)
Notes- pretty good quality, with the exception of the last track which is muffled.

The Beatles <-KCAB-TRACK-> . studio outtakes 1962-1967
1 Besame mucho
2 How do you do it
3 I saw her standing there
5 There´s a place [false start]
6 There´s a place
7 Misery
8 One after 909
9 From me to you
10 Can´t buy me love
11 A hard day´s night
12 Leave my kitten alone
13 She´s a woman
14 If you´ve got troubles
15 I´m looking through you
16 Norwegian wood
17 We can work it out
18 Day Tripper [false start]
19 Day Tripper
20 Paperback writer
21 Strawberry fields forever
22 Penny Lane
23 The fool on the hill
24 I am the walrus
25 That means a lot
26 Do you want to know a secret
27 Aerial tour instrumental

Beatles SWEETEST APPLES [Rubber Soul Records, RS-39434-ABP] length 77:09
Unpublished songs & alternative versions 1967-70.
1.REVOLUTION (3'20) - Rough early mix
2.YER BLUES (4'02) - Live on TV 11.12.68
3.NOT GUILTY (4'26) - recorded 9-9-1968
4.LADY MADONNA (2'17) - early take
5.TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS (2'56) - early mix
6.THE BUS (0'45) - from Magical Mystery Tour-sessions
8.JEALOUS GUY (4'08)
11.HOW DO YOU SLEEP (7'59) - Lennon solo
13.ONE AFTER 909 (3'01)
14.GET BACK (2'18) - sung in German and French
16.THE WALK (0'56) - early "Get Back" acetate
17.TWO OF US (3'41)
18.DON'T LET ME DOWN (3'53)
20.OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA (2'44)
22.DIG IT (4'17)
23.LET IT BE (3'51)
24.HER MAJESTY (2'12)

Beck - some various stuff
1. Cyanide Breathmint (Radio 1 Session)
2. Jack-Ass [mislabeled as Minus] (Radio 1 Session) <-- awesome early acoustic version
3. Static [mislabeled as baby] (Radio 1 Session) <-- awesome unreleased acoustic song
4. Grinnin' In Your Face (Son House cover) [mislabeled as fuck up session #1] (Radio 1 Session)
5. Pay No Mind (Reading Festival 1995)
6. Loser (Reading Festival 1995)
7. Asshole (Reading Festival 1995)
8. Beercan (Reading Festival 1995)
9. Pay No Mind (acoustic radio session 1994)
10. fuck up session #2 ('120 Minutes' jam w/ Thruston Moore & Mike D)
11. Where It's At - (U.N.K.L.E remix - edited for time)
12. Got No Mind (Beercan single)
13. Spanking Room (Beercan single)
14. bonus noise: Muzak version of Loser (Beercan single)
15. Corvette Bummer (Loser single)
16. Alcohol (Loser single)
17. Soul Suckin' Jerk (reject) (Loser single)
18. Fume (Loser single)
19. Feather In Your Cap (SubUrbia soundtrack)
20. It's All In Your Mind (live Bridge School benefit)
Notes: the first 10 tracks are from the silver bootleg CD "Quodlibet". and 12-20 are taken (directly) from various singles and comp CDs.

Beck - Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA
1. Devil's Haircut
2. Lord Only Knows
Hot Wax
New Pollution
3. Sleeping Bag
One Foot In The Grave
Where It's At
Notes: amaing quality, as it's a cdr copy of a cd given to radio stations to broadcast. The down sides are the songs are grouped in tracks together, and there are commercials at the end of each track.

Beck & the Flaming Lips - 11/12/02 Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX
DISC 1 (Beck's set, p1)
Lazy Flies,
Canceled Check,
Guess I'm Doin' Fine,
botched cover song
Sunday Sun,
Release The Bats, (Birthday Party)
The Golden Age,
Lord Only Knows,
Get Real Paid,
Pay No Mind (Snoozer),
It's All In Your Mind,
We Live Again,
Lonesome Tears,
Little One,
Lost Cause,
Where It's At,
Paper Tiger,
DISC 2 (Flaming Lips set, plus Beck's set p2)
1) Race For The Prize
2) Fight Test
3) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
4) Lightning Strikes the Postman
5) She Don't Use Jelly
6) Thirty-Five Thousand Feet of Despair
7) Do You Realize?
8) A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
- Beck's set p2
9. Nicotine & Gravy,
10. Devils Haircut.

dan bern, 11/15/98, the birchmere, alexandria, va
Disc 1-{58:02}-Shakespeare's Got A Gun; Waiting For Van Gogh; Gonna Be A Good Night; Sunday; One Thing Real; New American Language; Monitor Troubles; Bill; Come Out Here; Chelsea Hotel; Black Tornado; Marilyn; Cure For AIDS; Hotel Room; Hannibal; Most American Men
Disc 2-{62:09}-Toldja; Everybody's Baby; Tiger Woods; Tiger Woods [story]; Sacre Coeur; I'm Not The Guy; City Of Models; Famous Painter; Wasteland; Live Another Day; Drips; A Girl Like That; Death, Taxes, And Maria; Josephine And Ernest; Gamblin' With My Love; waiting for an encore; Marina And Me;
Twenty Ought Three; Xmas Song

The Black Heart Procession - 2/22/98 Espresso Roma, SDSU, San Diego video 36m
the waiter
in a tin flask
release my heart
a song about a mule
square heart
a heart the size of a horse
notes: complete show, just short. the sound gets pretty rough in the middle (the loud songs), but pretty good quality over all (my copy is from the master). With Jason and Mario.

The Black Heart Procession - radio show 99 -- 41:32
1. blue tears
2. yr church is red
3. when we reach the hill
4. the waiter 1
5. the waiter 2 & 3
6. bluewater/black heart
7. in your eyes
8. song about a mule
9. a heart the size of a horse
Notes: this is from mp3s. that's really all the info i have on it. sounds good. the first five tracks seem to be in a studio [no crowd], but the last four seem to be on stage [w/ crowd].

The Black Heart Procession - Live at the Casbah, San Diego 8/17/99
1 when we reach the hill
2 your church is red
3 blue tears
4 a light so dim
5 release my heart
6 song about a mule
7 it's a crime i never told you about the diamonds in your eyes
Notes- Toby, Pall, plus a drummer (Mario?). They were opening for June of 44 (my friend had to work early the next day, so I couldn't stay for them, damn). Some crowd noise, but decent recording. cdr made from the master analog tape I recorded.

The Black Heart Procession - Live at the Casbah, San Diego 12-30-99
1 'soundcheck'
2 outside the glass
3 stiched to my heart
4 when we reach the hill
5 your church is red
6 blue tears
7 my heart might stop
8 in a tin flask
9 gently off the edge
10 the waiter
11 millenium dick
12 a heart the size of a horse
Notes- Just Toby and Pall.. very intimate show. Pall talks and jokes around a lot. Definitely one of my personal favorite recordings. Sounds very nice but I stupidly clipped the mic to the zipper on my sweatshirt, so there are some occassional noises from that.. but not very often.. and in a weird way, it kinda adds to the mystique of the show. :) "Millenium Dick" is short and goofy. cdr made from the master analog tape I recorded.

The Black Heart Procession - 4/6/00 Casbah, San Diego
1. outside the glass
2. stitched to my heart
3. blue tears
4. yr church is red
5. guess i'll forget you
6. we always knew
7. song about a mule
8. it's a crime i never told you about the diamonds in your eyes
9. till we have to say goodbye
10. fall away
11. the waiter
12. a heart the size of a horse
Notes: with Jason Crane (aka JC2000 from Rocket From The Crypt) on drums and trumpet. cdr made from the master analog tape I recorded.

The Black Heart Procession - Live at the Casbah, San Diego 10-14-00
1. guess i'll forget you
2. outside the glass
3. stitched to my heart
4. destroying the city of hearts
5. it's a crime i never told you about the diamonds in your eyes
6. we always knew
7. bluewater/blackheart
8. a heart like mine
9. yr church is red
10. on ships of gold
Notes: Toby, Pall, Joe Plummer (new drummer), and a second keboard player (Dmitri, i think). Very nice show/recording. cdr made from the master analog tape I recorded.

BLACK HEART PROCESSION 9/16/01 Casbah, San Diego [***] 80m (master) cdr
the waiter 2 & 3
when we reach the hill
my heart might stop
guess i'll forget you
we always knew
blue water/blackheart
song about a mule
square heart
diamonds in yr eyes
a light so dim
yr church is red
blue tears
heart the size of a horse
Notes: My 6th time seeing TBHP, and i still don't think i've ever seen the exact same line-up twice. This time Jason Crane was on drums and Zack from Kill Me Tomorrow was on secondary drums (i think the soundguy called it a "cocktail pit"). Also, some mystery guy (Robin?) played guitar on the last song (a 12 minute version of "a heart the size of a horse"). He had the chords written out on a couple pieces of paper which he laid by his feet and looked down at for most of the song. strange. cdr made from the master analog tape I recorded.

before the people
sympathy crime
broken world
cry for love
did you wonder
why i stay
blue water / black heart
diamonds in yr eyes
the one who has disappeared
destroying the city of hearts
Notes: my 7th bhp show (8th if you count the Pall solo show)... still, a different line-up! So there was Pall and Toby of course. Then a bass player, a drummer (Joe), and a guy on violin + keyboard + guitar. Also 2 young ladies did backing vocals and various percussive instruments for a few songs. I believe many of these songs were their live debuts.. a sneak peek at the (then) forthcoming new album.
--filler-- (various stuff from mp3s)
13. your church is red (live @ The Crocodile, Seattle 7/10/00)
14. you got lucky {tom petty cover} (live @ The Scene, San Diego 3/24/02)
15. i know your ways (live @ The Starry Plough, Berkeley 9/16/00)
16. release my heart (live @ The Breakroom, Seattle 5/21/99)
17. rock2 (home demo by Toby, circa 1/03)

Black Heart Procession 10.10.2002 - Capitol Garage, Sacramento - {67:47}
1. a light so dim
2. tropics of love
3. before the people
4. sympathy crime
5. song about a mule
6. a cry for love
7. the invitation
8. did you wonder
9. it's a crime i never told you..
10. a sign on the road
11. the visitor
12. old kind of summer
Source: DAT (2 condenser mics) > Soundforge [hyperprism's harmonic exciter (direct-x plugin)] > CDR

Black Heart Procession - 8/23/04 Casbah, San Diego, CA - 75m
1. soundcheck
2. intro
3. destroying the city of hearts
4. (new song)
5. tropics of love
6. before the people
7. blue water, black heart
8. square heart
9. you got lucky (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers cover)
10. sympathy crime
11. yr church is red
12. song about a mule
13. diamonds in yr eyes
14. a light so dim
Notes: my 8th BHP show/master. Line up was Pall, Toby, Joe, violin/keyboard guy, and Jimmy Levine (The Album Leaf) on bass and keyboard. The show featured a new song Pall said they just worked up a couple days prior. it was pretty neat.

