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Nada Surf - 10-23-05 Casbah, San Diego, CA (109 minutes)
1. (introduction by local radio DJ Mike Halloran)
2. blizzard of 77
3. concrete bed
4. happy kid
5. hi-speed soul
6. what is your secret
7. (banter / Cure tease)
8. always love
9. killian's red
10. (banter / "keella" story)
11. 80 windows
12. fruit fly
13. robot
14. do it again
15. inside of love (end cut from tape flip)
1. blankest year
2. meow meow lullaby
3. in the mirror
4. paper boats
5. the way you wear your head
6. (wait for first encore / banter)
7. your legs grow
8. blonde on blonde
9. imaginary friends
10. (banter / wait for second encore)
11. stalemate / love will tear us apart
12. hyperspace
13. (postshow ambient noise)
Notes: My analog master. Unfortunately, I was standing near a bunch of drunken metrosexual frat boys who really wanted to hear "Popular", so there's a bit more crowd noise than you'd like to have. A founding ex-member of the Cure was in attendance (Lawrence Tolhurst).

The National - 10-10-06 Casbah, San Diego (master)
sorry, no setlist. 16 tracks, 78 minutes
I had some major problems with my mic crapping out on me, resulting in an almost unlistenable recording. so don't bother with this unless you're a super obsessed National fan or you met your wife at this show or something. Special thanks to the guy I met in line (i think his name was Drew) who let me have his extra ticket.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Rarities (2cdr)
Nice somewhat definitive collection of non-lp NMH material. i don't believe any of this stuff is mp3 sourced, but i could be wrong.
Time = 145 min.
1. interview (XFM, London radio, May 1998)
2. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone (XFM, London radio, May 1998)
3. Engine (XFM, London radio, May 1998)
4. King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3 (XFM, London radio, May 1998)
5. Oh Comely (XFM, London radio, May 1998)
6. Glue (Gerbils song, KSPC, Claremont, California, June 1996)
7. Everything Is (Everything Is single)
8. Snow Song Pt. 1(Everything Is single)
9. Aunt Egma Blow Torch (Everything Is single)
10. I Love How You Love Me (Jittery Joe’s, Athens, GA, March 7, 1997)
11. Bucket (Periscope: Another Yoyo Compilation, ’94)
12. What A Wonderful World (Major Organ and the Adding Machine (Jeff & Julian) Christmas In Stereo comp, Kindercore '97)
13. Invent Yourself A Shortcake (Champagne Dancing Party comp, May ’95)
14. Up and Over We Go (Amazing Phantom Third Channel comp, ’94)
15. Rubby Bulbs (Those Pre-Phylloxera Years comp, ’93)
16. Tuesday Moon (live, Yoyo A GoGo '94 comp)
17. Untitled (Master Pete Capitol and his Magic EP [Ptolemaic Terrascope No. 21] comp, ’96)
18. Engine (Holland 1945 7", recorded in a London Underground station underneath Piccadilly Circus)
19. Two-Headed Boy pt. 2 (Jittery Joe’s, Athens, GA, March 7, 1997)
20. I Will Bury You In Time (Jittery Joe’s, Athens, GA, March 7, 1997)
Bucket (Organ Version) / Sweet Marie / More Than Life / Candy Coated Dream / Through My Tears / I Hear You Breathe / Fireplace / You Can Deny All Your Addictions / Circle Of Friends / Wishful Eyes / Sinking Ship / Little Birds / Oh Sister / Song For Che / Ferriswheel On Fire / My Dream Girl / Sailing Through / Acid
1-11 = home demos
12 = private party 12/5/98
13 = 40 watt 12/31/98
14 = cat's cradle 3/4/98
15 = cow haus 2/7/98
16-18 = aquarius records 7/4/96

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - "Invent Yourself A Shortcake" demo tape 1991
1. Digestion Machine - 6:12
2. Calypso Part One - 3:28
3. My Dreamgirl Don't Exist - 2:10
4. Calypso Part Two - 1:31
5. Chocolate Coffin - 3:41
6. Sinking Ship - 4:45
7. Random Noise - 1:54
8. Jaw Harp 1:42
9. A&E Melody - 2:13
10. Prank Call - 4:01
11. More Noise - 1:15
12. Synthetic Flying Machine - 2:16
13. Charlotte - 4:14
14. Love You On A Tuesday - 1:37
15. Spooky Sounds - 2:01
16. Preacherman - 3:47
NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - "Unreleased Demo #1"
17. Sweet Marie - 5:21
18. Love You More Than Life - 3:33
19. Candy Coated Dream - 3:38
20. Through My Tears - 3:49
21. I Hear You Breathe - 3:33
22. Bucket - 2:58 ["Organ Version"]
23. Random Noise II - 1:45
24. Random Noise III - 0:24

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - "Beauty" demo tape 1992
1. Engine - 4:22
2. Circle of Friends - 3:28
3. Wishful Eyes - 6:00
4. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone - 5:47
5. Sailing Through - 4:36
6. Bucket - 3:10
7. Noisy Racket - 3:55
8. Conversation with Robert Schneider - 6:15
9. Someone Is Waiting - 1:45
10. Hypnotic Sounds - 6:13
Comments: As with Invent Yourself a Shortcake, this tape predates Elephant 6, and it's debatable whether to consider it an actual "album" or just a collection of recordings Jeff put together. The first five tracks are solo acoustic with Jeff talking a little bit before and after each song, as if he's playing an acoustic show in front of people (though there appears to be only one other guy in the room). "Gardenhead" is much slower than the familiar, released version. The second half of the tape features two electric songs and three non-songs: "Noisy Racket" (an aptly named metal freak out), "Conversation with Robert Schneider" (which is not a song, but just what the title implies.. though it's actually a conversation between Jeff and Will Hart), and the sound collage track "Hypnotic Sounds" (which is the same recording as "Aunt Eggma Blowtorch" on the Everything Is single.. only here it has an extra minute-long jam at the beginning of it.)
It seems every circulating version of this tape is a bit poppy in the left channel.. sounding as if it were transferred from vinyl or something.. but it's just the one speaker that has it; the other's fine. I'm not sure if the original tapes were made that way, or if it's just a defect with the particular copy that made its way online.

Neutral Milk Hotel - "Hype City Soundtrack" demo tape 1993 (29min)
1. up and over we go
2. wood guitar
3. tuesday moon
4. april 1st
5. tea-time/bomb drop
6. gardenhead/leave me alone
7. biscuit
8. los angelos car song
9. piggy
10. engine
NOTES: not mp3 sourced! This recording was transferred to cdr and traded to me by someone who owned one of the original demo tapes (which they then sold on eBay for $225.) The sound is pretty good for being sourced from an 11 year old cassette tape. My only complaint is that "Engine" cuts off like a second or two too soon.. sounding like the person who transferred it from tape got careless. But the person assured me that it's like that on the original tape: "engine cuts off like that on the tape, too. so you're hearing it as jeff intended : ) it's not caused by the tape ending either... the recording gets cut off and then there's a couple minutes of empty tape before the side ends. just the elephant six way, i guess... i have a sunshine fix tape that i got the same time as hype city where the last song gets cut off halfway through!"
But I have heard mp3s of this demo that do not cut off. Apparently there were at least a couple different "pressings" of this demo tape.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - Jeff Mangum @ Aquarius Records 7/4/96
1. Oh Comely
2. Engine
3. Oh Sister
4. My Dreamgirl Don't Exist
5. Sailing Through
6. She Did Alot of Acid/Rubby Bulbs
notes: this show is very common via mp3s, but i got a non-mp3 sourced copy that includes some between-song chatter missing from most online versions.

7/22/96 Oakland Beehive, Pittsburg, PA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
LENGTH: {33:38}
NMH jammed with the opening band, Butterglory, for a warm up.. sounds kinda like an old blues song or something. my copy is 1st gen from the taper (master is missing)
1. jam
2. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
3. Tuesday Moon
4. A Baby For Pree
5. Naomi
6. Everything Is
7. The Fool
8. Snow Song Pt. 1
9. King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 1 and 2

NMH 7.23.96 * Cincinatti, OH @ Sudsy Malone's
1. King Of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 and 3
2. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
3. Tuesday Moon
4. You've Passed / unknown
5. Everything Is
6. Rubby Bulbs
7. Naomi
8. Ferris Wheel On Fire
9. Through My Tears / Goldaline
10. unknown ("now there is nothing")
11. Snow Song Pt. 1

NMH 7.25.96 * St. Louis, MO @ Cicero's
Song Against Sex
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Tuesday Moon
A Baby For Pree
The Fool
Through My Tears / Goldaline
unknown ("now there is nothing")
Everything Is
Ferris Wheel on Fire
Snow Song pt 1
King of Carrot Flowers parts 2 & 3
notes: Soundboard recording, but not the best quality. Some tape hiss.

neutral milk hotel -[knitting factory, NYC,new york, 08-01-96]
source: wm-d3 pro-walkman (analog cassette) and ecm 909a mics.taped by chris r. (XLII-S master)
transfer:master cassette>Sony K707ES>tascamUS-428>sound forge4.5>cdwav>flac by ronnie from chicago(
1.oh comely
2.bucket against sex
4.a baby for pree
5.king of carrot flowers part3 (up and over..)
6.tuesday moon
9.ferris wheel on fire
10. gardenhead / leave me alone
11.snow song pt. 1*
12.everything is
13.message sent (through my tears)
notes: *tape flip between 11 and 12 (no music was missed!) added fade at end of track 11.
great show. my copy is a cdr direct from ronnie (the transferrer)

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL () 10/05/96 Other Music () - New York, NY
1. Two-Headed Boy
2. Naomi
3. April 8th
4. I Will Bury You In Time
5. Engine
6. Everything Is
7. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
8. She Did a Lot of Acid
9. Rubby Bulbs / unknown ("swimming in your speakers")
Notes: Jeff Mangum acoustic in-store performance. "Two Headed Boy" is an early version with several slightly different lyrics. Also, this recording features a rare live performance of "April 8th". (UPGRADE, 9/04: i got a slightly upgraded version of this recording. old version was 33:20.. new version is 10 seconds longer [in the start] and isn't quite so rough quality.)

NMH - 4/23/97 Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, VA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from 2nd gen cassette)
First show on the '97 US tour. No drummer, as Jeremy was in Chicago, so that translates to a pretty intimate show, with some rarely played songs, including "April 8th" and "Bucket" (by request). Technical problems with the PA cutting out affect some of the first few songs. Some tape hiss on the recording.
1. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
2. Two-Headed Boy
3. Song Against Sex
4. I Will Bury You In Time
5. The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3
6. Naomi
7. April 8th
8. Bucket
9. She Did a Lot of Acid (intro)
10. She Did a Lot of Acid (cont.)
11. Rubby Bulbs
12. unknown ("swimming in your speakers")
13. A Baby For Pree
14. Oh Comely

NMH - 4/24/97 Silk City Lounge, Philadelphia, PA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from 2nd gen cassette)
This seems to be the earliest known recording of the song "In The Aeroplane Over the Sea". And like the other versions from mid '97, it seems to still be a work-in-progress, with different lyrics in the non-verse sections.
Additionally, this show features two NMH songs that were rarely played live, "Someone Is Waiting" (by request) and "You've Passed".
1. Oh Comely
2. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
3. A Baby For Pree
4. Naomi
5. Tuesday Moon
6. Song Against Sex
7. Message Sent (Through My Tears / Goldaline / "now there is nothing")
8. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
9. Everything Is
10. Ferris Wheel on Fire (aborted)
11. The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3
12. Someone Is Waiting
13. You've Passed
14. Two-Headed Boy

NMH 4.25.97 * New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
Sailing Through
I Will Bury You in Time
Two-Headed Boy
Oh Comely
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Baby for Pree
The Fool
Through My Tears [cut]
unknown ("now there is nothing")
Ferris Wheel on Fire
King of Carrot Flowers 2 & 3
Everything Is
Rubby Bulbs
All the Colors of the Rainbow
Snow Song pt 1
Song Against Sex

NMH 4/26/97 - Terrastock, Providence, RI
1. Oh Comely
2. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
3. A Baby for Pree
4. The Fool
5. Through My Tears /
6. Through My Tears (cont.)
7. Song Against Sex
8. The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3
9. Rubby Bulbs
10. Snow Song Pt. 1
Notes: i think "Naomi" is supposed to be on this recording.

NMH - 4/28/97 Brownies, New York City, NY
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from 2nd gen cassette)
1. She Did a lot of Acid
2. Naomi
3. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
4. Oh Comely
5. King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 and 3
6. Everything Is
7. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
8. Song Against Sex
9. Message Sent / Goldaline / unknown ("now there is nothing") / Rubby Bulbs (cut)
10. Snow Song Pt 1

NMH - 5/1/97 Chicago, IL, Lounge Ax - 55m
1. Oh Comely
2. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
3. A Baby For Pree
4. The Fool
5. Tuesday Moon
6. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
7. Through My Tears / Goldaline
8. unknown ("now there is nothing")
9. Song Against Sex
10. Everything Is
11. FerrisWheel on Fire
12. Naomi
13. Rubby Bulbs
14. Snow Song pt 1
15. The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - 5/2/97 Rathskeller, Madison, WI - cdr - 36m
1. Naomi
2. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
3. Through My Tears / Goldaline / unknown ("now there is nothing")
4. Tuesday Moon
5. A Baby For Pree
6. The Fool
7. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
8. Song Against Sex
9. Rubby Bulbs
10. Snow Song Pt. 1
notes- soundboard recording. this show sounds good at times and not so good some times there were problems with the soundboard.. these are on the master recording. The Rathskeller is apparently a venue located in the University of Wisconsin.

NMH - 5/3/97 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from master cassette, traded to me by the taper)
King of Carrot Flowers pt 3
She Did A Lot of Acid
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Song Against Sex
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
A Baby For Pree
The Fool
Oh Comely

Neutral Milk Hotel
Date: 1997-05-05
Venue: Side Door, St. Louis MO
Source: SBD
Quality: A+
Length: 37 min
1. She Did a lot of Acid
2. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
3. Naomi
4. Engine
5. King Of Carrot Flowers part 3 (Up & Over)
6. Song Against Sex
7. The Fool
8. Oh Comely
9. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Notes: Awesome soundboard recording, possibly the best quality NMH bootleg in circulation. There is also a low-quality audience recording of this show going around. At the beginning, Jeff mentions Jeremy couldn't make it, so it's a slightly more stripped-down show than usual. Also, Jeff says he and Scott have the flu, so he apologizes for a sloppy show. And he apologizes for his voice several times throughout the show.
"In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" is an early version with different lyrics in the "now we keep where we don't know" section.

NMH - 5/6/97 Barrister's, Memphis, TN
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
LENGTH: 30min
This show was just Jeff and Jullian, as Scott was sick in the van, and Jeremy was still away. My copy is from the taper.
1. Oh Comely
2. Naomi
3. King Of Carrot Flowers pt 3
4. I Will Bury You In Time
5. Song Against Sex / Two-Headed Boy
6. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone

Neutral Milk Hotel - May 16th 1997, 40 Watt, Athens, GA (kindercore party) - VIDEO
Two-Headed Boy
Oh comely
King carrot flowers pt. 3
Through My Tears
Song Against Sex / end jam
Notes: with members of OTC and Elf Power

8/9/97 seven south denver, co
1. intro/soundcheck
2. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
3. A Baby For Pree
4. The Fool
5. Tuesday Moon
6. Through My Tears / Goldaline
7. Someone Is Waiting
8. Ferris Wheel On Fire
9. King Of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3
10. Song Against Sex
11. Naomi
12. Rubby Bulbs
13. Snow Song Pt. 1
notes: Includes a rare live performance of "Someone Is Waiting". The recording is very loud, but decent quality. This is a show the band did while in town to record Aeroplane. Interestingly, Jeff mentions that "Through My Tears" might be on the record.. and I guess it sorta was, with the "Goldaline" ending part becoming part of "Oh Comely".

NMH - 11/22/97 Red Light Cafe, Atlanta, GA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
Earliest known live recording of "Ghost". Pretty funny version of "All The Colors of the Rainbow". "Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone" is a bit chaotic, and kinda breaks down a couple times.
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
A Baby for Pree / Where You'll Find Me Now
The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three
Everything Is
Song Against Sex
Rubby Bulbs
All the Colors of the Rainbow
Snow Song Pt. One

NMH - 2/7/98 Cow Haus, Tallahassee, FL
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from 2nd gen soundboard cassette)
QUALITY: very good
The 1998 Florida Popfest. Many versions of this show are incomplete, usually ending at about 45 minutes with the cut during Snow Song.
1. Two-Headed Boy
2. The Fool
3. A Baby For Pree
4. Holland, 1945
5. Naomi
6. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
7. Song For Ché 
8. Ghost
9. Everything Is
10. The King Of Carrot Flowers, Pts 2 & 3
11. Song Against Sex
12. Snow Song Pt 1
13. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
14. Ferris Wheel On Fire

NMH - 2/26/98 Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnati, OH - 46:36
1. Two-Headed Boy (joined in progress) / The Fool
2. King Of Carrot Flowers Pt.2 & 3 / Everything Is
3. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
4. Holland, 1945
5. Ferris Wheel On Fire
6. Ghost
7. Naomi
8. Song Against Sex / Rubby Bulbs / Snow Song Pt. One (end cut)
Notes: i believe this is slightly incomplete. I've seen versions that say 52 minutes, but this one is 46:36.. about the length of one side of a 90min tape. hmm.. Seems to be missing a couple minutes off both the start and end.
This is the source info I found.. though not sure if it's my copy's: CSC>D8>SPDIF>Sound Forge>CDR

NMH - 2/27/98 Grafitti, Pittsburgh, PA - 45:13
1. Two-Headed Boy pt. 2
2. The Fool
3. A Baby for Pree / Everything Is
4. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
5. Naomi
6. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
7. Ghost
8. King of Carrot Flowers pt. 2 & 3
9. Song Against Sex / Rubby Bulbs / Snow Song Pt. One (very end cut)
This is the source info I found.. though not sure if it's my copy's: pc62>D3-0>Sound Forge>CDR (8' from balcony PA)

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL 3/4/98 Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC
1. Oh Comely
2. The Fool
3. A Baby For Pree
4. Everything Is
5. Naomi
6. Ghost
7. Song For Che (Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra cover)
8. Engine
9. The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two and Three
10. Holland, 1945
11. Song Against Sex
12. Rubby Bulbs
13. Snow Song Pt. One

NMH 3/8/98 Middle East, Cambridge, MA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
Oh Comely
The Fool
King of Carrot Flowers pts 2 and 3
Two-Headed Boy
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Holland, 1945
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
A Baby For Pree
Everything Is
Song Against Sex
Rubby Bulbs / Snow Song Pt. One
Notes: wee little clicks between tracks.

NMH 4/3/98 Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans, LA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
The recording sounds pretty clear, almost soundboard at times, but badly overloads in the loud parts. Also, some clicks between tracks.
This was kind of like a homecoming show for Jeff, who grew up in nearby Ruston, Louisiana, and he mentions that both his mom and his sister are in attendance.
Two-Headed Boy
The Fool
Worms in the Wind
King of Carrot Flowers pt 2 and 3
Holland, 1945
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
In The Aeroplane Over the Sea
Song Against Sex
Rubby Bulbs
Snow Song pt 1
Ghost [end cut]
A Baby For Pree
Everything Is

4/4/98 Electric Lounge, Austin, TX
FORMAT: video
SOURCE: audience
Decent video, but the person filming the show felt the need to get "artsy" and use a bunch of effects on the video.. so several songs are shot with the color inverted (so instead of some white guys playing in the dark, it looks like black guys playing in heaven) and other songs are shot with a brown hue. You can hear him making comments about it, so it's definitely on the master, not a post-production effect, unfortunately. But the sound is good, and some songs are filmed normally.
Oh Comely
The Fool
Holland, 1945
Worms In The Wind / King Of Carrot Flowers 2 & 3
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Rubby Bulbs
Snow Song Pt. 1
Ghost / untitled

NMH 4-11-98 Bottom of the Hill, SF - 67min video
oh comely
the fool
worms in the wind/king of carrot flowers 2 & 3
holland 1945
in the aeroplane over the sea
song vs sex
rubby bulbs/snow song
2 headed boy
notes- pretty nice, but top of screen often gets flashy.

NMH 4-12-98 Bottom of the Hill, S.F. video 81min
Sailing Through / Two-Headed Boy pt 2
Holland 1945
Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
A Baby for Pree / Ferris Wheel on Fire
Worms in the Wind / King of Carrot Flowers pts. 2 & 3
Song Against Sex
Rubby Bulbs / Snow Song pt. 1
I Will Bury You in Time
Ghost / Untitled
Oh Comely
King of Carrot Flowers pt 1
Two-Headed Boy
notes- pretty nice, but top of screen often gets flashy.

NMH 4/14/98 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from cassette [Sony D3]... my copy is from the taper)
1 . Two-Headed Boy
2 . The Fool
3 . Holland, 1945
4 . Worms in the Wind
5 . King Of Carrot Flowers, Pts. Two & Three
6 . Naomi
7 . In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
8 . [technical difficulties]
9 . A Baby For Pree
10 . Song Against Sex
11 . Rubby Bulbs
12 . Snow Song, Pt. One
13 . Ghost
14 . untitled

Neutral Milk Hotel - April 18, 1998
"Terrastock II Festival" Custer Avenue Stages, San Francisco, CA
KFJC FM > DAT @ 48 kHZ > Pro Tools > WAV > FLAC > WAV > FLAC > CDR
(compression level 8, align on sector boundaries enabled, verify enabled)
Total time: 47:28
01. introduction
02. Two-Headed Boy
03. The Fool (2:29)
04. Worms in the Wind (1:03)
05. King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 & 2 (3:10)
06. Holland, 1945 (3:20)
07. A Baby for Pree (2:31)
08. Ferris Wheel on Fire (5:53)
09. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (4:13)
10. Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone (3:23)
11. Song Against Sex (3:37)
12. Rubby Bulbs (3:06)
13. Snow Song, Pt. 1 (2:29)
14. Ghost (4:01)
15. Untitled (2:08)
Jeff Mangum - Vocals, Guitar
Scott Spillane - Trumpet, Bass, Guitar
Julian Koster - Bass, Banjo, Accordion
Jeremy Barnes - Drums
+ members of Olivia Tremor Control and Elf Power at various points
NOTES- this is an upgrade i received Dec '05. the version i originally had was missing songs and only 37min. Then I got an upgrade in Sept '04 that was 46min and faded out on the last song. Now I have this upgrade which is complete.

NMH - 4/24/98 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience (cdr from master cassette, traded to me by the taper)
Technical difficulties and "brain melting" by band members plague some of the first few tracks. "Naomi", in particular, is a train wreck.
Jeff throws in a brief rendition of "All The Colors of the Rainbow" in the middle of "Rubby Bulbs" before eventually transitioning into an epic version of "Snow Song Part 1". I EQ'd the recording just a bit to improve the sound and then re-cut the show with 'nicer' track splits.
1. Two-Headed Boy
2. The Fool
3. The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 and 3
4. Holland, 1945
5. Naomi
6. Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
7. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
8. A Baby For Pree
9. Song Against Sex / Rubby Bulbs / All The Colors of the Rainbow / Snow Song Pt. 1
10. Ghost / untitled
11. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2
12. Ferris Wheel on Fire

NMH 4/25/98 Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
Decent recording, though the crowd is a bit annoying at times.
1 intro (Worms In The Wind speech)
2 King of Carrot Flowers 1
3 King of Carrot Flowers 2-3
4 Two Headed Boy pt. 2
5 Holland, 1945
6 Naomi
7 Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
8 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
9 Song Against Sex
10 Rubby Bulbs
11 Snow Song pt 1
12 Two-Headed Boy
13 The Fool
14 Ghost
15 untitled
16 A Baby for Pree / Ferris Wheel on Fire

NMH XFM Session (Jeff solo acoustic) May 98 (broadcast June 98. sometimes mislabeled August 98) - 28:22
11-minute interview
Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
King of Carrot Flowers pt 3
Oh Comely
Note: see below for upgrade

NMH XFM Session (Jeff solo acoustic) May 98 (broadcast June 98. sometimes mislabeled August 98) - 29m UPGRADE
11-minute interview
Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
King of Carrot Flowers pt 3
Oh Comely
notes: dj intros/outros are part of the tracks. This upgrade (received Oct 2006) is a cdr from a master minidisc recording of the radio broadcast.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL 05/22/1998 12 Bar Club, London - 46:38
Oh Comely/The Fool/The King Of Carrot Flowers Pts.2 & 3/Holland 1945/Two-Headed Boy/Naomi/In The
Aeroplane Over The Sea/A Baby For Pree/Song Against Sex/Rubby Bulbs/Snow Song Pt.1
Notes: cdr made from a 2nd gen cassette.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL 05/23/1998 12 Bar Club, London - 48min
Two-Headed Boy Pt.Two/The Fool/Naomi/Holland 1945/Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone/In The Aeroplane Over The
Sea/King Of Carrot Flowers Pts.2 & 3/Oh Comely/Song Against Sex/Rubby Bulbs/Snow Song Pt.1
Notes: trade with taper for cdr direct from DAUD Sony Minidisc master. Some glitches (on master).

NMH 6/29/98 Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando, FL
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
1. Oh Comely
2. Two-Headed Boy
3. Engine
4. Holland, 1945
5. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
6. The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One
7. Ferris Wheel on Fire
8. ---
9. Song Against Sex
10. Snow Song Pt. One
NOTES: no drummer for this show. i think this show is supposed to have "rubby bulbs" after "ferris wheel".. but alas, it's not on this particular recording.

NMH 7-11-98 40 watt club in Athens, GA. - video 51m
A Baby For Pree / Holland, 1945 / Naomi / King Of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3 / In The Aeroplane Over The Sea / Two Headed Boy Pt.2 / The Fool / Everything Is / Song Against Sex (start cut) / Rubby Bulbs (start cut) / Snow Song pt. 1 / Ghost / Untitled
notes: ok video.. but the sound is really wobbly at times.

NMH 7/22/98 Black Cat, Washington, DC
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
A Baby for Pree
Holland, 1945
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. Two (aborted)
The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two and Three
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Song Against Sex
Rubby Bulbs
Snow Song Pt. One
Oh Comely
The Fool
notes: Technical difficulties abound, at one point even causing Jeff to say, "This is the most fucked show I've ever played in my life!" But despite that, both the band and the crowd are in good spirits, and it's a pretty solid show.

NMH 7/24/98 Middle East, Cambridge, MA
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: audience
A Baby for Pree
Holland, 1945
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. Two and Three
Song Against Sex
Rubby Bulbs
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two
The Fool / Snow Song Pt. One

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL 7/30/98 Rochester, NY, The Bug Jar (Universal Buzz Radio Network) 51m cdr
1. oh comely
2. avery island / april 1st
3. naomi
4. a baby for pree
5. holland, 1945
6. king of carrot flowers pts 2 & 3
7. in the aeroplane over the sea
8. song against sex
9. rubby bulbs
10. snow song pt. 1
11. ghost
12. [untitled]
Notes: from a radio broadcast.. not sure if recorded off the radio, or the original CD for the stations to play. Sounds a bit muffled, so probably off the radio. There are commercial intros by the DJ, but the commercials themselves have been edited out. The bad words have been edited (i think there's just 1 or 2). It's good quality, relative to an audience boot.. but average quality as far as professionally recorded shows go. The bass is too thumping. I would like to upgrade to a cdr directly from the Universal Buzz promo broadcast CD.. so if you have it, please let me know.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL 8/18/98 The Garage, London, England - 43:18 cdr
Oh Comely / The Fool / A Baby For Pree / Holland, 1945 / King Of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 and 3 / Everything Is / King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 / In The Aeroplane Over The Sea / Song Against Sex / Rubby Bulbs / Ghost / Untitled
notes: great show. one of my favorites.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Manchester University - 10/10/98
Oh Comedy
The Fool
King Of Carrot Flowers Pts. 2 & 3
Holland 1945
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Song Against Sex / Rubby Bulbs
notes: sounds pretty good.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL 10/13/98 Peter Curran Show, GLR, London, England - 11m cdr (upgrade)
1. [interview]
2. Naomi (acoustic)
3. [contest]
4. brief review of NMH show (after Jeff's appearance)
Notes: often mislabeled as "CAPITAL RADIO SESSION". My copy (upgrade Oct 2006) is direct from a minidisc master.