Blind Melon "Climbing the Clouds" cdr 74m
(1-16) October 3, 95 The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, Canada
1. 2 x 4
2. Toes Across The Floor
3. Tones Of Home
4. Wilt
5. Vernie
6. No Rain
7. Walk
8. Lemonade
9. Time
10. St. Andrew's Fall
11. Skinned
12. Change
13. Soup
14. The Duke
15. Galaxie
16. Car Seat (God's Presents)
(17-18) September 17, 95 BBC Studios London, England - acoustic radio session
17. Galaxie
18. Walk
(19-20) November 10, 93 VARA Studios Hilversum, Holland - acoustic radio session
19. Change
20. No Rain

David Bowie - "STARMAN IN SOUND & VISION" 2cdr
5/16/90 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo & 8/5/90 Milton Keynes Bowl, UK
disc 1 (57:05)
10. STAY
11. TVC15
disc 2 (58:30)
Notes: Great sounding soundboard(s).

David Bowie - "THE CAPITOL '97" 77m cdr
Central Theater, Port Chester, New York 10/14/97
1. The Supermen
2. Panic in Detroit
3. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction
4. Quicksand
5. Jean Genie
6. I'm Afraid of Americans
7. Look Back in Anger
8. Scary Monsters
9. Little Wonder
10. Fame
11. Hallo Spaceboy
12. All the Young Dudes
13. The Man Who Sold the World (Paris 1995)
14. Dead Man Walking (acoustic on some European TV show)
15. I Can't Read (???)
16. Repitition (???)
Notes: Great soundboard.

The Breeders: 1988 Demos
1. Doe
2. Lime House
3. Only in 3's
4. Overcome (unreleased)
5. Rave On (unreleased instrumental)
6. Glorious
7. Fortunately Gone
8. Drivin' on 9
9. Silver (early version of the future Pixies song)
10. When I Was a Painter
11. You Always Hang Around (early version of Divine Hammer)
Notes: Sound is hissy. aka "Pod Demos"

Breeders- Powerhaus, London 1/20/90, 30m
Opened, Limehouse, Doe, Glorious, Hellbound, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, When I Was A Painter, Iris.

BREEDERS - Peel Session 2-7-90
1. Hellbound
2. When I was a Painter
3. Iris
4. Fortunately Gone
Notes- sounds ok, but bass heavy.

Breeders- The Rat, Boston 5/90, 30m
Overcome, Only in 3's, When I Was A Painter, Fortunately Gone, Glorious, You Always Hang Around (early version of Divine Hammer), Silver, Drivin' On 9.

Breeders: Pink Pop '94 Holland. video. about 25m tv broadcast, excellent quality. DVD
sos, flipside, head to toe, lord of the thighs, cannonball, invisible man, drivin on 9, divine hammer

Breeders - other stuff on video
"Iris" short version on Snub TV '94(?) (1st gen from original video release) -- I THINK I'VE LOST THIS.. no idea where it is, sorry.
"Huffer" Conan '02

The Breeders: "Live in '95" cdr
i just wanna get along
fortunatley gone
head to toe
happiness is a warm gun
divine hammer
no aloha
driving on 9
lord of the thighs
Notes: this is a copy of one of those radio broadcast cds. the good thing about those is the sound quality is near perfect, professionally recorded and all. the down sides are there are commercial breaks, several songs to a track, and the naughty words are censored. Update: I've edited out the commercials and split the tracks up properly. While the cd claims to be "Live in '95", it actually turns out to be the same show as the "Live In Stokholm" EP (Recorded live at 'Gino', Stockholm, Sweden, Tuesday 17 May 1994)

Breeders - 11/3/01 The Glass House, Pomona, CA - 65:40 cdr
1. huffer
2. tipp city
3. doe
4. head to toe
5. saints
6. forced to drive
7. flipside
8. little fury
9. divine hammer
10. iris
11. cannonball
12. safari
13. too alive
14. i just wanna get along
15. mom's drunk
16. full on idle
17. pacer
18. [wait for encore]
19. fortunately gone
20. no aloha
notes- copy of the digital master

BREEDERS 2/26/02 Casbah, San Diego, CA - 63m show (74m including postshow)
1. -intro-
2. no aloha
3. tipp city
4. huffer
5. saints
6. little fury
7. head to toe
8. i.j.w.g.a.
9. cannonball
10. too alive
11. flipside
12. forced to drive
13. doe
14. iris
15. safari
16. full on idle
17. pacer
18. buffy theme
19. fortunately gone
20. song of 3
21. divine hammer
22. -postshow-

BREEDERS 2/27/02 Casbah, San Diego, CA
1. dipstick
2. saints
3. title tk
4. head to toe
5. i just wanna get along
6. cannonball
7. too alive
8. flipside
9. forced to drive
10. doe
11. iris
12. safari
13. full on idle
14. pacer
15. buffy the vampire slayer theme
16. fortunately gone
17. that's what you get
18. divine hammer
19. i don't care about you

THE BREEDERS - Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 5, 2002
1. DJ intro / Tip City
2. Huffer
3. Little Fury
4. Head To Toe
5. I Just Wanna Get Along
6. Cannonball
7. Too Alive
8. Doe
9. Son Of Three
10. Divine Hammer / DJ outro
* source info: FM > CS (master) > CDr > flac
live broadcast on KRO 'Leidsekade Live', 3FM Dutch FM, June 8, 2002

The Breeders - 7/5/02 4th & B, San Diego, CA
1. tipp city
2. huffer
3. saints
4. little fury
5. flipside
6. head to toe
7. i just wanna get along
8. off you
9. cannonball
10. safari
11. forced to drive
12. hellbound
13. son of three
14. full on idle
15. pacer
16. the she
17. buffer the vampire slayer theme
18. fortunately gone
19. divine hammer

THE BREEDERS - Campus Cafe - Montreal - 7/26/2002
From a torrent. info by poster: "Bought this DVD off eBay. It contains amateur shot video of Montreal 2002 concert, a dutch documentary and a live appearance on Carson Daly's late night show. The DVD authoring isn't the greatest. Bad titles, less than perfect chapter marks, etc, but I do not have time to fix. Audio quality is very good and video quality is a little shakey in the beginning, get better quickly. This is my first torrent here, so hopefully I didn't screw it up."
01. Tipp City
02. Huffer
03. Saints
04. Little Fury
05. Flipside
06. Head to Toe
07. I Just Wanna Get Along
08. Off You
09. Cannonball
10. Safari
11. Hellbound
12. No Aloha
13. Full on Idle
14. Son of Three
15. Pacer
16. Future Boy
17. Fortunately Gone
18. Buffy's Theme
19. Angry Inch
20. Divine Hammer
21. Iris
"The Real Deal" Documentary from VPRO Holland TV (2002)
Last Call w/ Carson Daly - August 12, 2002
1. The She

THE BREEDERS - Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen / Dronten, The Netherlands, August 25, 2002
11. Cannonball
12. Hellbound
* source info: FM [broadcast live on 3FM, Dutch FM, August 25, 2002] > CS (master) > CDr > flac


Bright Eyes - 8/22/03 Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
1. Method Acting
2. Bowl Of Oranges
3. Lover I Don't Have To Love
4. Old Soul Song
5. Poison Oak
6. The First Day of My Life
7. Neely O'Hara
8. Road To Joy
9. An Attempt To Tip The Scales
Notes: With members of Rilo Kiley performing with Conor. Jenny Lewis sings a little backing vocals on some of the first few songs (and the last one). Blake Sennett and Jason Bossel from RK play as well. Also in the band are Mike Mogis, Nick White, Casey Scott, and Nate Walcott. They were opening for Belle & Sebastian.
Source: DPA4060 > SBM-1 > M1 > computer > CDR


disc 1 (59m)
disc 2 (50m)
02 CAR
Source: AKG C3000s (on stage thru house snake) <MATRIX> SDB MAIN MIX > MACKIE 1202 VLZ PRO > SONY TCD-D8 > analog cable >Sound Forge 4.0 > CD WAV > CDR
Taper's Notes: The Hand and the Delusions opened. The first three numbers were from Doug's unreleased solo record. Doug sang and played acoustic guitar without accompaniment on the first two; Jim Roth came out and helped out on the third one. Dave Kepple of the Delusions played guitar and sang on a couple of numbers (Reasons, Strange, White Man..., and others). Dave also did a harmonica break in White Man In Hammersmith Palais. Toward the middle of the set there was a new song, titled "Good Enough" on the setlist. Scott sat out, and Jim played pedal steel on this one. For the Halo Benders songs, Calvin Johnson sang and Ralf Youtz played drums; they stuck around for Free Bird, and were joined by Porter on guitar.