NMH 12/05/1998 Athens, GA - 30min
little birds
two-headed boy
aeroplane over the sea
holland 1945
everything is
oh comely (recording cuts off near the end)
notes: Mostly Jeff solo/acoustic/seated.

**10/14/1997 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA (Jeff Mangum solo)
-- (48 minutes) A+ --
two-headed boy (aborted)
king of carrot flowers p.1, 2, 3
a baby for pree
in the aeroplane over the sea
i will bury you in time
holland 1945
she did a lot of acid/rubby bulbs
oh comely
**11/21/1997 (AKA 01/01/1998) 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA (full band)
--(20 minutes) A+ --
in the aeroplane over the sea
king of carrot flowers p. 2, 3, 1
song against sex
**12/31/1998 Athens, GA (mostly Jeff solo)
--(13 minutes) A+
oh sister
in the aeroplane over the sea
NOTES: great stuff. shot from close to the stage.
New Years Eve '98.. the last circulating NMH bootleg (that i know of). Acoustic set with a little of Julian Koster on saw and Scott Spillane on trumpet. The set is short but nice version of Oh Sister, which leads directly into Aeroplane.
I've also transfered the audio from this video (all 3 shows) to a cdr.

Neutral Milk Hotel 2/4/01 King's Arms, Auckland, New Zealand
FORMAT: audio
SOURCE: soundboard
QUALITY: excellent
NOTES: This is thought to be the first/last/only Neutral Milk Hotel performance since circa 1998. It's basically a solo Jeff Mangum show under the name ‘World of Wild Beards Incorporated’. Jeff was joined by mulit-instrumentalist Laura Carter on a few songs. Also, Chris Knox joins for the last song (a John Lennon cover). Here is a link to a review and some pictures from the show.
And you can go here to get yourself a cd of the show.
Two-Headed Boy
I Love How You Love Me
Song Against Sex
King of Carrot Flowers pt. 1
King of Carrot Flowers pts. 2 & 3
Everything Is
Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
Oh Comely
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
World of Wild Beards explanation [Jeff speaks]

(NMH) Jefferson Mangum - WFMU Archives - 3 disc set (files are in MP3 format)
In late 2002, Jeff had a radio show on freeform radio station WFMU in the NY/NJ area. He played lots of neat/crazy recordings, including some original sound collages. The shows are available online in streaming RealAudio. I took the time and effort to convert these radio shows to mp3 format and burn them to cdr. The streaming RealAudio was captured to WAV, divided into segments (usually where Jeff comes in), and encoded to 160kbps MP3s using EAC (LAME 3.93). I would have encoded higher, but 160k worked best resulting in three shows fitting snuggly on a disc, for a total of 3 discs for the 9 shows (27+ hours of music).. plus a couple little bonus surprises.
The whole process really put my sanity in jeopardy, but I'm pretty happy with how the CDs turned out. I spent a lot of time making sure there weren't any buffering pauses or other problems.
A note of caution: Don't bother with these shows if you're expecting Neutral Milk Hotel type stuff! The recordings Jeff plays are often pretty weird, and will likely either annoy you to pieces or blow your mind.

New Order - "Sonic Ecstacy" (KTS 216) Live At the Reading Festival 1993 CD 59:59
1.Ruined In a Day
3.Round & Round
5.As It Is And When It Was
6.Everyone Everywhere
7.True Faith
9.Perfect Kiss
10.Fine Time
11.Blue Monday

Joanna Newsom - 08/16/04 12 Bar Club, London, England - cdr
1 yarn and glue
2 bridges and balloons
3 the book of right on
4 swansea
5 sprout and the bean
6 peach, plum, pear
7 what we have known
8 sadie
9 this side of the blue
10 inflammatory writ
11 clam, crab, cockle, cowrie

Nine Inch Nails: Painful Convictions
Soundboard double CD - Total: 151:25
1. Slate [Intro]
2. Sanctified
3. Maybe Just Once
4. The Only Time
5. Kinda I Want To
6. That's What I Get
7. Purest Feeling
8. Twist [Ringfinger]
9. Down In It
10. Suck (Live)
11. Supernaut (Original)
12. Sin (DJ Edit)
13. Head Like A Hole (Go-Go Mix)
14. Wish (DJ Edit)
15. Suck (Demo)
16. Down In It (Skin Mix)
Disc 2:
17. Terrible Lie
18. Sin
19. March Of The Pigs
20. Something I Can Never Have
21. Closer
22. Reptile
23. Wish
24. Suck
25. Burn
26. The Only Time
27. Down In It
28. Dead Souls
29. Help Me I Am In Hell
30. Happiness In Slavery
31. Head Like A Hole
* Tracks 1-9: Purest Feeling early demo
* Tracks 10-16: Demos And Remixes
* tracks:17-31: Recorded live at Woodstock '94
Review from some guy named GREGG:
Painful Convictions is a great bootleg. It has a few of the NIN phantom songs and a good Woodstock cd. It is a pretty good soundboard recording with great quality. It dosent have any annoying pops, slurs, fade ins and outs, etc. I would recommend this cd to anyone who wants NIN phantom songs and a Woodstock cd.

    NIRVANA - Outcesticide 1-In Memory Of Kurt Cobain - CD 70m
  1. If you must
  2. Downer
  3. Floyd the barber
  4. Paper cuts
  5. Spank thru
  6. Beeswax
  7. Pen cap chew
  8. Blandest
  9. Polly
  10. Misery loves company
  11. Sappy
  12. Do you love me? (kiss cover)
  13. Been a son
  14. Junkyard (live 89)
  15. opinion (acoustic radio session)
  16. D-7
  17. Immodium
  18. Pay to play
  19. Verse chorus verse
  20. Here she comes now
  21. Where did you sleep last night?
  22. Return of the rat
  23. Talk to me (live 91)
    Notes- 1-7 first demo tape, reciprocal recording, seattle 1/23/88. 17-19 unreleased subpop mini album, smart studios, madison, wi, april 1990. all other tracks are studio outakes, demos, rehearsals, etc.
    I have 2 versions of this: 1st, the original version of which I own a silver CD of, and 2nd, a cdr of the remastered version which came out later. If anyone asks me for this disc in a trade, i'll assume you want the remastered version unless you tell me otherwise. It sounds a bit better.

OUTCESTICIDE II - The needle and the damage done (Blue Moon Records) (i've got an actual cd copy)
01: In Bloom (From unissued Sub Pop 7" Mastertape)
02: Imodium (Early version of "Breed" with different lyrics)
03: Help me/Help me, I'm hungry (Unreleased song from Winter 89')
04: Oh, The Guilt (Live)
05: Smells like teen spirit (With Flea on trumpet)
06: Pennyroyal tea (Early version)
07: It's closing soon (With Courtney Love - from Rio Studio sessions)
08: Heart-Shaped Box (Early version)
09: Scentless apprentice (Extended experimental feedback version)
10: Been a son (Acoustic rehearsal)
11: Something in the way (In-store acoustic gig)
12: Negative Creep (In-store acoustic gig)
13: Where did you sleep last night? (Kurt solo at Castaic Lake)
14: Baba O' Riley (The Who cover)
15: The End (The Doors cover)
16: Lithium (Nevermind demo 1990)
17: Dumb (With Melora Craeger On Cello 2/22/1994 Rome, Italy)
18: Molly's lips (Vaselines Cover 11/18/1989)
19: In his hands (Unreleased song written in 1990)
20: The man who sold the world (Electric version)
21: Smells like teen spirit (From "Word" TV show - London, England 11/8/91)

OUTCESTICIDE III - The Final Solution (Blue Moon Records) (i've got an actual cd copy)
01: Rape Me (Live - French TV Studios 2/4/1994)
02: Pennyroyal Tea (Live - French TV Studios 2/4/1994)
03: Drain You (Live - French TV Studio 2/4/1994)
04: Marigold (Studio - The Original Dave Grohl Demo 12/23/1990)
05: Dive (Live - 11/18/1989)
06: Mr. Moustache (Studio - Early Version With Different Lyrics 6/11/1988)
07: Blandest (Studio - The Unreleased Love Buzz Single B Side 6/11/1988)
08: Even In His Youth (Studio - An Early Version From Music Source 10/1989)
09: Polly (Studio - An Early Electric Version From Music Source 10/1989)
10: Smells like teen spirit (Live - MTV Studios 1/10/1992)
11: Serve The Servants (Live - Italian TV Studios 2/23/1994)
12: Dumb (Live - Italian TV Studio 2/23/1994)
13: The Eagle Has Landed/Tourette's (Live - An Early Tourette's 8/30/1992)
14: Aneurysm (Live - An Early Live Version 11/25/1990)
15: Oh, The Guilt (Live - An Early Live Version 11/25/1990)
16: Dive (Live - VPRO Radio Session 11/1/1989)
17: About A Girl (Live - VPRO Radio Session 11/1/1989)
18: The Money Will Roll Right In (Live - A Cover Of Mudhoney/Fang 8/30/1992)
19: In His Room (Live - An Early Live Version 11/25/1990)
20: Curmudgeon (Live - The Only Known Live Performance 11/23/1991)
21: Alcohol/High on the Hog (Live - The Only Known Live Performance 11/26/1989)
22: Run Rabbit Run/Anorexorcist (Live - The Only Known Live Performance 12/14/1987)

OUTCESTICIDE IV - Rape of the Vaults (Blue Moon Records) (i've got an actual cd copy)
01: Pennyroyal Tea (Studio) - The Scott Litt Remix For The Cd Single That Didn't Happen
02: Spank Thru (Studio) - 6/11/1988
03: Territorial Pissings (Live) - The Jonathan Ross Show 12/6/1991
04: Smells like teen spirit (Live) - The Top Of The Pops Show 11/28/1991 The Gothic Version
05: Rape Me (Live) - Detroit, Michigan 10/11/1991
06: Pay To Play (Live) - Lincoln, Nebraska 5/14/1990
07: Scoff (Live) - Newcastle, England 10/23/1989
08: Love Buzz (Live) - Newcastle, England 10/23/1989
09: Floyd The Barber (Live) - Newcastle, England 10/23/1989
10: Here She Comes Now (Live) - Lincoln, Nebraska 5/14/1990
11: D7 (Live) - Reading, England 8/30/1992
12: Drain You (Studio) - Dressed For Success Demo
13: About A Girl (Studio) - Dressed For Success Demo
14: Lithium (Live) - Vancouver, BC 3/8/1990
15: Blew (Studio) - 12/24/1988
16: All Apologies (Live) - Newcastle, England 12/2/1991
17: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/My Sharona (Live) - Rennes, France 2/16/1994
18: Verse Chorus Verse (Live) - Rennes, France 2/16/1994
19: Bambi Slaughter (Studio) - Dressed For Success Demo
20: Clean Up Before She Comes (Studio) - Dressed For Success Demo
21: Black And White Blues (Live) - An Instrumental From 1989
22: Montage Of Heck / The Landlord Part I
23: Montage Of Heck / The Landlord Part II

NIRVANA - Outcesticide V - Disintegration (cdr)
1. Asking For It
2. Love Buzz
3. Verse Chorus Verse (aka In His Hands)
4. Lithium
5. Rape Me
6. On A Plain
7. Stain
8. School
9. Molly's Lips
10. Aneurysm
11. Love Buzz
12. Floyd The Barber
13. Downer
14. Mexican Seafood
15. White Lace And Strange
16. Spank Thru
17. Suicide Samurai
18. Hairspray Queen
19. Pen Cap Chew
20. More Than A Feeling
21. My Best Friend's Girl
22. You Know You're Right (aka On The Mountain, aka Autopilot, aka You Got No Right)
# 1 Hole demo from Live Through This sessions, Kurt backing vocals (93)
# 2 VPRO Hilversum Radio Session (11/5/89)
# 3 from soundcheck, Hollywood (8/17/90)
# 4-5 Barcelona, Spain (2/9/94)
# 6-7 soundcheck, MTV studios, NYC (1/10/92)
# 8-10 unaired, MTV studios, NYC (1/10/92)
# 11-19 KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Olympia, WA (4/17/87)
# 20 Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK (8/30/92)
# 21 Terminal Einz, Munich, Germany (3/1/94)
# 22 Chicago (10/23/93)

Nirvana - Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, Oct 31 -91 "Trick or Treat" KTS
(FM). 19 tracks, 70:37, 1 CDR. A+
1. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam / 2. Aneurysm / 3. Drain You / 4. School / 5. Floyd The Barber / 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit / 7. About A Girl / 8. Polly / 9. Breed / 10. Sliver / 11. Love Buzz / 12. Lithium / 13. Been A Son / 14. Negative Creep / 15. On A Plain / 16. Blew / 17. Rape Me / 18. Territorial Pissings / 19. Endless, Nameless

Nirvana - "The Complete Radio Sessions 1989-92", radio broadcasts
21 tracks, 72:26, 1 CDR. A+/A.
1 Love Buzz / 2 About A Girl / 3 Polly / 4 Spanks Thru / 5 Son Of A Gun / 6 Molly's Lips / 7 D-7 / 8 Turnaround / 9 Dumb / 10 Drain You / 11 Endless-Nameless / 12 Been A Sun / 13 Punk Rock Polly / 14 Aneurysm / 15 Something In The Way / 16 Here She Comes Now / 17 Where Did You Sleep Last Night / 18 Drain You / 19 Polly / 20 Territorial Pissings / 21 Rape Me [tease]/Lithium
1-4 Maida Vale, London 89-10-26
5-8 Maida Vale, London 89-10-21
9-11 Maida Vale, London 91-09-03
12-15 Maida Vale, London 91-11-05
16-17 Hilversum, Holland 91-11-24
18-20 MTV Studios 92-01-10
21 MTV Awards 92-09-10

NIRVANA 22.01.1993 Ariola Ltda BMG, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Length: 38m
Tracks: Heart-Shaped Box / Scentless Apprentice / Milk It / Moist Vagina / Very Ape / Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Down The Strip / Unknown ("Death certificate") / Meat (Dave Grohl song) / Seasons In The Sun (Terry Jacks cover)
Notes: Very cool pre-In Utero session, with early versions of tracks that ended up on the album, plus some unreleased stuff. There are some audio problems in "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol".. but most Nirvana fans probably already have that track seeing as it was a bonus track on import copies of In Utero. At the time of this writing (ie, before that box set that's supposed to come out soon), that is the only track from this session to be released anywhere. Apparently this recording mysteriously cropped up in 2002 via mp3s.

Nirvana - 12/13/93 (AKA 12/15 or 12/17) Pier 48, Seattle, WA
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter / Drain You / Breed / Serve the Servants / Rape Me / Heart-Shaped Box / Pennyroyal Tea / Scentless Apprentice / Lithium / Sounds of Destortion
Notes- performance from MTV's Live N Loud. Recording from "All Acoustically" boot cd on KTS records. Don't let the name fool you, it's an electric performance.

NO DOUBT: Demo Tape. 1988 - 15:27 cdr
Up Yours
Groovin` Time
Where`s Your Lovin`
Dear John
notes: Copy of a cdr made from an original copy of the tape. This is the long out-of-print first official demo tape of No Doubt. Instead the 6 bandmembers these days, No Doubt had at that time 9 bandmembers.

Of Montreal - 2/11/06 Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA [dvd]
01) Rapture Rapes The Muses
02) So Begins Our Alabee
03) Suffer For Fashion
04) Forecast Fascist Future
05) You've Got A Gift
06) Eros'Entropic Tundra
07) My British Tour Diary
08) Disconnect The Dots
09) Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
10) Cato As A Pun
11) More Noir Blues And Tinnitus
12) Don't Ask Me To Explain
13) Lysergic Bliss
14) Requiem For O.M.M.2
15) Voltaic Crusher/Undrum To Muted Da
16) Chrissy Kiss The Corpse
17) Oslo In The Summertime
18) I Was Never Young
19) The Party's Crashing us
20) E:) The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
21) Tired Of Waiting For You
22) Spike The Senses
23) The Repudiated Immortals
Audio: Neumann KM-184(DIN)> Lunatec V2> Nomad Jukebox 3
Video: Sony DCR-TRV530 + Sony DCR-TRV22
Audio/Video/Editing by Sloan Simpson

Oingo Boingo rarities
Disc1 (compilation and soundtrack rarities)
1. I'm Afraid (1978 L.A.IN comp)
2. Aint This The Life (live from Urgh! A Music War)
3. Goodbye Goodbye (Fast Times At Ridgemont High)
4. Better Luck Next Time (Last American Virgin)
5. Bachelor Party (film title song)
6. Something Isn't Right (from Bachelor Party)
7. Happy (Summer School theme song)
8. Take Your Medicine (1985 Live For Life Cancer Benefit comp)
9. Mama (Boi-Ngo in a Box version)
10. Nothing To Fear (Farewell concert, not on official CD)
11. Just Another Day (Farewell concert, not on official CD)
12. Gimme A Break (live at Madame Wong's 1979)
13. Commando Girls (live at Madame Wong's 1979)
14. Lap Of Luxury (live at Madame Wong's 1979)
15. Vultures (studio demo cut from 1994 Boingo album)
16. Water (studio demo cut from 1994 Boingo album)
Disc 2 (more demos and such)
1. Louise (unused Only A Lad album demo)
2. Teenage Monster (unused Only A Lad album demo)
3. California Girls (unused Only A Lad album demo) [yes, that "California Girls"!]
4. Cinderella Undercover (unused Only A Lad album demo)
5. Open Eyes (unused Only A Lad album demo)
6. Hold Me Back (unreleased film soundtrack song)
7. Lost Like This (demo for 1983 Good For Your Soul) [yes, that "Lost Like This"!]
8. Rawhide (live) [yes, that "Rawhide"!]
9. Inside (unused demo for 1987 Boi-Ngo)
10. Find You (unused demo for 1987 Boi-Ngo)
11. Remember My Name (unused demo for 1987 Boi-Ngo)
12. We Did It There (live unreleased song 1993)
13. Kiss My Ass (live unreleased 1994)
Notes: Very cool stash of rare tracks. The guy I got these from say, "Quality on these things varies but it tends to be A for most of it. In any case I have the best copies available on this stuff and I have even made copies for a member of the band."

Olivia Tremor Control - live late '96 or early '97 - cdr
1. intro talking
2. California Demise pt. 3
3. A Sunshine Fix
4. Spring Succeeds
5. Sylvan Screen
6. Green Typewriters (track #14, Cathedral)
7. I'm Not Feeling Human
8. Jumping Fences
9. Holiday Surprise 1
10. Holiday Surprise 2
11. Holiday Surprise 3
12. Mystery (false start)
13. Mystery
14. Suite One: Memories of Jacqueline 1906/The Giant Day/Outer Themes/
15. Green Typewriters (track #15, Wake Up)
16. The Opera House
17. Courtyard
18. Shaving Spiders
Notes: I don't know where/when this show was, but they say, "It's the first night of the tour, so we're a little rusty." Possibly from Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, N.C. April 22, 1997. Decent audience recording.

Olivia Tremor Control - 5/5/97 Vintage Vinyl in-store, St. Louis, MO
1. spring succeeds
2. banter
3. marking time
4. courtyard
5. banter
6. mystery
7. green typewriters
8. curtain call pt 1
9. banter
10. no growing
11. define a transparent dream
12. the gypsum oilfield fire
13. california demise
14. banter
15. nyc-25
16. sunshine fix
filler {22:45}
17. airplaine avenue (from private release cassette)
18. the gypsum oilfield fire (from split single w/ Apples in Stereo)
19. the king of claws (from split single w/ Apples in Stereo)
20. the ships (from succour comp)
21. green typewriters (from jumping fences uk single)
Notes: from mp3s.

Olivia Tremor Control - 5/6/97 Barrister's, Memphis, TN
no tracklist. my copy is a from the taper.

* Live in San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill - October 17, 1997
1. Take the time To Turn Around
2. Sunshine Fix
3. Define a Transparent Dream
4. Jumping Fences
5. Sylvan Screen
6. Green Typewriters pt. 3 (track #14, Cathedral)
7. Not Feeling Human
8. A Sleepy Company
9. A Place We Have Been To
10. Mystery
11. California Demise 3
[^^^ incomplete show.. missing last few songs]
* Live in Chicago, IL @ Lounge Ax - May 1, 1997
12. Spring Succeeds
13. Define a Transparent Dream
14. Suite One:
-memories of jacqueline 1906
-the giant day
-outer themes
-green typewriters
15. Jumping Fences
16. California Demise 3
17. Take the Time to Turn Around
18. Sunshine Fix
19. Sylvan Screen
20. Green Typewriters (track #14, Cathedral)
21. Not Feeling Human
22. Holiday Surprise 1,2,3
notes- from mp3s.

OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL 08/18/1998 The Garage, London, England 68:03
California Demise 3/Define A Transparent Dream/The Sylvan Screen/Green Typewriters Pt.3/NotFeeling Human/?/The Opera House/No Growing (Exegesis)/Hideaway/A Familiar Noise Called Train Director/Spring Succeeds/Take The Time To Turn Around/A New Day/Memories Of Jacqueline 1906/Jumping Fences/Can You Come Down WithUs/ Courtyard/Holiday Surprise 1,2,3 (cut)
Notes: trade with taper for cdr direct from DAUD Sony Minidisc master. End cut on master.

OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL 7/29/05 Subteranean, Chicago, IL 2cdr
(don't have the setlist right now)
Notes: nice soundboard + audience hybrid, received directly from the taper.

the orbital play the reptile haus
grand rapids, mi july 2nd, 1996
total running time:110:00
1. Somewhere, out there 1&2
2. lush 3-n
3. the world is burning
4. Dwr bdr
5. P>E>T>R>O>L>
6. satan
7. the box 1&2
8. halcyon + on +on
9. forever
10. chime
11. the girl with the sun in her head
Notes: Soundboard recording directly to MiniDisc, transfered to cd-r. The MiniDisc recorder was having a bad day, resulting in a few areas badly infected with skips. But most of the time the recording sounds excellent.

Ozzy Osbourne - Ultimate Rarities. 3 cdr set
Walk On Water
Living With The Enemy
The Whole Worlds Falling Down
Voodoo Dancer
Back On Earth
Don't Blame Me
Party With The Animals
The Liar
I Don't Want To Be Fooled No More
Spiders In The Night (Demo)
You Looking At Me
One Up On The Side
You Said It All (Live)
The Urpney Song (W/Frank Bruno)
Born To Be Wild (W/Miss Piggy)
Led Clones (W/Gary Moore)
Bombers Can Open Bomb Bays (W/Ward)
Jacksland (W/Ward)
Purple Haze (W/Lenny Kravitz)
Blue Suede Shoes (W/Black Sabbath)
Staying Alive (W/Dweezil Zappa)
Crazy Train Dance Remix (W/Madonna)
Pictures of Matchstick Men (W/Type O Negative)
Shock The Monkey (W/Coal Chamber)
Nowhere to Run (W/Dirty Bastard)
This Means War Iron Man (W/Busta Rhymes)
Therapy (W/Infectious Grooves)
N.I.B. (w/Primus)
Ain't No Nice Guy (W/Motorhead)
Hey Stupid (W/Alice Cooper)
Speak For Yourself (W/Gary Moore)
Buried Alive (W/Rick Wakeman)
Vertical Man (W/Ringo Starr)
She Drives Me Crazy (W/Miss Piggy)
Wont Be Coming Home
Close My Eyes Forever (W/Lita Ford)
Shake Your Head Let's Go To Bed (W/Kim Basinger)
Mrs. J
All Moving Parts Stand Still (W/Black Sabbath)
Notes: Why do I have this? Because a friend of mine is a big Ozzy fan.. he put this collection together to sell on ebay, but when the auction was unsuccessful, he gave it to me instead. I think a lot of the songs are from MP3s.

PALLLLAP -- 10-02-2001 Casbah, San Diego 40m cdr
2. After The Ladder
Notes- solo show of Pall Jenkins, of Black Heart Procession and Three Mile Pilot fame. Short show because he was the opening band. A couple BHP songs plus some new unreleased stuff of his own. A couple songs he sang while a CD played. And the others were him and his guitar, plus some saw and other various weird noises. Cool show for palindrome fans (the band name and the date are the same coming and going).

PAVEMENT <- click there

Paw 05/13/93 PC 69, Bielefeld, Germany 37m
1. Gasoline (first few seconds are cut off)
2. Sleeping Bag (first part)
3. Sleeping Bag (continued)
4. The Bridge
5. Jessie
6. Sunflower
7. Lolita
8. Pansy
9. Hard Pig
source: aud>CS (unknown gen.) > CDr
notes- opening for Monster Magnet. volume fluctuates a bit in the first song.
Note to self: i've got this on a data dvd along with some Hum shows and a Rilo Kiley video.

Paw 08/??/93 BBC session, London, UK, Evening Session 16m
1. Couldn't Know
2. Jessie
3. Lolita
4. Sunflower
notes: DJ talks over the songs a little.

Paw - 9/23/93 Christiana, Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark - 36:28
1. Gasoline
2. Sleeping Bag
3. The Bridge
4. Couldn't Know
5. Sunflower
6. Lolita
7. Jessie
8. Pansy
Notes: opening for Therapy. some minor sound problems (especially in 1st song), but pretty good overall.

PAW 10/5/93 Paris france Arapaho [***] 42:42
1. intro
2. Gasoline
3. The Bridge
4. Sleeping Bag
5. Sunflower
6. Lolita
7. Jessie
8. Pansy
9. Hard Pig
Source: tape (AU Aa WmD3 + Pc62) > ? > cdr

Paw - Dec 03 1993
Philadelphia, PA, JC Dobbs
NTSC Audience DVD, Ripped by Daemonicus
01. Cowpoke (joined in progess)
02. Hard Pig
03. One More Bottle
04. Dragline
05. Sleeping Bag
06. Couldn't Know
07. The Bridge
08. Jessie
09. Lolita
10. Pansy
Notes: Decent quality picture and sound. DVD has Menu and chapters, artwork included.
Technical details, if you care about that stuff:
NTSC Audience DVD. Ripped by Daemonicus
Video: 2nd Gen Maxell HGX-Gold VHS ("Cowpoke" has a couple tracking issues, but the rest of the show is in good shape. Red level reduced 7% and brightness increased 6%) Toshiba 6 Head HiFi VCR > S Video Out > Canopus ADVC100 > Premiere > Canopus Procoder 2 (2pass 7200 avg; 5500 min - 8000 max) > DVDLab Pro >Video_TS Folder > You
Audio: Slightly hollow and tinny. 2 Channel Dolby Digital AC3 @ 448 kbps. EQ'd in Cool Edit Pro 2 to bring out more low end.

PAW 12/3/93 Philadelphia, PA, JC Dobbs - 52 minutes
1. cowpoke (joined in progess)
2. hard pig (extended ending with Mark singing lyrics apparently from some other song)
3. "we've been on tour for about 8 months now, so..." (technical difficulties/jam)
4. one more bottle
5. dragline
6. sleeping bag
7. couldn't know
8. the bridge
9. jessie
10. lolita
11. pansy
Notes: this recording starts off pretty weird/poor. Sounds like the taper arrived late, then put the tape recorder in his pocket, maybe while he bought a drink or something? But then in the middle of "one more bottle", he seems to pull it out, and the quality improves. There's a small cut near the end of "lolita".. i think from the tape flip.
Source: tape (unknown gen) > SoundForge > CDWav > cdr
I think this is a different source than the dvd of this show (ie, not just an audio line-out of the video), though I couldn't say for sure.