Cat Power  - 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA 29 September 1998 --- Aud NTSC dvd 55 Mins
Chan Marshall: Vocals, Guitar
Mark Moore: Guitar
Jim White: Drums
Vhs(?) > DVD
Metal Heart
Schizophrenia's Weighted Me Down
He Turns Down
Naked I Want To
American Flag
Cross Bones Style
The Leopard & the Lamb
Colors & the Kids

Catherine Wheel - Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland OH, 13th December 1993 64min (RDB A+) CDR
1. intro music
2. Broken Head
3. I Want To Touch You
4. Crank
5. Kill Rhythm
6. Flower To Hide
7. Show Me Mary
8. Texture
9. Chrome
10. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)
11. Black Metallic
12. This Time (INXS cover)
13. The Nude

Catherine Wheel - b-sides/etc rarities collection - 5 discs
1. She's My Friend (original - I Might Walk Alone CD compilation)
2. Upside down (She's My Friend 12")
3. Wish (She's My Friend 12")
4. Salt (original - She's My Friend 12")
5. Shallow (original - Painful Thing CD)
6. Spin (Painful Thing CD single)
7. Painful Thing (Painful Thing CD single)
8. I Want To Touch You (original - Painful Thing CD single)
9. Crawling Over Me (Black Metallic CD single)
10. Let Me Down Again (Black Metallic CD single)
11. Saccharine (Black Metallic CD single)
12. Intravenous (Balloon CD single)
13. Ursa Major Space Station (original - I Want To Touch You CD single)
14. Collideoscopic (I Want To Touch You CD single)
15. Our Friend Joey (I Want To Touch You CD single)
16. Dead Girlfriend (I Want To Touch You 12" pt. 2)
17. Half Life (original - I Want To Touch You 12" pt. 2)
18. Free Of Mind (30th Century Man CD single)

1. La La Lala (Crank CD single pt. 1)
2. Something Strange (Crank CD single pt. 1)
3. Come Back Again (French Crank CD single)
4. Pleasure (Crank CD single pt. 2)
5. Tongue Twisted (Crank CD single pt. 2)
6. Car (Show Me Mary CD single pt. 1)
7. Girl Stand Still (Show Me Mary CD single pt. 1)
8. High Heels (US Show Me Mary CD promo)
9. Mouthful Of Air (US Show Me Mary CD promo)
10. These Four Walls (Show Me Mary CD single pt. 2)
11. Smother (Show Me Mary CD single pt. 2)
12. Glitter (German Happy Days CD)
13. Capacity To Change (Judy Staring At The Sun CD promo)
14. Backwards Guitar (Judy Staring At The Sun CD single)
15. Angelo Nero (Judy Staring At The Sun CD single)

1. 30th Century Man (written by Scott Walker, from 30th Century Man CD single)
2. That's When I Reach For My Revolver (written by Mission of Burma, from 30th Century Man)
3. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (written by Husker Du, from 30th Century Man)
4. I Want To Touch You (original demo - working title: Out Of Reach. "at home early 1991")
5. Black Metallic (original demo. "Recorded at home late 1990")
6. Wish (original demo - working title: I Can't Give. "Recorded at home, can't remember when")
7. Let Me Down Again (live in Bath, Moles, November 6, 1991, from Balloon CD single)
8. Painful Thing (live in Bath, Moles, November 6, 1991, from Balloon CD single)
9. Shallow (live in Bath, Moles, November 6, 1991, from live CD ep w/ Ferment)
10. I Want To Touch You (live in Bath, Moles, November 6, 1991, from live CD ep w/ Ferment)
11. Salt (live in Bath, Moles, November 6, 1991, from live CD ep w/ Ferment)
12. Black Metallic (Peel Sessions, April 1991 from Crank 12" picturedisc)
13. Painful Thing (Peel Sessions, April 1991 from Crank 12" picturedisc)
14. Wish You Were Here (written by Pink Flyod, XFM session, November '93)
15. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (acoustic - KDGE the Edge, Dallas, TX - Adventure Club Sessions)

1. Show Me Mary (XFM Radio Session, November '93 from Waydown CD single pt. 1)
2. Kill Rhythm (XFM Radio Session, November '93 from Waydown CD single pt. 1)
3. Broken Head (XFM Radio Session, November '93 from Waydown CD single pt. 2)
4. Chrome (XFM Radio Session, November '93 from Waydown CD single pt. 1)
5. Delicious (The Warehouse, Toronto, 12/14/97 from Ma Solituda CD single pt. 2)
6. Crank / Texture (2/26/98 for XFM from Broken Nose CD single pt.1)
7. Black Metallic (2/26/98 for XFM from Broken Nose CD single pt.1)
8. Broken Nose (2/26/98 for XFM from Broken Nose CD single pt.2)
9. Flower To Hide (2/26/98 for XFM from Broken Nose CD single pt.2)
10. Heal (University Of London, 2/26/98 for XFM from Broken Nose CD single pt.2)
11. I Want To Touch You (2/26/98 for XFM from Broken Nose CD single pt.2)
12. Waydown (live on "120 Minutes", MTV, New York, 1996)
13. 30th Century Man (Close Encounters of the Futuristic Armageddon Mix)
14. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (Indecisive Mix)

1. Balloon (4:15 extended version from 12")
2. I Want To Touch You (Tim Palmer remix)
3. The Nude (Scott Litt remix)
4. Show Me Mary (Scott Litt remix)
5. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (acoustic from Adventure Club Sessions)
6. Judy Staring at the Sun (Tanya Donelly b-side version)
7. Willing to Wait
8. Lucifer
9. Ma Solituda (Tim Friese-Greene remix)
10. Descending Babe
11. Delicious (Tom Lord-Alge remix)

Notes: Nice collection of nearly every rare CW track. The last 2 tracks of disc 4 are unofficial homemade remixes (just for filler). "Waydown" from MTV is missing the first couple seconds.. It is taken from a video.. I believe everything else is from the original source (ie, not mp3). The last track of disc 3 is a little screwed up near the end (that's why the same track is on disc 5).
Known tracks missing from the collection:
"Paranoia" (which I have on another cd somewhere)
"Pleasure" remix from Like Cats and Dogs 10" (still looking for this one)

CHARLATANS UK live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada on the "Us and Us Only" tour. 45m cdr
1. Forever
2. Tellin' Stories
3. Impossible
4. Senses
5. My Beautiful Friend
6. North County Boy
7. A House Is Not A Home
8. How High
9. Thank You
notes: The sound cuts out a couple times in the first song, but apart from that, a near perfect recording from a radio broadcast.

Circulatory System 10-12-01 40 Watt, Athens, GA - 48m
a peek
diary of wood
yesterday's world
the lovely universe
come away
should a cloud replace a compass?
round again
Notes: with Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel fame on drums.

Circulatory System - Schuba's, Chicago 11-14-02
1. waves of bark and light
2. should a cloud replace a compass?
3. these are the days
4. joy
5. round again
6. the lovely universe
7. diary of wood
8. outside blasts
9. ?
10. ?
11. days to come
12. ?
13. yesterday's world
notes: soundboard

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM 4/12/03 St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit (tape0>cdr) 43m cdr
1. yesterday's world
2. should a cloud replace a compass?
3. ?
4. joy
5. round again
6. the lovely universe
7. diary of wood
8. outside blasts
9. ?
10. ?
11. days to come
12. ?
13. ?
Notes: first song is joined in progress. my copy is from the taper.

Combustible Edison play the reptile haus
Novenmber 4, 1996 grand rapids, mi
total running time: 47:04
1. veldt 3:54
2. blue lite 2:26
3. checkered 2:32
4. eyes 5:35
5. mudhead 4:10
6. morticia 2:45
7. cadillac 2:10
8. one eyed 3:45
9. 52 3:45
10. intermission 5:00
11. satan 4:30
12. carnival 3:20
13. vertigo-go 3:05
Notes: Soundboard recording directly to MiniDisc, transfered to cd-r. my copy from the taper.

Cornershop - live/rare/remix 74m cdr
1. brimful of asha [conan o'brien show 1/7/98]
2. sleep on the left side [les rythmes digitales living by numbers mix]
3. wog [freeky's edit]
4. rehoused [non-lp track]
5. u47's [non-lp track]
6. brimful of asha [whfs '97]
7. sleep on the left side [whfs '97]
8. we're in yr corner [whfs '97]
9. jullandar shere [whfs '97]
10. wog [witchman straight mix]
11. brimful of asha [norman cook original radio edit remix]
12. new way, new life [john peel session 2/17/93]
summer fun in a beat up datsun [john peel session 2/17/93]
england's dreaming [john peel session 2/17/93]
13. trip easy [john peel session 2/17/93]
14. sleep on the left side [hbo reverb '97] (inc.)
brimful of asha [hbo reverb '97]
we're in yr corner [hbo reverb '97]

COUNTERFIT 4/8/04 Epicentre, San Diego, CA cdr
1. from finish to starting line
2. managing the details of an undertaking
3. feel the ride
4. (new song)
5. (new song)
6. happy endings
7. better late than never
8. (new song)
9. lying in traffic
notes: very nice soundboard recording. they were opening for Finch.

The Cure - "Acoustic Daze" 1/24/91 MTV Europe Unplugged, Lime House, London
Let's Go To Bed
Just Like Heaven
The Caterpillar
The Blood
Boy's Don't Cry
The Walk
To The Sky
Hot, Hot, Hot
To The Sky
Notes: nice live acoustic performance. however the last 3 tracks sound neither live nor acoustic.

Kelley Deal 6000 - Reptile House, Grand Rapids, MI on Sept. 24, 1996
1. Get the writing off my back
2. Head of the cult
3. Brillo hunt
4. How about hero
5. My boyfriend died
6. Scary
7. A hundred tires
8. Sugar
9. Trixie delicious
10. Future boy
11. Tick tock
12. Stripper
13. Happy birthday
14. Canyon
15. Dammit / ? (instrumental)
16. SOS (abba cover)
Notes: Soundboard minidisc recording transferred optically to cdr. my copy is from the taper. Sounds real great. I think a few seconds are missing off the start of the first song. Kelley says this was the last show of the tour.

The Decemberists
Date: 2003-05-07
Venue: 400 Bar, Minneapolis MN
Source: SBD
Quality: A+
Length: 63:15
1. My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist
2. Leslie Anne Levine
3. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
4. Song For Myla Goldberg
5. Shiny
6. California One/Youth And Beauty Brigade
7. The Soldiering Life
8. Odalisque
9. Grace Cathedral Hill
10. A Cautionary Song
11. The Legionnaire's Lament
12. I Was Meant For The Stage
Notes: perfect!

The Decemberists - 10/09/03 The Cooperage @ UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (video)
Leslie Anne Levine
The Bachelor & the Bride
The Gymnist, High Above the Ground
Engine (new song... live debut?)
The Soldiering Life
Up the Junction (cover)
16 Military Wives (new song)
Red Right Ankle
(band introductions)
Grace Cathedral Hill
The Chimbley Sweep
Los Angeles, I'm Yours
I Was Meant For the Stage (encore)
source: sony trv-330 digital 8 camera[m] > dvd[1]
notes: nice, shot from back, but zooms in a little sometimes. some people walking in the way from time to time, but not too bad. My dvd copy is from the taper.

THE DECEMBERISTS - Will's Pub, Orlando FL, 18th October 2003 74min
1 Leslie Anne Levine
2 The Bachelor & The Bride
3 The Gymnast, High Above The Ground
4 Engine Driver
5 The Soldiering Life
6 Up The Junction (Squeeze)
7 16 Military Wives
8 The Legionnaire's Lament
9 My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist
10 Red Light Ankle
11 Grace Cathedral Hill
12 Los Angeles, I'm Yours
13 The Chimbley Sweep
14 Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
15 I Was Meant For The Stage
Notes: very nice soundboard recording. There's a quick gap of silence in track 5 (at 1:12), but just about perfect quality otherwise. No Chris Funk on this tour (broke his leg).

The Decemberists - January 23, 2004 - Nocturnal - Portland, OR
cd1 {66:16}
01. Shanty For the Arethusa
02. tour story
03. Billy Liar
04. Shiny
05. Leslie Anne Levine
06. We Both Go Down Together
07. The Bachelor and the Bride
08. The Soldiering Life
09. Odalisque
10. The Chimbley Sweep
11. r&r camp story
12. Grace Catherdral Hill
13. Los Angeles, I'm Yours
14. The Legionnaire's Lament
15. A Cautionary Song
cd2 {18:24}
01. Sister I'm A Poet [Morrissey]
02. Red Right Ankle
03. introductions
04. Califonia One
05. Youth and Beauty Brigade
Source: SBD > Sony PCM-R500(SBM on) > digital coax > Tascam cdrw4u > clone cd > EAC(v0.9 beta4) [offset set/secure mode] > CD Wave(v1.8) > Soundforge(v6.0)[fades] > nero(v1,3,1,12) > Teac CDWE552 (via usb 2.0) > cd

4pril 6th, 2004 @ the Casbah, San Diego, CA {74:29}
1, .intro.
2, leslie anne lavine
3, bachleor and the bride
4, here i dreamt i was an architect
5, solidering life
6, july july
7, billy liar
8, grace cathedral hill
9, los angeles i'm yours
10, chimbley sweep
11, the tain
12, red right ankle
13, i was meant for the stage
Notes: not perfect, but nice show. my audience cassette master.

The Decemberists
Lee's Palace, Toronto
6 June 2004
1. The Bachelor And The Bride
2. Leslie Anne Levine
3. We Both Go Down Together
4. A Soldiering Life
5. Apology Song
6. Billy Liar
7. The Chimbley Sweep
8. Kingdom Of Spain
9. Los Angeles, I'm Yours
10. The Tain
11. Clementine
12. Pablo Picasso
13. Red Right Ankle
14. July, July
15. A Cautionary Song
16. Ask
Source notes: Audience recording by Stewart C. Russell. Recorded to 44.1kHz WAV audio using a Sony ECM-909A microphone and iRiver H120 digital HD recorder. Tracks split with Audacity, normalized with 'normalize'. Some parts of the recording are a little quiet. The H120 doesn't have a level meter. AGC was turned on in the recorder.

June 22, 2004 @ the Parish, Austin, TX (dvd) 72m
shanty for the arthusa
the soldiering life
july july
apology song
kingdom of spain
here i dreamt i was an architect
the sporting life
billy liar
the chimbley sweep
the tain
bridges & balloons
los angeles, i'm yours
a cautionary song
Notes: taped and mastered by Brian Prendergast

June 25th, 2004 @ the Casbah, San Diego, CA 71m
1. intro/soundcheck
2. let's go (Feelies cover)
3. the bachelor and the bride
4. leslie anne lavine
5. the soldiering life
6. july! july!
7. apology song
8. the sporting life
9. billy liar
10. clementine
11. here i dreamt i was an architect
12. los angeles, i'm yours
13. the chimbley sweep
14. bridges and balloons (Joanna Newsom cover)
15. red right ankle
16. song for myla goldberg
17. a cautionary song
18. ask (Smiths cover)
Notes: not perfect, but nice show. my audience cassette master.. 2nd time taping the Dec's.

The Decemberists - June 28, 2004 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
aud 2CD B+ 82min
-disc 1- {60:50}
1. intro music
2. Leslie Anne Levine
3. The Bachelor and the Bride
4. Engine Driver (new song)
5. California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade
6. The Soldiering Life
7. Apology Song
8. Billy Liar
9. The Sporting Life (new song)
10. 16 Military Wives (new song)
11. banter
12. The Chimbley Sweep
-*-disc 2-*- [encore {20:52}]
1. My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist
2. Red Right Ankle
3. The Legionnaire's Lament
4. A Cautionary Song
5. Ask
-- 2/11/04 Richards on Richards, Vancouver [CBC broadcast] (source: ra>wav>cdr) {44min}
6. Shanty For The Arethusa
7. Billy Liar
8. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
9. Engine Driver
10. Leslie Anne Levine
11. The Soldiering Life
12. The Chimbley Sweep
13. Los Angeles, I'm Yours
14. The Legionnaire's Lament
15. A Cautionary Song
-- filler, various live covers-- (source: mp3s>wav>cdr)
16. Up The Junction (Squeeze) 10/15/03 Houston
17. Your Love (The Outfield) 3/22/04 Athens, GA
18. Clementine (Elliott Smith {not Decemberists song by the same title}) 6/6/04 Toronto
19. Pablo Picasso {short tease} (Jonathan Richman) 6/6/04 Toronto
20. Nightime (Big Star) 1/15/04 SF
Notes: 6/28/04 was the last show of the "Never Send to Know With Whom the Van Rolls, It Rolls With Thee" Tour.

Decemberists 9/24/04 - Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH - DVD
The Soldiering Life
The Infanta
The Sporting Life
July! July!
Leslie Anne Levine
Billy Liar
Grace Cathedral Hill
Los Angeles, I'm Yours
The Chimbley Sweep
/Red Right Ankle
/I Was Meant For The Stage
//A Cautionary Song
Notes: a bit too much crowd noise, and shakey picture, but still cool. my copy is from the taper.

The Decemberists - 04/02/2005 Emo's - Austin, TX
cd1 {58:48}
01. The Infanta
02. July, July
03. We Both Go Down Together
04. Leslie Anne Levine
05. The Bagman's Gambit
06. The Soldiering Life
07. The Sporting Life
08. From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)
09. 16 Military Wives
10. Engine Driver
cd2 {51:24}
11. On the Bus Mall
12. Wuthering Heights [Kate Bush]
13. Los Angeles, I'm Yours
14. Billy Liar
15. Mariner's Revenge Song
16. Red Right Ankle
17. The Tain
Taper: Brian Graves
Source: DSM-6S>PA-6LC3>M1
Transfer: M1 > oade 7pin>coax > waveterminal 2496 > cool edit pro 2.0 > flac (48k)

dig - In The Name of the Dog
[Alley Kat Records #AK032]
Live at Slim's in San Francisco on 2/5/94
1. We Don't Care
2. I'll Stay High
3. Let Me Know
4. On The Inside
5. Groundhead
6. Unlucky Friend
7. Believe
8. Tight Brain
9. Fuck You
10. Fearless
11. Mothership
12. I'll Stay High [demo]
13. Groundhead [demo]
14. We Don't Care [demo]
Notes: The sound is a little too light on the bass, but the overall quality is pretty good (it's a DAT audience recording). The CD says the last 3 tracks are demo versions, but they sound exactly the same as the versions on Runt to me.

dig - b-sides/etc cdr
1. Down [unreleased track - promo comp]
2. Unlucky Friend [mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94 - unlucky friend import single]
3. I'll Stay High [mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94 - unlucky friend import single]
4. Fearless [mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94 - unlucky friend import single]
5. Believe [mark radcliffe radio 1 session 9/5/94 - unlucky friend import single]
6. Curious George Blues [airheads soundtrack]
7. Fat Albert Theme [saturday morning cartoons comp]
8. Hu Hu Hu [virtuosity soundtrack]
9. The Fuzz [rough mix - promo comp]
10. I'll Stay High [runt ep]
11. Groundhead [runt ep]
12. We Don't Care [runt ep]
13. Mothership [runt ep]
14. On The Inside [soft pretzel ep]
15. Fearless [soft pretzel ep]
16. King O My World [soft pretzel ep]
17. I'm Around [soft pretzel ep]
18. Believe / Tight Brain (part) [jon stewart show '94]
19. Change Your Mind (We Don't Care) [san diego 1/17/99]
Notes- great disc. sounds excellent except for #19, which is a new/different version of We Don't Care.

Dinosaur Jr. - The Venue, Edinburgh, Scotland. November 10, 1988. 61:43 cdr
Sorry, I don't have the setlist for this show, but they do a couple short teases of "gigantic" by the Pixies, and full-length covers of "sweet child o' mine" and "minor threat".