Paw - 12/13/93 Baton Rouge, LA
1. gasoline
2. the bridge
3. couldn't know
4. sleeping bag
5. sunflower
6. one more bottle
7. cowpoke
8. lolita
9. jessie
10. pansy [cut]
Source: tape (unknown gen) > SoundForge > CDWav > cdr

PAW 4/21/94 Austin Texas Soundways in-store [***] 16m cdr
01 intro 02 couldn't know 03 cowpoke 04 Jesse
Notes- stripped down in-store show. kinda cool, but the guitar sounds a little out of tune to me.
Source: DAT > tape (unknown gen) > cdr

Paw - 4/23/94 Goat's Head Soup, Houston, TX - 73min
1. gasoline
2. the bridge
3. sleeping bag
4. dragline
5. suicide shift
6. one more bottle
7. couldn't know
8. hard pig
9. cowpoke
10. lolita
11. jessie
12. pansy
13. sunflower
14. veronica
15. school
Notes: Long show of the band in their heyday. Unfortunately, the sound quality is rather ass. The bass/drums thump way too much. And the crowd noise is too much at times. But, being a big Paw fan, I love this show, regardless. They do most of the Dragline album, plus a couple rare tracks, a new (at the time) song, and a Nirvana cover.
Source: DAT > tape (unknown gen) > SoundForge > CDWav > cdr

Paw - Death to Traitors demos
early 1995
Lawrence, KS
86 minutes
lineage: studio -> ? -> DAT (48kHz) -> Sony 59ES -> PC Digital Audio Input ->
resampling to 44.1kHz and track starts using Soundforge 8.0 -> CDR
* = unreleased song, unconfirmed title
1. (studio banter, "we're rolling, boys")
2. Remora (take 1)
3. (studio banter, "what is going on?")
4. Remora (take 2)
5. (studio banter, "tape's rolling, ladies")
6. 30 Days (take 1, false start)
7. (studio banter, "seems kinda short that way")
8. 30 Days (take 2)
9. (studio banter, "next")
10. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man* (false start)
11. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man*
12. Glue Mouth Kid
13. Sweet Sally Brown (take 1)
14. Max The Silent
15. Hope I Die Tonight
16. Seasoned Glove
17. Sweet Sally Brown (take 2)
18. Built Low
19. Learn To See*
20. Year of the Locust*
21. Texas (Mark's alternate version)
22. Lost Highway*
23. Death to Traitors
24. Badger
--disc 2--
1. Swollen
2. Goodbye Dress*
3. Sunflower
4. Peach
5. Cowpoke
6. Suicide Shift
7. Jessie (acoustic)
8. Slow Burn (odor chair session)
-BBC Evening Session, August 1993
9. Couldn't Know
10. Jessie
11. Lolita
12. Sunflower
-9/23/93 Christiana, Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark - 36:28
Notes: opening for Therapy. some minor sound problems (especially in 1st song), but pretty good.
13. Gasoline
14. Sleeping Bag
15. The Bridge
16. Couldn't Know
17. Sunflower
18. Lolita
19. Jessie
20. Pansy

PAW - 7/4/95 Bryant Park, New York, NY {44:41} [**]
1. Jessie
2. Sleeping Bag
3. Seasoned Glove
4. Hope I Die Tonight
5. The Bridge
6. Swollen
7. ? (intro) / Lolita
8. Lolita (continuted)
9. Couldn't Know
10. Pansy
Notes: lots of crowd talking.

PAW 10/5/95 Austin Texas Emo's (outdoor stage) [***] cdr
01 pansy
02 swollen
03 seasoned glove
04 dragline
05 couldn't know
06 sunflower
07 gold dust woman/lolita
08 hope I die
09 sleeping bag
10 built low
11 Jesse
12 no such luck
13 the bridge
14 school
Source: tape (unknown gen) > ? > cdr

PAW 11/25/95 Livid Festival, Brisbane, Australia (radio broadcast) [***+] 27m cdr
1. lolita
2. sleeping bag
3. jessie
4. no such luck
5. hard pig
6. school (nirvana cover)
Source: radio broadcast > ? > MP3 > SoundForge > CDWav > cdr

Paw - Dayton '96
DATE: 1/6/96 (sometimes also listed as 1/26/96.. I'm not sure which is correct)
LOCATION: Memorial Hall, Dayton, OH
SOURCE: audio (audience)
TRACKLIST: Sunflower, Sleeping Bag, Hope I Die Tonight, Seasoned Glove, Couldn't Know, Built Low, Texas, Lolita, Jessie, School
NOTES: Opening for Tesla.
Note to self: i've got this on a data dvd along with some Hum shows and a Rilo Kiley video.

Paw - 02/07/96 Irving Plaza, New York, NY
01 Sunflower
02 Couldn't know
03 Hope I die tonight
04 Seasoned glove
05 Sleeping bag
06 Built low
07 Texas
08 Gold dust woman/Lolita
09 No such luck
10 Jesse
Notes: a dude singing along loudly kinda ruins the first song. Opening for Tesla.
Note to self: i've got this on a data dvd along with some Hum shows and a Rilo Kiley video.

Paw - 3/2/96 Nightmoves, Johnson City, TN {46min}
1. sunflower
2. couldn't know
3. seasoned glove
4. hope i die tonight
5. sleeping bag
6. lolita
7. the bridge
8. no such luck
9. pansy
10. jessie
Notes: Mark's 27th birthday. solid show.
Source: tape (unknown gen) > SoundForge > CDWav > cdr

PAW - 3/8/96 Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL {44:33} [**+]
1. Sunflower
2. Couldn't Know
3. Seasoned Glove
4. Hope I Die Tonight
5. Sleeping Bag
6. ? (intro) / Lolita
7. The Bridge
8. Pansy
9. Jessie
Notes: Grant's birthday.

PAW - 5/9/98 Kansas City Spirit Festival, Lazer New Rock Amphitheatre
[CD1] {44:18}
Sleeping Bag
One Handed In The Redroom
Couldn't Know
Seasoned Glove
Street Justice
The Bridge
[CD2] {36:38}
No Such Luck
One More Bottle
notes: mp3 sourced. An excellent show with many songs rarely performed live. 'Street Justice' is a Twisted Sister cover, 'Pansy' has Public Enemy lyrics midway through and while Paw are playing an Instrumental towards the end, Hennessy recites the lyrics from Pink Floyd's 'Mother'.

PAW - 7/24/2000 Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
Ruby Red
One Handed In The Redroom
The Bridge
Built Low
Blow Wind
Hope I Die Tonight
Sleeping Bag
Hard Pig
Home Is A Strange Place
Couldn't Know
Betty and Mike
No Such Luck
notes: mp3 sourced. This show featured more songs for the imminent EP release, Home is a Strange Place. plus a rare performance of 'Texas' and the unreleased 'Betty & Mike'

Paw - "Home Is A Strange Place" early mixes
1. Ruby Red / One Handed In The Red Room
2. Blow Wind
3. Naiad
4. Home Is A Strange Place
5. Two Brothers
6. St. Jude
Notes: This is a rough/early mix of the band's 2000 EP, with a couple unreleased tracks that didn't make it on the official release. (source: 128k mp3s.. best circulating source)
7. Ruby Red
8. One Handed In The Red Room
9. Blow Wind
10. Into The Woods
11. Naiad
12. Home Is A Strange Place
13. Oily Rags
Notes: These are slightly different mixes from a rare promo CD that Koch records put out prior to the CD's official release. (source: 320k mp3s from CD)

PAW - rarities collection - 80m cdr
(from the two 7" singles released on Nasty Pope Records. These are different than Dragline versions:)
1. Sleeping Bag
2. Hard Pig
3. Lolita
4. One More Bottle
5. I Know Where You Sleep (Dragline out-take)
(Odor Chair Sessions:)
6. Slow Burn
7. Suicide Shift
8. Imaginary Lover (Atlanta Rhthym Section cover)
9. 30 Days
(BBC Radio One Sessions:)
10. Pansy
11. Sleeping Bag
12. Gasoline
13. Slow Burn
14. The Bridge
(above recorded live at the BBC in London...first broadcast November 7th 1993)
15. Jessie (acoustic) on WERS-FM Boston
16. Surrender (Cheap Trick cover)...from the "S.F.W." soundtrack
17. Remora
18. Cowpoke (from the UK version of Death To Traitors)
From the "Hope I Die Tonight" promo CD single:
19. School (Nirvana cover)
20. Kid Cotton
21. Street Justice (Twisted Sister cover)
Notes: Great collection. includes every officially released rare track. The guy I got this from put it together himself..
Source: All taken direct from the original CD, (or vinyl, in the case of the Nasty Pope singles and I think some of the BBC tracks which were only released on vinyl.)

1. footsteps (acoustic, nov. 1st 1992 in CA)
2. daughter (acoustic, nov. 1st 1992 in CA)
3. angel (acoustic, nov. 1st 1992 in CA)
4. alive (The complete mtv unplugged sessions)
5. black (The complete mtv unplugged sessions)
6. jeremy (The complete mtv unplugged sessions)
7. porch (The complete mtv unplugged sessions)
8. state of love and trust (The complete mtv unplugged sessions)
9. even flow (The complete mtv unplugged sessions)
10. master of war (tribute to bob dylan at the Madison Square Garden oct. 16th 1993)
11. let me sleep (it's christmas time)
12. whipping (demo)
13. hard to imagine (demo)
14. hold me (san diego nov 2nd 1993)
15. fuckin' up (Rotterdam july 16th, 1993)
16. sonic reducer (demo)
17. the park where i play the pope (usa 1993)
18. improv 1 (usa 1993)
19. improv 2 (usa 1993)
20. footsteps (usa 1993)

Pearl Jam 8/23/91 Seattle, WA (dvd)
Once, State of Love and Trust, Even Flow, Garden, Alive, Black

Pearl Jam: Bridge School Acoustic Concert
Venue : Shoreline Ampitheatre: Mountainview, CA 10/1/94
Sound : B+ (DAT Audience).. bootlegged on Banzai Records [BZCD 043]
Tracks :
1. Walking The Cow
2. Elderly Woman
3. Corduroy
4. Daughter/(American Pie)
5. Black
6. Footsteps
7. Yellow Ledbetter
8. Let Me Sleep
9. Piece Of Crap (w/Neil Young)

Pearl Jam - No Fuckin' Messiah
1. not for you (Saturday Night Live april 16th 1994)
2. rearview mirror (Saturday Night Live april 16th 1994)
3. daughter (Saturday Night Live april 16th 1994)
4. sitting on the dock of the bay (live with steve cropper. Murfreesboro, TN 3/26/94)
5. angel (demo)
6. i've got feeling (demo - beatles cover)
7. alone (demo)
8. betterman (live in atlanta april 4 1994)
9. satan's bed (live in atlanta april 4 1994)
10. crazy mary (with victoria williams, UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA 11/17/93)
11. last exit (live in CA october 1993)
12. elderly woman behind the counter in a small town (live in july of 1993)
13. i won't back down (march 9th 1993[1994?]-eddie all by himself with just his acoustic guitar)
14. wash (live in a small club in paris)
15. alive (live in a small club in paris)
16. black (live in a small club in paris)
17. porch (live in a small club in paris)

Petty, Tom 1999-04-23 Hamburg Docks - Hamburg, Germany 2cdr
CD I: {71m}
1- Around & Around
2- Jammin' Me
3- Running Down A Dream
4- Breakdown
5- Call Me The Breeze
6- Swingin'
7- Don't Do Me Like That
8- Diamond Head
9- Mary Jane's Last Dance
10- I Won't Back Down
11- Listen To Her Heart
12- Green Onions
13- It's Good To Be King
CD II: {73:40}
1- Lucille
2- Little Maggie
3- Lay Down That Old Guitar
4- Walls
5- Angel Dream
6- For What's It's Worth
7- Room At The Top
8- Guitar Boogie Shuffle
9- American Girl
10- Honey Bee
11- I Don't Want To Fight
12- You Wreck Me
13- Encore: Free Girl Now
14- Free Fallin'
16- Learning To Fly
Notes- very nice radio (or TV?) broadcast (no DJ talking or station ID's). A couple little skips (or reception problems?) in the recording, but just about perfect otherwise.
Source: sb>fm>dat>cdr

Phantom Planet - 04/03/02 Magic Stick, Detriot, MI - 43min
1 shadows
2 in our darkest hour
3 apply yourself
4 can't take it / recently distressed
5 always on my mind
6 the happy ending
7 the guest
8 nobody's fault
9 wishing well
10 california
11 all over again
NOTES: Opening for Guided By Voices.

Pinback - 2/27/00 Koo's Cafe, Santa Ana, CA (cdr made from 1st gen tape) 74m
1. Versailles
2. Charborg
3. Avignon
4. Tripoli
5. Hurley
6. Shag
7. B
8. Messenger
9. Your Sickness
10. Loro
11. Rousseau (cut off at very end)
12. Manchuria
13. This Train
14. West
+ post-show conversation & helping pack up
notes- the actual show is about an hour or so long.

Pinback - Casbah, San Diego 10/28/00
1. Versailles
2. Charborg
3. Avignon
4. Hurley
5. Tripoli
6. Shag
7. Victorious D
8. Messenger
9. Prog
10. Loro
11. Rousseau
12. Manchuria
13. This Train
14. West
filler: "Live in Donny's Garage" (tour-only ep)
15. Avignon
16. Shag
17. Crutch
18. Hurley
19. Tripoli
20. Rouseeau
21. This Train
notes- with Cameron Jones on drums (10/28/00). The soundman was MIA for this show, so that was kinda wacky, but Pall (from BHP/3MP) filled in for him a few times.