DRIVE LIKE JEHU Casbah, San Diego, CA. June 13, 1992. 55 min. old casbah. Sorry, no tracklist.. but it does have two unreleased songs. Copy of a cdr made from the master analog tape.

DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA. September 4, 1992. 22 min. Interview. Not a radio broadcast, but a recording of the band hanging out before a show, getting interviewed for some zine, i think. They talk about stuff like... different cities they've been to.. Pitchfork.. Sonic Youth.. the name of the band.. and a lot of just shooting the shit. Somewhat entertaining and some funny parts. Copy of a cdr made from the master analog tape.

EISLEY 2/4/05 San Diego, CA, Epicentre
1. lady of the wood
2. my lovely
3. memories
4. mr. pine
5. lost at sea
6. brightly wound
7. the escaping song
8. sun feet
9. i wasn't prepared
10. golly sandra
11. (happy birthday)
12. telescope eyes
13. plenty of paper
14. marvelous things
15. vintage people
16. tree tops
notes: band was sick and apologized for sounding bad, but they sounded pretty good to me. however, i was directly in front of the speaker, so the recording came out very distorted.

ELASTICA live at the Horseshoe in Toronto, Canada on the "Menace" tour. 34m cdr
Sorry, I don't have the setlist for this show (but i think they play all their popular songs) or date (circa 2000, i guess). just about perfect recording from a radio broadcast.

ELF POWER 04/28/2001 Notting Hill Arts Club, London, England 37:56
The Winter Is Coming/The Naughty Villain/Jane/Things That Are Growing Around Us/Tower To Tomorrow/Wings Of Light/The Arrow Flies Close (with Jeff Mangum)/Temporary Arm/Queen Bitch(Bowie cover)
Notes: trade with taper for cdr direct from DAUD Sony Minidisc master. Some minor glitches (on master). This was Bryan Helium's final performance with the band - it concludes with him smashing up his bass guitar.

elf power 5-24-02
abbey pub chicago, il, indy-pop fest
1. let the serpent sleep
2. everlasting scream
3. the creature
4. palace of the flames
5. jane
6. the skeleton
7. the seperating fault
8. its your face he sees
9. visions of the sea
10. three seeds
11. things that should not be
12. oh what a beautiful dream
13. drugstore
14. pay to cum (bad brains)
15. five years (bowie)
16. temporary arm
17. the albatross
18. i wanna be your dog (stooges)
source:SBD/AUD matrix
aud:2 pzm>p1>d8
transfer:sv-3700>Coresound>Prodif Plus>soundforge4.5>CDwav>MKW>SHN>CDR

ELF POWER 6/6/02 Casbah, San Diego, CA - 43m cdr
3. The Separating Fault
5. The Creature
9. Palace Of The Flames
10. O What a Beautiful Dream
11. The Arrow Flies Close
13. Five Years (Bowie cover)
notes- sorry i'm not all that familiar with Elf Power's stuff, so i haven't worked out a full tracklists. short set (43 minutes for a headliner?!), but good show. cdr from my master analog tape.

Essex Green - 10/12/02 Terrastock 5, Axis, Boston, Mass. 34min
sorry, no tracklist
source: sbd>D7

FAITH NO MORE "Evidence '95"
1. Digging The Grave
2. I Started A Joke
3. Ricochet
4. Evidence
5 Get Out
6. What A Day
7. A Small Victory
8. Easy
9. Caffeine
10. Be Aggressive
11. Midlife Crisis
12. RV
13. Epic
14. Everything's Ruined
15. Midlife Crisis
16. Epic
17. RV
Tracks 1-6 from 7 March 1995, Maida Vale Studios, London, England
Tracks 7-13 are from the Phoenix Festival at Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, 17 July 1993.
Tracks 14-17 are from Maida Vale Studios, London, December 1992, for
the Jakki Brambles BBC Radio 1 Lunchtime Show.

FAITH NO MORE August 16, 1997 - "Bizarre Festival", Cologne, Germany
Easy, Home Sick Home, Introduce Yourself, Naked In Front Of The Computer, King For A Day, Pristina, Epic, Ashes To Ashes, Got That Feeling, Just A Man, I Started A Joke, We Care A Lot, Be Aggressive.
Notes: nice FM recording.

FAITH NO MORE rarities
disc 1 64m
1. chinese arithmetic (kick and scream mix)
2. we care a lot (extended mix)
3. new improved song ("the morning after" with chuck on vocals)
4. from out of nowhere (extended mix)
5. epic (radio remix edit)
6. falling to pieces (remix-video version)
7. sweet emotion (early "perfect crime")
8. the grade
9. the cowboy song
10. chinese arithmetic>vogue (live w/mike patton)
11. the perfect crime
12. midlife crisis (live)
13. caffeine (billy gould remix)
14. as the worm turns (Angel Dust japanese import bonus track)
15. easy (cooler version)
16. another body murdered (w/B.O.O.Y.A.A. TRIBE)
disc 2 - 68m
1. another body murdered (remix)
2. evidence (spanish)
3. absolute zero
4. greenfields
5. i wanna fuck myself { problems in this track}
6. spanish eyes
7. glory box (live '95)
8. evidence (portuguese...from some radio show?)
9. this town ain't big enough for the both of us (w/Sparks)
10. something for the girl with everything (w/Sparks)
11. last cup of sorrow (Rammstein remix)
12. the big kahuna { problems in this track}
13. light up and let go
14. pristina (billy gould remix)
15. i won't forget you
16. the world is yours
17. song of liberty (from Faith No Man 7" 1983 w/Mike Morris on vocals)
18. quiet in heaven (from Faith No Man 7" 1983 w/Mike Morris on vocals)
NOTES: I believe these tracks are all from mp3s. Sound pretty good for the most part, but quality varies.

FLAMING LIPS <- click there

Folk Implotion b-sides/etc cdr 78m
1. Blossom
2. Sputnik's Down
3. Slap Me
4. Chicken Squawk
5. Spiderweb-Butterfly
6. Had to Find Out
7. Better Than Allrite
8. Why Do They Hide
9. Winter's Day
10. Boyfriend, Girlfriend
11. Shake a Little Heaven
12. Waltzin' With Your Ego
13. Take a Look Inside
14. Start Again
15. Palm of My Hand
16. Mood Swing
17. Opening Day
18. Electric Idiot
19. Lo-Fi Suicide
20. I Reserve the Right to Rock
21. Final Score
22. I'm Just A Bill
23. Daddy Never Understood
24. Nothing Gonna Stop
25. Jenny's Theme
26. Simean Groove
27. Natural One
28. Crash
29. Wet Stuff
30. Cabride
31. Thief Theme
32. Nasa Theme
33. Opening Day
34. Summer's Over
35. Keeping Score
1-14 Take a Look Inside cd
15-16 Palm of my Hand 7"
17-21 Electric Idiot ep
22 School House Rocks! comp cd
23-29 KIDS soundtrack
30-32 Natural One radio promo
33-34 Pole Position single
35 Insinuation single

Foo Fighters - b-sides cdr 78m
1. winnebago [This Is a Call single]
2. podunk [This Is a Call single]
3. how i miss you [I'll Stick Around single]
4. ozone [I'll Stick Around single]
5. floaty (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Big Me single]
6. gas chamber (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Big Me single]
7. alone+easy target (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Big Me single]
8. down in the park (Gary Numan cover) [Monkey Wrench single]
9. see you (acoustic) [Monkey Wrench single]
10. up in arms [Monkey Wrench single]
11. the colour and the shape [Monkey Wrench single]
12. drive me wild (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Everlong single]
13. requien (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Everlong single]
14. baker street (Gerry Rafferty cover) [My Hero single]
15. dear lover [My Hero single]
16. A320 [Godzilla soundtrack]
17. walking after you [X-Files soundtrack]
18. make a bet [Learn To Fly single]
19. iron and stone [Learn To Fly single]
20. have a cigar (Pink Floyd cover) [Learn To Fly single]

John Frusciante <-- click there

Grant Lee Buffalo "America - Live in the USA 1994" - Unknown Venues
Tracks: The Shining Hour, Drag, Jupiter And Teardrop, Soft Wolf Tread, Fuzzy, America Snoring, For The Turnstiles (Neil Young cover), The Shining Hour, Jupiter And Teardrop, Wish You Well
Notes: track 3 has some skipping in it, pretty nice otherwise (sounds like from radio broadcasts).

GOMEZ - Fillmore, San Francisco 2/18/00 (01?)
Get Miles
Its good to be Free
Las Vegas Dealer
Here Comes the Breeze
Blue moon
R n'B
Do's n'Dont's
Whippin Picadilly
Make No Sound
Bring It On
Tiajuana Lady
+ soundcheck
some claim soundcheck tracks are Liquid Skin Demos from 1999- but listen closely and the source is basically the same but with no audience or echo-it is really Gomez soundchecking that day at the Fillmore and getting recorded by the ADAT. a few sound problems here and there, but perfect quality most of time.

GRANDADDY- The Windfall Varietal (A collection of songs from the past 8 years)
01 Section Two of Song One From Album Two By Said Band (Robo Version)
02 Wretched Songs (Live in Modesto 1997)
03 Fair Thee Not Well Mutineer (2000)
04 Jeff's Message
05 Levitz (with Birds) (1996)
06 Broken 1996 (Written 1994)
07 I'm Not In Love (Aaron and Jason Live Radio in Turlock)
08 Spitting Up Blood (1993)
09 Fly (1993)
10 Black Bats / Meg Tilly Blonder onder onder (1994)
11 Wilbur 10:30 AM
12 Sarah 5646766 (2000)
13 Gold 1999
14 Fun x 3 (1994) (Beach Boys cover)
15 Lawn and So-On (Live Practice 1997)
16 Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland (2000)
.. plus various rarities...
17. why would i want to die (dream with the fishes soundtrack)
18. here (live) - an 180 7" (Pavement cover)
19. mgm grand w/ xanadu ending (grandaddy/ john wayne shot me split 7")
20. hawaiian island wranglers nebraska (complex come along party theories)
21. nebraska (complex come along party theories)
Notes: The 1st 16 songs are from a limited release cd called "The Windfall Varietal" that the band sold at their shows.