Pinback - 12/23/00 Casbah, San Diego - 63m cdr
1. -
2. ?
3. Avignon
4. Charborg
5. Victorious D
6. Hurley
7. Tripoli
8. Concrete Seconds
9. Shag
10. Prog
11. B
12. Loro
13. Rousseau
14. Manchuria
15. This Train
16. West
filler: Rob Crow solo recordings (from mp3s)
17. who takes my recyclables?
18. not it
19. scoutmaster1
20. scoutmaster2
21. ode to tile
22. p said to sing about florida
23. speedy delivery
24. crik
25. torrential
Notes: i was very close to the stage for this show, so the vocals are low in the mix.. not too bad, though. Tom on drums.

pinback 12/29/00 Bottom of the Hill, san francisco 80m video
Concrete Seconds
Victorious D
This Train
Notes: very nice quality video and sound (a too much little crowd talking, but not that bad). my copy is from the master video.

Pinback - The Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA, 12.13.2003, 80m cdr
1. West
2. Tres
3. Chaos Engine
4. Hurley
5. Concrete Seconds
6. Tripoli
7. Nova
8. Fortress
9. Loro
10. Trap
11. Offline P.K.
12. X.I.Y.
13. Talby
14. Anti-Hu
15. Microtonic Wave
16. Penelope
17. June
Notes: awesome audience recording.
Source: DAT (2 condenser mics) > Soundforge [hyperprism's harmonic exciter (direct-x plugin)] > CDR

portishead play the industry
pontiac, mi april 27, 1995
total running time: 57:44
1.rollerball:hip hop interlude 9:12
2.soundtrack 0:48
3.instrumental 2:40
4.numb 4:28
5.mysterons 6:25
6.morning air 4:35
7.strangers 4:51
8.wandering star 4:37
9.over 3:33
10. ? 5:00
11. ? 4:27
12.sour times 7:00
Notes: audience minidisc recording.

Radiohead: "Under Construction" demos -- On A Friday + Demos/Live cdr 71m
Tracks 1-8 On A Friday demos; Tracks 9-19 various demos & live
1. What Is That You Say?
2. Stop Whispering
3. Give It Up
4. I Can't
5. Nothing Touches Me
6. Thinking About You
7. Phillipa Chicken
8. You
9. Bends (4 Track Demo)
10. Nice Dream (Demo)
11. Just (Acoustic Demo?)
12. Fake Plastic Trees (Live 21-Feb-95)
13. Street Spirit (Live 21-Feb-95)
14. Lucky (Acoustic @ Rockville, MA, 10-Apr-96)
15. Lift (Live Pinkpop Festival, 25-May-96)
16. An Airbag Saved My Life (Dec-95)
17. No Surprises (Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, 4-Dec-95 [Early Lyrics])
18. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Acoustic @ Rockville, MA, 10-Apr-96)
19. Subterranean Homesick Alien (johnny walker show, 3-Jun-95)
NOTES: tracks 1-3 from the 1st On A Friday demo, Apr 1991, tracks 4-8 from the 2nd On A Friday demo, Oct 1991, track 9 from the Long Live Tibet cd, track 10 from Volume 13 cd, track 11 acoustic demo 1995 [possibly GLR session], tracks 12-13 from the 2nd black session, 21-Feb-95, tracks 14+18 from Omega studios, Rockville, MA, 10-Apr-96, track 15 from The Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands, 25-May-96, track 16 from [?]XFM Studios, London, Dec-95, track 17 from The Paradiso, Amsterdam, 4-Dec-95, track 19 from the johnny walker show, BBC radio 1, 3-Jun-95.

Radiohead- Glastonbury '97, UK 6/28/97
1. My Iron Lung 2. Planet Telex 3. Exit Music (For A Film) 4. Paranoid Android 5. Karma Police 6. No Surprises 7. Just 8. Fake Plastic Trees 9. Creep 10. High & Dry 11. Street Spirit (Fade Out) Notes- this recording is taken from a CD which was given to radio stations for broadcast. Awesome quality.. only down side is the f-word in Creep is censored.

Radiohead - "Total waste of time" rarities cdr
1 polyethylene 1 & 2
2 banana co
4-21-1995, villa 65 session, vpro radio, netherlands
3 subterranean homesick alien (acoustic)
4 maquiladora
5 lovesick punchdrunk singalong
12-1-1995, The Gino, Stockholm, Sweden
6 bishop's robes (live)
7 meeting in the aisle
3-22-1996, vancouver radio session
8 blow out (acoustic)
9 yes i am
10 coke babies
11 the bends (4-track demo)
12 permanent daylight
1995 acoustic session
13 you (acoustic)
14 climbing up the walls (fila brazillia mix)
12-17-1995, Universal Ampitheater, LA
15 nobody does it better
16 india rubber

RADIOHEAD, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 8, 2000
1. Morning Bell
2. Lucky
3. My Iron Lung
4. In Limbo
5. Fake Plastic Trees
6. You And Whose Army?
7. Climbing Up The Walls
8. No Surprises
9. Dollars And Cents
10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
11. Airbag
Notes: great FM recording.

RADIOHEAD - 10/2/00 Victoria Park - Warrington, U.K
01 National Anthem
02 Morning Bell
03 Karma Police
04 In Limbo
05 Paranoid Android
06 Permanent Daylight
07 Pyramid Song
08 Street Spirit (fade out)
09 Climbing Up the Walls
10 Dollar and Cents
11 Lucky
12 Idioteque
13 Just
14 Everything In Its Right Place
15 Exit Music (For a Film)
16 The Thief (Can cover)
Notes: recommended! Pleasure to deal with! A+++
A couple flaws near the end of the show, but otherwise perfect soundboard recording.

Location: Paris - NPA Canal+ TV Show, 28.04.2001
Length: 60:16
Soundquality: Excellent
Source: Soundboard (md>cdr)
Tracklist: Morning Bell / National Anthem / You And Whose Army / Packt Like Sardines / Dollars & Cents / How To Disappear Completely / I Might Be Wrong / Knives Out / In Limbo / Pyramid Song / Idioteque / Everything In Its Right Place / Motion Picture Soundtrack

Radiohead: 08.07.01 at Madison Square Garden; NYC, NY - 2 discs
The National Anthem
Morning Bell
My Iron Lung
Karma Police
Knives Out
Permanent Daylight
Climbing Up the Walls
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
Fake Plastic Trees
I Might Be Wrong
Follow Me Around
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
-disc 2-
Everything in its Right Place
You and Whose Army?
How to Disappear Completely
Talk Show Host
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Exit Music (for a Film)
notes: some skipping here and there, but good for the most part.

(Radiohead) Thom Yorke, Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheatre, CA, October 26 & 27, 2002 (AUD A) - 68m cdr
1. intro
2. everything in its right place
3. i might be wrong
4. sail to the moon
5. like spinning plates
6. there, there
7. pyramid song
8. lucky
9. after the gold rush [neil young cover]
10. intro
11. street spirit
12. morning bell
13. nice dream
14. i might be wrong
15. sail to the moon
16. like spinning plates
17. true love waits
18. paranoid android

Radiohead - Live @ Electric Lady Studios
New York, New York USA
June 4th, 2003
Source: 92.3 KROCK (WXRK New York) Radio Broadcast
Transfer: Radio > VHS > SBLive! > Cool Edit Pro v2.00 > WAV > SHN > CDR
time: 43:18
01 Intro
02 I Might Be Wrong
03 Sail To The Moon
04 Go To Sleep (False Start)
05 Go To Sleep
06 Punchup At A Wedding
07 No Suprises (False Start)
08 No Suprises
09 I Will
10 There, There
11 Everything In Its Right Place
12 Karma Police

RADIOHEAD - various TV stuff. (..i have on video, and also transferred to cdr)
'93 "Creep" MTV Spring Break '93 [****+] 5m video/cdr (from officially released master video)
4/16/95 MTV's 120 Minutes [***] 10m video/cdr (1st gen)
7/25/97 "Electioneering" Jay Leno [***+] 5m video/cdr (1st gen)
8/29/97 "Karma Police" Letterman [****+] 5m video/cdr (video master from tv)
10/00 Live in Dublin (MTV) [****] 20m video/cdr (video master from tv.. incomplete)
10/14/00 Saturday Night Live, NY [****+] 8m video/cdr (video master from tv)

Rage Against The Machine / Live At The Quad (1st Official Performance)
10/23/91 Cal State Northridge, CA
total time: 62:58
1. 8:24 Killing In The Name (Instumental)
2. 4:54 Take The Power Back
3. 5:35 Autologic
4. 4:18 Bullet In The Head
5. 5:57 Hit The Deck
6. 3:49 Township Rebellion
7. 4:25 Darkness Of Greed
8. 3:48 Clear The Lane
9. 4:36 Clampdown
10. 4:40 Know Your Enemy
11. 2:05 Freedom
12. 4:25 Bomb Track (Bonus track - 3/8/92 San Luis Obispo)
13. 5:58 Killing In the Name (Bonus track - 3/8/92 San Luis Obispo)
Notes: "Live At The Quad" silver cd > EAC wav > cdr

Red Hot Chili Peppers - MP3s Vol. 1- this is a data disc of the following pepper boots in mp3 format:
Christmas Party '91 (speed corrected) - 12/28/91 Del Mar, CA [****] sbd
Get The Funk Out - Holland 90 & 92 [****] fm
Hamburg Docks - Germany 2/13/92 [**+] aud
Holland 1991 - Pink Pop Festival '90 [***+] fm
Live Magik - Munich, Germany 2/26/92 [***] aud
Plasma Shaft - officially released rarities ep w/BSSM b-sides and stuff
Red Hot & Rainy (part) - unknown show from '91 or '92 [**] aud
Sex Funk (part) - audio from official video "psychedelic sex funk live from heaven" long beach '90
Superfunky - Cleveland 11/89 [***+] fm
plus some various live stuff - '86-'90 [**]
Notes: good quality mp3s (192kbps/44kHz stereo) made directly from the real/silver CDs (except the "various live" stuff, which is mostly rare stuff from tapes). Of course, I can copy this whole disc for you as-is, or transfer part to a regular audio cd if you want.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - MP3s Vol. 2- this is a data disc of the following pepper boots in mp3 format:
Fresh Peppers - Pitt. 3/14/96 + MTV (NY) 2/9/96 [***]
Hey It's Chili Time! - Reading 8/28/94 [****]
Hot Life - Holland 10/16/95 + various filler [****]
Jamming Over Brazil - 1/22/93 [***]
What The Funk? - demos and outtakes 85-88 [***]
plus various b-sides, remixes, live, and other stuff
Notes: good quality mp3s (192kbps/44kHz stereo) made directly from the real/silver CDs (except a couple various live tracks are from low quality mp3s). Of course, I can copy this whole disc for you as-is, or transfer part to a regular audio cd if you want.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - MP3s Vol. 3- this is a data disc of the following pepper boots in mp3 format:
Funkamental - San Diego 4/16/96 [**** - but censored]
Good Thoughts Bad Thoughts - Ohio 10/9/88 [**+]
Gravity - Sydney, Australia 5/15/96 [****]
Lollapalooza '92 - New Orleans 9/4/92 [**+]
Naked Truth - St. Louis, MO 11/24/86 [**+]
No Blood Vessels - Pony Park Ballroom, Omaha, NE 10/20/91 [***]
The Garden - Madison Square Garden, New York City 2/9/96 [***]
plus a few various Californication-era live tracks [*+]
Notes: good quality mp3s (192kbps/44kHz stereo) made directly from the real/silver CDs (except the various Californication-era live tracks which are from low quality mp3s). Of course, I can copy this whole disc for you as-is, or transfer part to a regular audio cd if you want.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - MP3s Vol. 4- this is a data disc of the following pepper boots in mp3 format:
Europe 1987 - Zurich '87 [***]
Out In L.A. - officially released rarities album with their first demo tape plus some b-sides and stuff
Push To Flush - Brussels early '88 [***]
Rock Out With Your Cock Out - Germany '86 [***]
Tokyo Tattoo - Japan '89 or '90 [***+]
Uncensored - Midwest '86 [***]
Vinyl remixes - many old official remixes that haven't been released on CD (i don't think) [***+]
plus various live covers, b-sides and stuff, and acoustic Flea tracks
Notes: good quality mp3s (192kbps/44kHz stereo) made directly from the real/silver CDs (except some of the various live covers & Flea stuff from tape, and of course the vinyl stuff, which was transferred directly from the original records). Of course, I can copy this whole disc for you as-is, or transfer part to a regular audio cd if you want.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - more stuff on MP3..
"Funk Off" (Paris, France 1990 + Milan, Italy 1992) [***+]
Chad Smith drum clinic - Dallas, TX 4-29-98 [*+]
Dave Navarro - Australia radio interview, May 96 [***+]
RHCP radio interview, seattle 4-12-96 [***]
RHCP tv interview, toronto 96 (audio only) [*+]
Anthony & Flea interview (from officially released cd) [***]
Arik The Freak - Arik Marshall live in Hollywood '98 [*]
RHCP - bristow 7-10-00 [*]
RHCP - brixton 10-3-95 [*+]
RHCP - milwaukee 10-22-90 [**]
RHCP - toronto10-30-91 [***]
Waiting For Iggy - RHCP + John F. solo in Hollywood 6-25-98 [**]
What Is This? ep - early band with Hillel [***]

RHCP - 1984 Session cdr - 71m cdr
This doesn't seem to really be the Chili Peppers.. no Anthony, for one thing. But this recording is the real deal and comes from Hillel's brother. It's probably demos for a pre-RHCP band, such as Anthem. There are a few tracks (titles unknown).. most of which are long, Jimi-inspired jams. Not bad stuff, but don't expect it to sound like RHCP.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 12/16/84 The Bowery, Oklahoma City, OK
1. intro
2. Out In LA
3. technical difficulties/banter/jamming
4. Buckle Down
5. Baby Appeal
6. Fopp acapella
7. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
8. Why Don't You Love Me?
9. Sex Rap
10. Green Heaven
11. Police Helicopter
12. Nevermind (Anthony's intro only) / Get Up & Jump (aborted)
13. Get Up & Jump
14. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes cover tease)
15. Battle Ship
16. Mommy, Where's Daddy
17. Fire
18. encore wait/banter
19. You Always Sing The Same
20. Blackeyed Blonde
21. outro
Show Notes: This is one of the earliest known RHCP live recordings. Quality is pretty decent, considering.
Anthony, Flea, Cliff Martinez on drums, not sure who's on guitar (Hillel Slovak or Jack Sherman) since this was right around the time Hillel replaced Jack.
Recording Notes: tape cut after "Fire".. apparently no music missed. Source is unknown gen analog cassette > wav > SoundForge (normalize) > CDwav (tracking) > cdr(0)
A buddy of mine bought this tape from a mail order place sometime in the mid-90s. He later gave it to me, and I got rid of it soon thereafter, but not before dubbing a copy for myself. A couple years went by and I thought I lost my tape, but recently found it (Dec 2005) and transferred it to cdr.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - "The Hillel Era" - dvd
* 10/23/85 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN [59min]
Out In LA
Buckle Down [false start]
Buckle Down
Baby Appeal
Blackeyed Blonde
Green Heaven
Police Helicopter
American Ghost Dance
Catholic School Girls Rule
Jungle Man
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
Get Up & Jump
Why Don't You Love Me?
Mommy Where's Daddy
You Always Sing
* 11/29/86 Hoosier Ballroom, Indianapolis, IN [Incomplete, 20min]
Rapper's Delight jam
Blackeyed Blonde
Green Heaven
Police Helicopter
Baby Appeal
Thirty Dirty Birds
Me & My Friends
Mommy Where's Daddy
Catholic School Girls Rule (cut after a few seconds)
* 5/23/88 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands (TV broadcast #1)
Green Heaven
Fight Like a Brave
Mommey Where's Daddy
No Chump Love Sucker
* 1988 Night Network, UK (TV broadcast)
interview (Ringo hat)
* "Fight Like A Brave" video
* 5/23/88 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands (TV broadcast #2)
interview (Flea the human wheel barrow)
Get Up And Jump
Crosstown Traffic
NOTES on quality: the 2 audience shows are dark, but decent quality. Some screen flickering. The other stuff seems to have been filmed from TV.. like someone didn't have 2 VCRs, so to copy the video, they set up a camcorder on a tripod and pointed it at the TV. That considered, the quality isn't that bad.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - rare TV stuff [89min] dvd
* '84 five-minute Documentary [poor quality]
(with Jack Sherman)
interviews with live clips of Buckle Down, Get Up & Jump
* '87 midwest telethon [poor quality]
badly lip-syncing Behind the Sun, Fight Like A Brave
* '87 "MTV's 120 Minutes" NY + Miami Beach, FL
interview and videos of True Men Don't Kill Coyotes (clip), Fight Like A Brave
* 12/88 "2Hip4TV" NBC Saturday morning tv show, shot at a bowling alley
(with John Frusciante and DH Peligro.. This was John's national debut with the band)
interview and badly lip-syncing Organic Anti-Beat Box Band, Me & My Friends
* '87 Late Show with Arsenio Hall, Hollywood, CA, Fox tv show
Fight Like A Brave, Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
* '89 Arsenio Hall Show, Hollywood, CA, Fox tv show
Ode to Arsenio / Higher Ground
* '88 "Night Flight" short documentary, USA Network
bio with video clips of True Men Don't Kill Coyotes, Jungle Man, Fight Like A Brave
* '90 "Night Music" syndicated US tv show
Subway to Venus (with David Sanborn), Sexy Mexican Maid / Back In Black
* 7/28/92 MTV's Headbanger's Ball, Cincinatti, OH
interview of Anthony and Chad by Vanessa Warwick (cuts at 7 minutes)
* RHCP - Red Hot Skate Rock - Vision Street Wear (Live in Los Angeles 1987) [26 mins]
This concert/skate video was officially released around 1988/1989. Long since out of print and hard to find. "The Red Hot Chili Peppers blaze through 9 hot tunes while the world's top skateboard pros jam during the high energy music madness. Includes Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Chris Miller."
01. Out In L.A.
02. Me and My Friends
03. Blackeyed Blond
04. Fight Like a Brave
05. Catholic School Girls Rule
06. Whole Lotta Love /
07. Back In Black
08. Mommy, Where's daddy?
09. Love Trilogy
10. Fire
11. (closing credits: Organic Anti-Beat Box Band LP version)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 01/18/86
Venue: The Catalyst
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
1. intro
2. Out in L.A.
3. Buckle Down
4. American Ghost Dance
5. Black-Eyed Blonde
6. Stranded
7. Jungle Man
8. Green Heaven / Police Helicopter
9. Yertle the Turtle
10. Battle Ship
11. True Me Don't Kill Coyotes
12. Thirty Dirty Birds
13. Get Up and Jump (tease)
14. jam
15. Get Up and Jump
16. Nevermind
17. tuning / banter
18. Mommy Where's Daddy / You Always Sing The Same
19. wait for encore
20. Freaky Styley
21. bass jam
Notes: Awesome show/quality

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 07/10/87 - The Catalyst
Venue: The Catalyst
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
1. Out in L.A.
2. Get Up Stand Up
3. Jungle Man
4. Black-Eyed Blonde
5. Anarchy in the U.K.
6. Me and My Friends / Bemsha Swing
7. Backwoods
8. Fight Like a Brave
9. Green Heaven
10. We Got The Biggest Cocks
11. Party on Your Pussy
12. Whole Lotta Love/What Is Soul/Back in Black cover medley
13. Catholic School Girls Rule / Thirty Dirty Birds
14. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
15. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
16. Nervous Breakdown
17. Good God jam
18. Get Up and Jump
19. Nevermind
20. Mommy, Where's Daddy?
21. Foxey Lady
22. You Always Sing The Same
Notes: Awesome show/quality

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - November 8, 1987
Graffiti, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Length: 72:17
01. Out In L.A.
02. American Ghost Dance
03. Me And My Friends / "We're The Good Time Boys" jam
04. Fight Like A Brave / We Got The Biggest Cocks
05. Blackeyed Blonde
06. Green Heaven / Police Helicopter
07. We Got The Neutron Bomb
08. Party On Your Pussy / Thank You (For Letting Me Be Myself Again)
09. Buckle Down / Flashlight
10. Subterranean Homesick Blues
11. Backwoods [cut off about halfway]
12. ? jam (old demo?)
13. Skinny Sweaty Man / "give me some action" jam
14. Love Trilogy
15. I Wanna Be Your Dog
16. Whole Lotta Love / What Is Soul? / Back In Black medley
17. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
18. Get Up And Jump
19. Nevermind
20. Yertle The Turtle / Freaky Styley / Cosmic Slop medley
21. Fire
NOTES: Awesome quality and very cool show. The band must've been in a frisky mood, because they bust out a lot of covers/jams between songs.. including 30 seconds or so of "Flashlight" by Funkadelic, "Thank You (For Letting Me Be Myself Again)" by Sly and the Family Stone, and about a minute-and-a-half of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Iggy & The Stooges.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 04/08/88 - The Catalyst
Venue: The Catalyst
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
1. band introduction
2. Out in L.A.
3. Buckle Down
4. Me and My Friends
5. Bulletproof
6. Fight Like a Brave
7. Black-Eyed Blonde
8. Love Trilogy
9. Green Heaven
10. Funky Crime
11. Party on Your Pussy / Thirty Dirty Birds
12. Backwoods
13. Skinny Sweaty Man
14. No Chump Love Sucker
15. Mommy, Where's Daddy?
16. Get Up and Jump / Nevermind
17. Yertle The Turtle/Freaky Styley/Universal Love/Cosmic Slop medley
18. Crosstown Traffic
Notes: Awesome show/quality, though the sound quality takes a little dip starting in the middle of "backwoods" through the remainder of the show.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 04/28/89 - Sundance Club
Source: SBD > Cassette (M) > CDR
60 minutes
Venue: Sundance Club
City: Long Island
State: NY
01. Out In LA
02. Backwoods
03. We Got The Biggest Cocks
04. Funky Crime
05. Good Time Boys
06. If You Got Funk, You Got Style
07. Skinny Sweaty Man
08. Anarchy In The U.K.
09. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
10. Magic Johnson
11. Punk Rock Classic /
12. Stone Cold Bush
13. Mommy, Where's Daddy?
14. Pretty Little Ditty
15. Me & My Friends
16. Party On Your Pussy
17. Inca Roads
18. Nevermind
19. wait for encore
20. Crosstown Traffic
21. the longest song joke
22. wait for another encore
23. guns n roses joke
24. Get Up And Jump
Notes: first few seconds of "nevermind" intro are cut. When I received this recording, it was on 2 long tracks, and the sound mix was bad (Lots of treble, hardly any bass). I then EQ'ed it in SoundForge, and broke it into tracks with CDWav. Still not perfect, but sounds much better now.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 10/08/89 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota cdr 85m SOUNDBOARD
Excellent soundboard recording and great performance.
Setlist: Out In L.A. / Backwoods / Dr. Funkenstein / Funky Crime / Stone Cold Bush / Party On Your Pussy / Pretty Little Ditty / Good Times Boys / Jam / Taste The Pain / Skinny Sweaty Man / Hollywood / Knock Me Down / My Michelle / Subterranean Homesick Blues / Magic Johnson / Mommy Where's Daddy / Subway To Venus / Castles Made Of Sand / Me and My Friends / Nevermind / Yertle The Turtle / Freaky Styley / Crosstown Traffic

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - November 13, 1989
The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Length: 79:50
01. Intro
02. Out In L.A.
03. Backwoods
04. Dr. Funkenstein
05. Funky Crime
06. Stone Cold Bush
07. Green Heaven
08. Police Helicopter
09. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
10. Boys In The Hood
11. Party On Your Pussy
12. Pretty Little Ditty
13. Subway To Venus
14. bass jam
15. Hollywood
16. Knock Me Down [ending cut/faded]
17. Skinny Sweaty Man
18. Good God
19. Happy #12 & #35
20. Sexy Mexican Maid
21. Back In Black
22. Subterranean Homesick Blues
23. Castles Made Of Sand
24. Me And My Friends
25. Magic Johnson
26. short unknown cover jam
27. Nevermind
28. Baby Appeal
29. Fire
NOTES: Amazing show with a lot of songs. "Happy #12 & #35" is a loose jam of a Thelonious Monster song.

Date: May 29, 1990
Venue: Rymac Gym
Location: Providence, RI, USA
Length: 65 min
01. Out In L.A.
02. Backwoods
03. Dr. Funkenstein
04. Funky Crime
05. Blackeyed Blonde
06. Good God / Inca Roads / With a Little Help From My Friends / Stone Cold Bush
07. Nobody Weird Like Me
08. Boys In The Hood / Party On Your Pussy
09. Red Hot Mama / Pretty Little Ditty
10. Higher Ground
11. Mommy Where's Daddy / What Is Soul? jam
12. Knock Me Down
13. Magic Johnson / Sir Psycho Sexy / drum solo (Magic Johnson conclusion)
14. Subway To Venus
15. jam
16. Castles Made Of Sand
17. Police Helicopter
18. Your Song
19. Me And My Friends
Notes: They played a minute or so of "Sir Psycho Sexy" instrumentally, more than a year before it was released. John covered some of "Your Song" by Elton John, and also a few seconds of the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends" (actually the Joe Cocker cover version).

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - "Freaks With a Cause" fan club tape '90 + more
2. FAN CLUB TAPE - John (includes John playing "Sailin' On" by Bad Brains)
4. FAN CLUB TAPE - Anthony
5. CHAD SMITH VIDEO - Chad & Flea jam
6. CHAD SMITH VIDEO - Naked in the Rain
7. CHAD SMITH VIDEO - Greeting Song
8. CHAD SMITH VIDEO - Chad & Flea jam
9. FLEA - time for me to go (demo)
10. FLEA - ouch (demo)
11. FLEA - you got stuck with me (demo)
12. FLEA - fiberoptics (demo)
13. FLEA - untitled (live on Later with Greg Kinnear, Oct 96)
14. RHCP - Why Don't You Love Me (rare live version, Oklahoma City 12/16/84)
15. RHCP - Lovin' And Touchin' (rare live version, 11/16/88 Minnesota)
16. RHCP - Party on Your Pussy (demo w/ vocals, from Jalepeno Sessions 7")
17. RHCP - Politician (mini rap b-side)
18. RHCP - No Head No Backstage Pass (live Toronto 10/30/91)
19. RHCP - I Wanna Be Your Dog [w/ Iggy Pop] (live NYC 2/9/96)
Notes: fan club tape sourced from 1st gen cassette. some people say it's 89, but my source said 90, so i'm
going with that. most of the other stuff is from mp3s.