Grandaddy- Unreleased Sessions
- No setlist available.
Notes: i have no info on this disc, but once i read that as a joke, the band gave their record company a collection of less-than-impressive songs under the guise of their new album. When the record company got nervous, they were like 'haha, that shit isn't really our new album!' And I'm thinking that's what this recording is. not sure, though.


Guided By Voices - August 3, 2002
Mather Courtyard - Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland OH
---- disc 1 ----(48m)
01 [Pollard intro] 0:41
02 Steeple Of Knives 1:57
03 Everywhere With Helicopter 2:44
04 Back To The Lake 3:06
05 I Drove A Tank 3:13
06 Things I Will Keep 2:27
07 Wire Greyhounds 1:05
08 Skin Parade 2:50
09 Hardcore UFOs 2:11
10 Buzzards And Dreadful Crows 1:56
11 Zap 1:19
12 Christian Animation Torch Carriers 4:09
13 Submarine Teams 3:58
14 The Brides Have Hit Glass 3:05
15 Do Something Real 3:49
16 Factory Of Raw Essentials 3:24
17 We Invent You 2:49
18 Game Of Pricks 3:19
---- disc 2 ---- {62:36}
1 Love 1 0:50
2 Storm Vibration 6:51
3 Watch Me Jump Start 2:44
4 Pretty Bombs 3:41
5 Tight Globes 3:21
6 Alone, Stinking And Unafraid 3:26
7 Glad Girls 3:54
8 The Ids Are Alright 1:20
9 The Enemy 5:20
10 Cut-Out Witch 2:45
11 Teenage FBI 2:47
12 Father Sgt. Christmas Card 1:44
13 [crowd noise] 3:05
14 Shocker in Gloomtown 1:36
15 Hot Freaks 2:41
16 Tractor Rape Chain 2:52
17 Peephole 1:27
18 I Am A Scientist 2:29
19 Echos Myron 2:22
20 Baba O'Riley 4:59
21 Hard Day's Night 2:12
Source: SBD->DAT (44.1k)->WAV->SHN->CDR


Guns N Roses "Unplugged" cdr
7-17-93 Buenos Aires, Argentina
1-Dead flowers
2-You ain't the first
3-You're crazy
4-Used to love her
5-Patience / Imagine
6-Knockin'on the heaven's door
10-30-87 CBGB'S, NYC
7-One in a million
8-Used to love her
11-Move to the city
studio demos
12-Jumpin' Jack Flash
13-November rain (piano & vocals)
14-November rain (guitar & vocals)
notes- the 93 part sounds great. the 87 part sounds ok. the demos aren't too good, but decent.

Kay Hanley audio 05/17/01 Mercury Lounge, NYC, NY, 27min - Incomplete (i believe it's incomplete on the master)
Sorry, no tracklist. Note to self: this is filler on Weezer 9/9/94 Minn cdr

Jimi Hendrix - Welcome to the Electric Circus Vol. 2 Midnight Beat (MB CD 018)
Vejlby Risskov Hallen, Arhus, Denmark, 2 September 1970 (complete show)
1 Freedom (6.13)
2 Message To Love (9.49)
3 Hey Baby (new rising sun)/Mitch's Drum Solo (6.56)
K.B Hallen, Copenhagen, 3 September 1970
4 Hey Baby (new rising sun) (6.08)
5 All Along The Watchtower (3.49)
6 Ezy Rider (7.09)
7 Red House (9.47)
8 In From The Storm (3.52)
9 Purple Haze (3.06)
10 Voodoo Chile (slight return) (13.35)
11 Hey Joe (5.06)
12 Fire (3.55)


Robyn Hitchcock, 5/21/91, kennel club, san francisco
Disc 1: {44:20}
1. Mr. Rock 'N' Roll
2. The Vomiting Cross
3. So You Think You're in Love
4. [banter....]
5. Birds in Perspex
6. [banter...]
7. Devil's Coachman
8. ["It's Not My Birthday!" banter...]
9. Glass Hotel
10. Lobsterman
11. Arms of Love
12. Watch Your Intelligence
Disc 2:
1. Ride
2. Raymond Chandler Evening
3. Clean Steve
4. Oceanside
5. Leopard
6. Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)-> More Than This
7. A Day In The Life
8. Vegetation & Dimes
9. Bones In The Ground
10. Nightfall

Hopewell - 3-16-00
Champaign, Il, The High Dive
1. Hello Radio (What the World Needs Now)
2. piano interlude
3. In the Small Places
4. Purple Balloon
5. There is Something
6. Square Peg Teeth
7. Jim Laffin
8. The Fish
9. The Angel Is My Watermark
Source: Sony ECM-MS907 stereo mic > Sharp MD-MS702 minidisc > Soundforge > MKW > SHN > CDR
Notes: tracks don't transition smoothly most of the time.

Hopewell - 3.22.01
Schuba's, Chicago, IL
1. Hello Radio
2. In the Small Places
3. There is Something
4. ?
5. Square Peg Teeth
6. Safe As Milk
7. The Fish
8. Anethema
9. Passover, Christmas, and the Best Day Ever
10. The Angel Is My Watermark
Source: Sony stereo mic> Sharp Minidisc> Soundforge

Hopewell - 10-4-05 Casbah, San Diego
1. Hello Radio
2. There is Something
3. Praise Twice
4. Monolith
5. Sugar In The Honey
6. Trumpet for a Lung
7. Calcutta
8. Synthetic Symphony
Notes: cassette master > Soundforge

my rare Hum material is stored on 3 dvds (1 video dvd, 2 data dvds)
-Hum data dvd 1-
Centaur - In Streams [flac]
Centaur - various live and rare [mp3]
Glifted - Under and In [flac]
Hum - 1990 - Kissing Me Is Like Kissing An Angel demo [mp3]
Hum - 1990 - Kissing Me Is Like Kissing An Angel demo (alt source) [mp3]
Hum - 1991 - Fillet Show [flac]
Hum - 1994-07-20 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA [flac]
Hum - 1994-12-31 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL [flac]
Hum - 1995-06-13 Moe's, Seattle, WA [flac]
Hum - 1995-08-04 St Louis, MO, Mississippi Nights [flac]
Hum - 1995-09-22 CU Fieldhouse, Boulder, CO [flac]
Hum - 1995-12-16 Chicago, IL, Empty Bottle [mp3]
Hum - 1996-02-24 Blind Pig, Champaign, IL [flac]
Hum - 1996-06-16 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN [flac]
Hum - 1996-09-06 West Side Park, Champaign, IL [flac]
Hum - 1997-11-13 Little Brothers, Columbus, OH [flac]
Hum - pictures
Hum - rare tracks [flac and mp3]
Hum - videos

-Hum data dvd 2-
Hum - 1997 - Its Gonna Be A Midget Xmas [mp3]
Hum - 1997 - Its Gonna Be A Midget Xmas (alt source) [flac]
Hum - 1998-01-25 Modern Rock Live (with interview) [flac]
Hum - 1998-01-31 The Galaxy, St. Louis, MO [flac]
Hum - 1998-02-20 Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI [flac]
Hum - 1998-02-27 Irving Plaza, NYC [flac]
Hum - 1998-03-07 Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA [flac]
Hum - 1998-04-23 Graffiti, Pittsburg, PA [flac]
Hum - 1998-05-05 Exit-In, Nashville, TN [flac]
Hum - 1998-07-05 Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, WI [flac]
Hum - 2000-12-29 The Galaxy, St. Louis, MO [flac]
Hum - 2000-12-30 The Galaxy, St. Louis, MO (this is mislabeled, or at the very least incomplete) [flac]
Hum - 2000-12-31 Metro, Chicago, IL [flac]
Hum - 2003-08-16 Furnace Fest, Birmingham, AL [mp3]

__10/30/97 Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL
iron clad lou
suicide machine
if you are to bloom
afternoon with the axolotls
the pod
comin' home
i'd like your hair long
i hate it too
__videos and stuff
comin' home (video)
green to me (video)
stars / i'd like your hair long (live on the Jon Stewart Show '95)
the pod (video)
stars (video on Bevis & Butthead)
stars (live on Howard Stern [E! Show] '95)
i'd like your hair long (live on 120 Minutes '95)
stars (video)
stars (live on 120 Minutes '95)
iron clad lou (video)
NOTES: the live show has some problems quality-wise, but still enjoyable to a big fan of the band. It's 64 minutes long. The other stuff varies from pretty bad to pretty good. after watching this, you'll have that damn "stars" song stuck in your head for days!

HUM 12/31/94 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL 44m tao cdr
1. The Pod
2. Shovel
3. Why I like the Robins
4. I'd Like Your Hair Long
5. Suicide Machine
6. Auld Lang Syne
7. Stars
8. I Hate It Too
notes- sounds bad.

Hum - 08/04/95 Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, Missouri 74m
DAT SBD Master -> CD-R
1. Why I Like The Robins
2. The Pod
3. Comin Home
4. Diffuse
5. I'd Like Your Hair Long
6. Isle Of The Cheetah
7. Songs of Farewell & Departure
8. Scraper
9. Stars
10. I Hate It Too
11. Iron Clad Lou
12. Pewter
13. Winder
14. Shovel
notes- sounds very good.

Hum 02/24/96 Blind Pig, Champaign, Illinois
1. Little Dipper
2. The Pod
3. Isle Of The Cheetah
4. Ms. Lazarus
5. I'd Like Your Hair Long
6. Iron Clad Lou
7. Pewter
8. Comin Home
9. Suicide Machine
10. Invisble Sun (incomplete)
11. Dreamboat
notes- sounds bad. missing a couple songs.

HUM - 09/06/96 West Side Park, Champaign, IL
1. [nothing intro]
2. Why I Like The Robins
3. Dream Boat
4. I'd Like Your Hair Long
5. Ms. Lazarus
6. Stars
7. Innuit Promise
8. Suicide Machine
9. Pinch & Roll
10. If you are to Bloom
11. The Pod
12. Isle Of The Cheetah
13. Comin Home
14. Iron Clad Lou
15. I hate it too
notes- sounds good? no, not really.

(It's Gonna Be A) Midget X-mas
Downward Is Heavenward demonstration
1. The Innuit Promise
2. Comin' Home
3. Isle of the Cheetah
4. Ms. Lazarus
5. Moss Frog (Green to Me)
6. Santa Anna Hears
7. Dreamboat
Notes: Referred to as a "demo", but more like a live set for friends and folks from the label, showing off some songs slated to appear on the forthcoming album, Downward Is Heavenward. Includes one track that didn't make the cut: a country-tinged quiet song called "Santa Anna Hears".

HUM 1/25/98 Modern Rock Live 19:15 cdr
1. if you are to bloom
2. iron clad lou
3. ms. lazarus
4. stars
notes- taken from average quality mp3s, so a little swishy. no interview, just the live songs. SEE BELOW (different source)

HUM 1/25/98 Modern Rock Live (interview & songs)
2.stars(live in studio)
4.interview lazarus(live in studio)
7.short interview
9.iron clad lou(live in studio)
11.if you are to bloom(live in studio)
notes: pretty hissy. gaps.

HUM 1/31/98 The Galaxy, St. Louis, MO 70m cdr
CDR DAT/SBD/0 DC4 48k DSBD inc.
1. Afternoon With the Axolotls
2. The Pod
3. Why I Like the Robins
4. The Scientists
5. I Hate It Too
6. Green to Me
7. Ms. Lazarus
8. Iron Clad Lou
9. Stars
10. Apollo
11. Comin' Home
12. I'd Like Your Hair Long
13. Winder(cut)

Hum - 02/27/98 Irving Plaza, New York, NY
1. Afternoon With The Axolotls
2. The Pod
3. Iron Clad Lou
4. Ms. Lazurus
5. Comin' Home
6. Why I Like The Robins
7. Green To Me
8. Suicide Machine
9. Scraper
10. Apollo
11. Stars
12. I Hate It Too
13. Little Dipper
14. I'd Like Your Hair Long (recording messes up on last track.. bad burn)

HUM 3/7/98 Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA 70m
CDR DAT/AUD/0 DAT>CDR inc. AKG 414TL-2's>Oade>SBM-1>D8
1. intro
2. Winder
3. Dreamboat
4. Suicide Machine
5. If You Are To Bloom
6. I Hate It Too
7. Ms. Lazarus
8. Comin' Home
9. Why I Like the Robins
10. The Scientists
11. Songs of Farewell and Departure
12. Stars
13. Iron Clad Lou
Notes: a little glitchy, but decent quality.

HUM 4/23/98 Graffiti, Pittsburg, PA (soundboard) 2cdr
-disc 1 (65:56)-
1. afternoon with the axolotls
2. the pod
3. green to me
4. comin' home
5. shovel
6. suicide machine
7. apollo
8. i'd like your hair long
9. stars
10. the scientists
-disc 2 (16:30)-
1. i hate it too
2. winder
Notes: Awesome show that could probably pass for an official live album if not for occasional overload (but what do you expect from a Hum show?). plus Matt explains the meanings behind many of the songs. ..some of them are really out-there.
Technical notes: DC3 48k digital soundboard DAT>CDR

Hum - 05/05/98 Exit/In, Nashville, TN, 69min
Source: DC1 48k AKG 414TL-2's>Oade>SBM-1>D8
1 intro
2 The scientists
3 The Pod
4 Green To Me
5 Comin' Home
6 Suicide Machine
7 If you are to bloom
8 Scraper
9 Apollo
10 I'd Like Your Hair Long
11 Stars
12 I Hate It Too
13 Iron clad lou
Notes: my copy from a guy who got it from the taper.

Hum - Metro, Chicago, IL 12/31/00
1. winder
2. the pod
3. Ms. Lazarus
4. green 2 me
5. Suicide Machine
6. iron clad Lou
7. afternoon with the axolotls
8. inklings (unreleased song)
9. stars
10. comin' home
11. I hate it too
Notes- this was Hum's (original) final show (though they've since had a small handful of reunion shows). They were opening for the Flaming Lips at a New Years Eve show.

HUM rare tracks on cdr
*=from cd
#=from vinyl
%=from video
^=from mp3

Hello Kitty#
Roar, I'm a Tiger#
Sundress (original)#
Time is Melting#
Boy With Stick*
Baby, Baby*
Stars (edit)*
Comin' Home (edit)*
Stars (live on MTV's 120 Minutes)%
Ms. Lazarus (demo)^
Monthy Python Organ Grinder (original Electra 2000 hidden track)^
Aphids (unofficial non-dutchspeak mix)*

Iron & Wine
Date: 2003-08-17
Venue: The Social, Orlando FL
Source: SBD
Quality: A+
Length: 69m
15 tracks. not sure of the tracklist, but i do know that it includes
a cover of the Flaming Lips' "Waitin' For A Superman".

JETS TO BRAZIL Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill NC, 3rd September 2000 {78:18} (SDB A+) CDR
1- You're Having The Time Of My Life
2- Lemon Yellow Black
3- Your X-Rays Have Come Back...
4- Chinatown
5- Sea Anemone
6- Little Light
7- One Summer Last Fall
8- Orange Rhyming Dictionary
9- Pale New Dawn
10- King Medicine
11- Crown Of The Valley
12- Sweet Avenue
13- All Things Good And Nice

Jimmy Eat World - Clarity demos 58:45
1 instrumental
2 blister
3 sunday
4 clarity
5 crush
6 new song
7 new aesthetic
8 for me this is heaven + 1
9 believe in what you want
10 new song
11 new song
12 new song
13 lucky denver mint
14 goodbye sky harbor
Notes- one channel sounds pretty good, while the other is often rather distorted and poppy. I suppose it could be fixed up a bit with a little EQ/mixing.

JUNE OF 44 - 71:06 cdr
July 29, 1996 - Cicero's, St. Louis MO - 54min (SDB) CDR
5 (sorry, no setlist)
_"De Avonden" VPRO Radio 5, 14th May 1998 - 17min (RDB) CDR
12- Shadow Pugilist
13- Of Information And Belief
14- I Get My Kicks For You
15- Air No. 17
NOTES: gap in track 9, around the 8:30 mark, maybe another 1 or 2 other almost unnoticeable gaps, otherwise very good.

June 0f '44
August 3, 1997
The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI
1.Does your heart beat slower?
2.The dexterity of luck
7.air #17
8.sactioned in a bird cage
Notes: Soundboard recording directly to MiniDisc, transfered to cd-r. The first song seems to be joined in progress.

Tim Kasher - 8/15/03 Epicentre, San Diego (opening for Rilo Kiley)
1. intro / O'Rourke's tries
2. The Beaten Path
3. A Dim Entrance
4. You're Not You Anymore
5. Your Birthday Present
6. My Love is Like... Wo (Mya)
7. O'Rourke's 1:20 AM
8. The Album of the Year

Lemonhead "Suck On This" 63:14 cdr - Kiss The Stone (KTS) #168
1. Stove
2. Confetti
3. Mallo Cup
4. Rudderless
5. Alison's Starting to Happen
6. It's a Shame About Ray
7. My Drug Buddy
8. Ride With Me
9. Kitchen
10. Bit Part
11. It's About Time
12. Hannah & Gabi
13. Rockin' Stroll
14. Mrs. Robinson
15. Being Around
16. Confetti
17. Alison's Starting to Happen
18. Stove
19. Bit Part
20. Shaky Ground
21. Gold Plated Door
22. Ride With Me
23. It's a Shame About Ray
Notes: Live 93 (i don't know the specifics). tracks seem to all be from radio broadcasts. pretty nice quality. 15-23 are Evan solo acoustic.

Love and Rockets - '88 UCLA, Los Angeles (SBD) 38min
1. intro
2. Mirror People
3. Inside the Outside
4. The Light
5. ?
6. It Could Be Sunshine
7. Kundalini Express
8. Ball of Confusion
9. Lazy
Love and Rockets - live on Mancow's Morning Madhouse, 3/4/99, Q101 WKQX 101.1 FM in Chicago (22min)
10. [dj talk]
11. Delicious Ocean
12. [dj talk]
13. RIP 20C
14. [dj talk]
15. Ball of Confusion

LUCERO 11/19/03 Georgia Theatre, Atlanta, GA 2cdr
1.tonight aint gonna be good
2.little silver heart
3.nights like these
4.kiss the bottle
5.when you decided to leave
6.raising hell
7.on again off again
8.sweet little thing
9.the only one
10.hate and jealousy roses no more
12.[fade track]
1.[fade track]
2.aint so lonely gets the worst at night
4.chain link fence
5.all swen up
6.joining the army
7.ring of fire [johnny cash cover] at the starlite
9.tears dont matter much
10.slow dancing
11.the last song

LUCERO 10/2/04 Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA 69m
2.across the river best girl
4.kiss the bottle
5.that much further west
6.fell around the world
7.drink till we're gone
8.tonight aint gonna be good
9.raising hell
10.the bikeriders
11.nights like these
12.hold fast you more than you know
14.chain link fence
15.the last song
16.tears don't matter much
17.i'll just fall
18.the war

Lucero - October 6, 2004, Gabe's, Iowa City, IA
Source: MBHO 603a/KA200 > V3(ANSR/44.1k) > M1 (FOB-LOC)
Transfer: Conner CTD8000 > DAT2WAV > SoundForge(Norm/Fades) > CDWave > FLAC16
Taped & Transfered by: Eric Foelske
01. Across the River
02. Kiss the Bottle
03. Fell Around the World
04. Drink 'Til We're Gone
05. Hate & Jealousy
06. Hold Me Close
07. The Bikeriders
08. Raising Hell
09. That Much Further West
10. ???
11. Little Silver Heart
12. If Only You Were Lonely (Replacements cover)
13. Nights Like These
14. Old Sad Songs / Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good
15. Anjalee
16. ???
17. Hold Fast
18. Slow Dancing / The Last Song
19. The War (Ben solo)

Lucero 12/6/04 Casbah, San Diego, CA
Source: my master cassette > cdr (taped from directly at the side of the stage.. came out pretty good, actually)
Notes: they were opening for the Weakerthans, plus there were some technical problems at the start of the show, so they only played for under 40 minutes.

Magnetic Fields - "Morning Becomes Eclectic" interview and session. KCRW, Santa Monica, CA 6/13/00
1. interview
2. i don't believe in the sun
3. asleep and dreaming
4. the book of love
5. grand canyon
6. interview
7. yeah, oh yeah
8. acoustic guitar
9. love is like a bottle of gin
10. papa was a rodeo

The Magnetic Fields - July 1, 2001 Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark {78:21}
1. intro
2. A Pretty Girl is Like...
3. I Don't Believe in the Sun
4. All My Little Words
5. A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off
6. Reno, Dakota
7. Come Back from San Francisco
8. Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
9. Asleep and Dreaming
10. The Book of Love
11. I Don't Want to Get Over You
12. Kissing Things
13. No One Will Ever Love You
14. Very Funny
15. The Night You Can't Remember
16. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
17. Papa Was a Rodeo
18. Epitaph for My Heart
19. Swinging London
20. Lindy
21. I Think I Need A New Heart
22. Yeah! Oh, Yeah!
23. Abigail Belle Of Kilronan
24. Just Like A Musicstar
25. Acoustic Guitar
26. Roses
Notes: excellent soundboard recording.. probably a radio broadcast.. but there's no DJ talking or anything.. nice!

the MIGHTY RIME - 4/17/03 Sin-E, NYC [**+] 29m cdr
1. Albatross vs. All
2. Loot'n n Shoot'n
3. Broke Baroque
4. Rio Grande
5. Most Drones Die Virgins (early alt. version)
6. ? (song about Joe Strummer)
7. My Dear Maud

Modest Mouse: RKCNDY, Seattle 9/23/98 - 70m Soundboard cdr
Trucker Atlas
never ending math equation
out of gas
night on the sun
break through
your life (intro to LIVES)
doin the cockroach
trailer trash

Morrison, Van 1970-04-26 Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA Total time: (58:42)
Glad Tidings
Crazy Love
Come Running
The Way Young Lovers Do
Brown-Eyed Girl
And It Stoned Me
These Dreams Of You
Cypress Avenue
Into The Mystic
notes- stereo SBD

Morrissey - Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan 8/28/91
1. Intro
2. Interesting Drug
3. Piccadilly Palare
4. Mute Witness
5. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
6. King Leer
7. Sing Your Life
8. Pregnant For The Last Time
9. November Spawned A Monster
10. Will Never Marry
11. Alsatian Cousin
12. Everyday Is Like Sunday
13. Asian Rut
14. The Loop
15. Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
16. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
17. That's Entertainment
18. Suedehead
19. Our Frank
20. Disappointed
Notes : Audience recording. The quality is not too good for the first few tracks, but then it picks up. CDR copy of "Nothing To Declare But My Jeans" bootleg CD.

Morrissey - Hammersmith Odeon, London 4/10/91 (or 10/4/91?)
1. November Spawned A Monster
2. Pregnant For The Last Time
3. Alsatian Cousin
4. Interesting Drug
5. Mute Witness
6. My Love Life
7. Piccadilly Palare
8. Driving Your Girlfriend Home
9. Everyday Is Like Sunday
10. Sing Your Life
11. The Loop
12. Suedehead
13. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
14. Cosmic Dancer / Disappointed
15. King Leer
16. Our Frank
17. Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
18. Asian rut
Notes: soundboard recording. CDR copy of "Digital Excitation" bootleg CD (on KTS records).

Morrissey - Astoria Theatre, London, England, December 20, 1992
1. intro
2. You're the One For Me, Fatty
3. Certain People I Know
4. Glamorous Glue
5. Tomorrow
6. Ouija Board intro / November Spawned A Monster [abandoned]
7. National Front Disco
8. Seasick Yet Still Docked
9. Jack the Ripper
10. Alsatian Cousin
11. Sister I'm A Poet
12. The Loop
13. Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
14. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
15. You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
16. We'll Let You Know
17. He Knows I'd Love To See Him
18. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
19. The Last Of the Famous International Playboys
Notes: soundboard recording. CDR copy of "Happy Xmas" bootleg CD.

Peter Murphy - House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA, April 4 2000 cdr
disc 1
1. Final Solution
2. Scarlet Thing In You
3. Wild Birds
4. Mirror To My Woman's Mind
5. Subway
6. Disappearing
7. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
8. I'll Fall With Your Knife
9. Crystal Wrists
10. The Sweetest Drop
11. Hit Song
disc 2
1. Indigo Eyes (acoustic)
2. Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem (acoustic)
3. Strange Kind of Love (acoustic)
4. Cuts You Up
5. Surrendered
6. Roll Call Recall
7. Huuvola
Notes- Great sounding soundboard. I believe this was taken from a premium webcast, but it's a hundred times better than those RealAudio webcasts we're all familiar with.
Eric Avery on bass, Kevin Haskins on drums, Peter DiStefano on guitar, Doug DeAngelis on keyboards.

Peter Murphy - 4th and B, San Diego, CA, April 5 2000 cdr (made from master analog tape)
1. Final Solution
2. Scarlet Thing In You
3. Wild Birds
4. Mirror To My Woman's Mind
5. Subway
6. Disappearing
7. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
8. I'll Fall With Your Knife
9. Crystal Wrists
10. The Sweetest Drop
11. Hit Song
12. [peter talks and does a card trick]
13. Indigo Eyes (solo)
14. Big Love of a Tiny Fool (solo acoustic)
15. Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem (solo acoustic)
16. Strange Kind of Love (solo acoustic)
17. Cuts You Up
1. Surrendered
2. Roll Call Recall
3. [peter thanks the people on his crew]
4. Huuvola
5. Love Me Tender
Notes- This was the last show of the tour. The first song is missing the first couple minutes because I flipped the tape to get the rest of the last song (which they rarely play).
Drums and bass are kinda distorted. Some talking and other crowd noise from time to time.
Eric Avery on bass, Kevin Haskins on drums, Peter DiStefano on guitar, Doug DeAngelis on keyboards.

MUSIC TAPES live in Athens, GA - 46m video
sorry no date or setlist. very interesting show. Julian Koster of Neutral Milk Hotel. they got a bunch of zanny music-making contraptions. includes a couple minutes of post-show footage checking out a few of said contraptions.

THE MUSIC TAPES 08/18/1998 The Garage, London ~27m cdr
Set: The Television Tells Us/Song Of The Nomad Lost/Aliens/Tornado Longing For Freedom/Please Hear Mr Flight Control/Smoke Is A Fireman's Friend
Notes: trade with taper for cdr direct from DAUD Sony Minidisc master.

MBV: Osaka 11-25-91 "Soon"
1. When You Sleep
2. Only Shallow
3. I Only Said
4. Slow
5. Nothing Much To Lose
6. Come In Alone
7. You Never Should
8. Honey Power
9. Soon
10. To Here Knows When
11. Sueisfine
12. Blown A Wish
13. You Made Me Realize
Notes: sounds like a decent audience DAT recording.

MY BLOODY VALENTINE 2/29/92 Ritz, NYC [***] (tape0>cdr) 47m cdr
9 tracks. last song cuts after 9 and a half minutes of noisy distortion jamming. cdr from cassette master. AUD recording made with Uher cr240 tape deck & AKG460 mics. Opening for Dinosaur Jr.

MBV: Vancouver, Canada 7-4-92 "Loom"
1. When You Sleep
2. I Only Said
3. Only Shallow
4. Slow
5. Nothing Much To Lose
6. noise
7. You Never Should
8. Feed Me With Your Kiss
9. Soon
10. To Here Knows When
11. Honey Power
13. You Made Me Realize
Notes: decent soundboard recording. a couple minor problems near beginning and end. The vocals are quite, as is par for the course with MBV.

My Bloody Valentine: rarities cdr 68min
1. lovelee sweet darlene
2. by the danger in your eyes
3. another rainy saturday
4. we're so beautiful
5. sunny sundae smile
6. sylvie's head
7. paint a rainbow
8. kiss the eclipse
9. sugar
10. Instrumental B
11. incidental one (w/ mark etzel)
12. map ref. 41'N 93''W (wire cover)
13. we have all the time in the world (Louis Armstrong cover)
14. soon (andy whetherhall remix)
15. 2 complete
16. Mogwai - Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine remix)
1-4 "the new record by" vinyl ep
4-8 "sunny sundae smile" vinyl ep
9 from free flexi with British magazine The Catalogue #67
10 from Special Isn't Anything bonus 7inch
11 from Red Hot and Tripin comp(?)
12 from "Whore": a tribute to Wire
13 from Peace Together comp
14 from Glider 12''
15 from Canadian dance troupe thing Kevin Shields scored
16 from ?? (over 16 minutes long)

My Bloody Valentine - EP collection cdr 71m
1)To Here Knows When
3)Honey Power
4)Moon Song
7)Don't Ask Why
8)Off Your Face
9)You Made Me Realise
12)Cigarette In Your Bed
13)Drive It All Over Me
14)Feed Me With Your Kiss
15)I Believe
16)Emptiness Inside
17)I Need No Trust
18)Map Ref. 41 N 93 W.
1-4 from Tremolo cd ep
5-8 from Glider cd ep
9-13 from Untitled [You Made Me Realise] cd ep
14-17 from Untitled [Feed Me With Your Kiss] cd ep
18 from "Whore": a tribute to Wire comp cd

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