* 2/22/92 Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, NYC
Stone Cold Bush
Under The Bridge
* 1992 MTV Video Music Awards
(held September 10, 1992 at Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA)
Give It Away

RHCP - Aug. 9. 1992 (lollapalooza) Jones Beach, NY - DVD
give it away
organitc anti beat box band
bullet proof
suck my kiss
subterranean homesick blues
my lovely man
nobody weird like me
if you have to ask
stone cold bush
blood sugar sex magik
higher ground
magic johnson
under the bridge
fopp / party on your pussy / red hot mama
needle and the damage done
me and my friends
mommy where's daddy
crosstown traffic / jam
Notes: the camera is pretty shakey a lot of the time. but cool video.. the guys play with hats shooting fire during the encore.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Aug 28 1992 - Lollapalooza II, Hariet Island, St. Paul, MN (disc1)46m
1. give it away
2. organic anti-beatbox band
3. bulletproof
4. my automobile
5. suck my kiss
6. subterranean homesick blues
7. my lovely man
8. nobody weird like me
9. if you have to ask
10. if you have to ask (end jam)
11. stone cold bush
12. blood sugar sex magik
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Aug 28 1992 - Lollapalooza II, Hariet Island, St. Paul, MN (disc2)44m
1. higher ground
2. magic johnson (cut in middle)
3. under the bridge
4. fopp / party on your pussy
5. red hot mama
6. the needle and the damage done
7. me and my friends
8. yertle the turtle / freaky styley
9. cosmic slop / atomic dog / crosstown traffic / shoutout jam
Notes: Decent show, but crowd noise. The person I got this recording from transferred it from a 1st gen tape. Here's what he said about the show: "I am not familiar with their songs so hopefully I put the track markers in the right spots. Actually a pretty good show. A giant head of president Bush sr. appeared near the end of the show which Flea was wearing during one of their songs. Not sure if it was a pinata.... I snuck my deck into this event but forgot my microphone on the bed in the motel room. I'm surprised I got through the metal detection in the first place and had to lug the tapes and batteries around with no way to record anything. Boy I was pissed , but my friends thought it was funny. My friend Lisa snuck in her's (hidden near her panties) so this recording came from her collecton. I don't think it was recorded there, she later transferred the deck to her purse. :)"

1996-06-16 Tibetan Freedom Concert, SF
1. power of equality
2. suck my kiss
3. venus in furs [velvet underground cover, dave navarro singing]
4. waiting room [fugazi cover]
5. walkabout
6. one big mob
7. aeroplane
8. give it away
Notes: poor quality recording from the live webcast. [note to self: these wavs are on Jan '08 data dvd]

Date: July 6, 1996
Venue: Tourhout Festival
Location: Tourhout, Belgium
Length: 57 min.
01. Give It Away
02. Suck My Kiss
03. Waiting Room (Fugazi cover)
04. Walkabout
05. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
06. Pea
07. Coffee Shop
08. Heroin (VU cover, dave sings)
09. "mutayo" jam / One Big Mob
10. Aeroplane
11. Under The Bridge
12. Higher Ground
13. (crowd noise)
14. Police Helicopter
15. -

clip talking about "Give It Away" video
Dave talking about RHCP
Anthony & Flea answering AOL questions (MTV pre-show, 2/9/96 NY)
Dave & Chad answering AOL questions (MTV pre-show)
"My Friends" video w/ AOL chat (MTV pre-show)
"Higher Ground" (live) video w/ AOL chat (MTV pre-show)
Silverchair "Find Away" opening for RHCP at MSG (MTV pre-show)
"Warped" video (MTV pre-show)
RHCP live 2/9/96 Madison Square Garden, NYC (MTV broadcast)
- freaky styley/"the chorus" jam
- suck my kiss
- aeroplane
- give it away
"Aeroplane" video
MTV News clip

"MTV Bootleg" (2/9/96 MSG, NYC footage.. mostly same as above)
Flea clips on Ben Stiller Show
Jewel (w/ Flea) on David Letterman, 9/2/96 "You Were Meant For Me"
Flea on Later With Greg Kinear, 10/9/96 (interview + 1 untitled song acoustic)

RHCP + Porno For Pyros - 1997-1998 TV STUFF (DVD)
MTV's 120 Minutes: A Decade on the Edge ("best of" special, w/short clips from RHCP) 23min
P4P MTV News '97 (backstage at "Hard Charger" video shoot) 4min
"Hard Charger" video (MTV premiere)
"Hard Charger" live on The Late Show with David Letterman 2/26/97 (end cut)
"Hard Charger"/"Mountain Song"- Howard Stern premiere, NY 2/27/97
MTV News clip '97 (Dave talking about Anthony's motorcycle accident)
Flea on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, 3/5/98 (interview talking about Big Lebowski, among other things)
RHCP MTV Rockumentary Remix '98 30min

7/26/97 Fuji Rock Festival, Yamanasi, Japan - dvd
(Dave Navarro's last show with the band. pro-shot)
01. Suck My Kiss
02. Aeroplane
03. Stone Cold Bush
04. Walkabout
05. The Power Of Equality
06. Backwoods
07. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
08. Give It Away

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Washington D.C. 6/13/98 (Tibetan Freedom Concert) 15m video
The third appearance of John Frusciante after he rejoined the band, his first big appearance.
Setlist: Give It Away / Under The Bridge / Power Of Equality

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hollywood Moguls 06/25/98 (Waiting For Iggy benefit) cdr 30m
This was a concert to raise money for a play about Iggy Pop. Bob Forrest of Thelonius Monster and Keith Morris of Circle Jerks also played sets (I have a copy of them on cdr too, btw).
Setlist: John Frusciante: Neighborhood Threat / China Girl - RHCP: Loose / 1970 / Search And Destroy

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 06/05/98 KBLT Broadcast cdr 30m
The first public performance of the second coming of John Frusciante with the Chili Peppers. KBLT is a pirate radio station in Silver Lake, CA. The band played an acoustic set of Chili Peppers songs, plus Flea and John do some solo songs, respectively. This appears to not be the whole show, as the first song is joined in progress, and the last song seems to end abruptly.
Setlist: Flea Song / Skinny Sweaty Man / Jam / I Could Have Lied / Jam / Ten To Butter Voodoo (John) / Untitled #11 (John) / Flea Song / Love Them So (Flea) / Police Helicopter / Soul To Squeeze / Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag Song)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Huntridge Theatre, Las Vegas 09/05/98 + 09/06/98 ~85 min. ea
These were 2 shows the band did in a small theatre to make up for shows they previously cancelled twice in Las Vegas. Contains early versions of some songs that ended up on Californication, and a great song that didn't make the cut called Bunker Hill.
Disc 1:
09/05/98 part 1: Dirt / Under The Bridge / Backwoods / Bunkerhill / If You Have To Ask / I Want You Back (Jackson 5)/ Fat Man (Clara sings with Flea) / Blackeyed Blonde / Emit Remmus/ I Could Have Lied / Give It Away / Wicked World (Black Sabbath song) / Tiny Dancer (John sings) / Scar Tissue / Me And My Friends / Pea / Soul To Squeeze / Power Of Equality
Disc 2:
09/06/98 part 1: Dirt / Funky Crime / Under The Bridge / Bunkerhill / If You Have To Ask / I Want You Back (Jackson 5) / Nobody Weird Like Me / Emit Remmus/ Fat Man / Long Division (Fugazi) / Give It Away / Your Song (John sings) / Scar Tissue / Love Trilogy / Pea / Soul To Squeeze / Me and My Friends / jam
Disc 3:
09/05/98 part 1: Yertle The Turtle medley / 1970 (Stooges)
09/06/98 part 2:  Yertle The Turtle medley / Search And Destroy (Stooges)
filler: acoustic Flea demos '95

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Acoustic 2000 - 2 shows. 77:17 cdr
RHCP - Mountain View,CA, october 28 2000 - Bridge School Benefit (1st day. acoustic set)
Road Trippin' - Californication -Rapper's Delight (Sugar Hill Gang - jam without much vocals) Superstition (Stevie Wonder - intro to Otherside)-Otherside -Beverly Hills (Circle Jerks) -Breaking the Girl -The Power of Equality -Under the Bridge - Trouble (Cat Stevens)
RHCP - Mountain View,CA, october 29 2000 - Bridge School Benefit (2nd day. acoustic set)
Road Trippin' - Californication - What is Soul (Funkadelic) -Beverly Hills (Circle Jerks) -
Scar Tissue - Parallel Universe - Otherside -I Could Have Lied -Trouble (Cat Stevens)

RHCP - August 23, 2001 Utrecht, Netherlands
01 Around The World
02 You're Gonna Get Yours-intro / Give It Away
03 Scar Tissue
04 Higher Ground
05 Christine [Siouxie & the Banshees cover]
06 Otherside
07 Forming (Germs-Cover) [John Solo]
08 I Could Have Lied
09 Fortune Faded (new song)
10 Californication
11 Parallel Universe
12 Good God Jam
13 Blood Sugar Sex Magik
14 Pea
15 Universally Speaking (new song)
16 Right On Time
17 Under The Bridge
18 Me And My Friends
1 Sir Psycho Sexy
2 They're Red Hot
3 Fire
filler: (various rarities & b-sides)
4. sir psycho sexy (live 2/16/92.. one of the very few times they played it on BSSM tour)
5. they're red hot (live 2/16/92.. one of the very few times they played it on BSSM tour)
6. ramble on (live.. Zep cover)
7. yertle the turtle medley (live b-side)
8. gong li (live 4/12/00.. they only played a bit of it)
9. phat dance (b-side)
10. how strong (b-side)
11. road trippin' [without strings] (b-side)
12. teatro jam (b-side)
13. jam / waiting room [cut] (live Paris '96.. Fugazi cover)
14. end of show jam [1/24/00 Brisbane, Australia] (live b-side)
15. end of show jam [4/5/00 BJC State College, PA] (live b-side)
16. yertle the turtle medley [including some "Behind the Sun" ending] (live 2/5/86 Seattle, WA)

> > > > > Red Hot Chili Peppers
> > > > > June 7, 2002
> > > > > Saturn Dachterrasse, Hamburg, Germany
1 By The Way
2 Scar Tissue
3 Can't Stop
4 Otherside
5 Universally Speaking
6 Give It Away
7 I Dig a Pony (intro) / I Could Die For You
8 Havana Affair
9 I Could Have Lied / You Always Sing The Same
10 Don't Forget Me
11 Right On Time
12 Californication
13 The Power Of Equality
> > > > > Soundboard Recording
> > > > > Master>CDR>EAC>SHN>CDR
Notes: perfect!

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ROSKILDE, DENMARK. JUNE 17 2002 (Danish Radio - broadcast): 56:12
1.intro/By the way/2.Scar tissue/3.Around the world/4.Rappers delight /5.Otherside/6.My automobile/ 7.Give it away/8.Parallel universe/9.Right on time/10. I could have lied/ 11. Cant's stop/12. Me & my friends/13. under the bridge/14.The power of equality
Notes: This show was taped for P3 Sveriges Radio. This is the complete broadcast, but not the complete show. A few between-song edits, cutting out annoying DJ shouting.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (Flea solo) 12/18/95 The Palace, LA - 17m
nice soundboard. Flea solo on acoustic guitar, with some songs with Mike Watt (bass) and Peter Weiss (guitar). songs include some of the ones on his demo (fiberoptics, you got stuck with me), plus I've Been Down, and some unreleased stuff.

“Time of Outtakes” - Out of Time demos
1. Half A World Away
2. Night Swim
3. Fretless
4. Sugar Cane
5. Texarkana (Stipe lyrics/vocals)
6. It's A Free World Baby
7. Low
8. Endgame
9. Radio Song (soft)
10. Country Feedback
11. Losing My Religion
12. Speed Metal
13. Kerouac No. 4
14. Near Wild Heaven
15. Shiny Happy People
16. Belong
17. Radio Song (hard)
18. Me In Honey
Notes: pretty cool. little hiccup at 1:27 on track #2, but nice otherwise.

Rev Horton Heat play the Reptile House, December 30th, 1996 Grand Rapids, MI
Soundboard recording directly to MiniDisc, transferred to cd-r. 67 minutes
Sorry, i don't know the setlists. 21 songs. Starts getting a little skippy near the end. The last track gets really bad, then ends abruptly somewhere in the middle. I guess the batteries died or something. There are 2 or 3 other almost unnoticeable skips in the disc.. besides that it sounds real nice.

¤ RILO KILEY ¤ click here

12/2/92 Long Beach
2/7/98 Casbah, San Diego
2/28/99 SF (incomplete.. first half of show only)

5/1/93 NYC
7/4/96 AZ
7/26/96 Buffalo, NY
TV stuff (HBO Reverb, Jon Stewart Show, Kilborn, FoxRox)

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood. February 11, 1992. 31m
1. french guy
2. maybelline
3. sturdy wrists
4. hippy dippy do
5. jiggy jig
6. dollar
7. velvet touch
8. short lip fuser
9. shy boy
Notes: Copy of a cdr made from the master analog tape. Opening for Superchunk/Hole.

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT Bogarts, Long Beach, CA. February 29, 1992. 28:28 cdr
(all on one long track) 1- march of dimes 2- killy kill 3- french guy 4- maybelline 5- sturdy wrists 6- short lip fuser 7- where are the fuckers 8- shy boy 9- hippy dippy do 10- don't darlene
notes: Copy of a cdr made from the master analog tape.

RFTC - CBGB's, NY 93
boychucker/don't darlene/killy kill/little arm/birdman/the paste that you love/french guy/lumps/ditch digger/hippy dippy do

RFTC 8/1/94 Richmond, VA 52min cdr
intro, pigeon eater, don't darlene, ufo ufo ufo, march of dimes, ball lightning, straight through the head, maybelline, french guy, shy boy, dollar, boychucker, jumper k balls, ditch digger, hippy dippy do, sturdy wrists.
Notes- speedo's sick, so the vocals are sometimes kinda rough.. but decent show. includes an early version of "ball lightning", plus an unreleased tune called "straight thru the head".

Rocket From The Crypt - water street music hall, rochester, ny 3/31/96
don't darlene
suit city
light me
a+ in arson class
rid or ride
born in 69
my arrow's aim
on a rope
young livers
sturdy wrist
killy kill
notes- from a Universal Buzz Radio cd, so pretty excellent sound. But, tracks are chunky-style, naught words are censored (not too noticeably, however), annoying DJ intros and outros (no commercials, however), and a few distortion click type things. 'Killy Kill' is kinda long and includes a funky story from Speedo. They were opening for Rancid.

Rocket From The Crypt - 6/14/96 Hultsfred Festival, Sweden
1. pushed
2. on a rope
3. drop out
4. boychucker
5. light me
6. a+ in arson class
7. rid or ride
8. my arrow's aim
9. suit city
10.burnt alive
12.sturdy wrists
14.born in 69
16.young livers
17.come see, come saw
notes: great sounding radio broadcast, for the most part. there are a few cuts between some songs, unfortunately.

RFTC - 8/1/96 Camden, NJ, Warped Tour (webcast)
1 middle
2 born in 69
3 on a rope
4 young livers
5 sturdy wrists
6 my arrow's aim
7 used
8 light me
9 a+ in arson class
10 glazed
11 come see, come saw

Live @ Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo 21 aug. 1996. {49:11}
Set list:
Middle (0.57)
Born in 69 (2.35)
On a rope (2.57)
Drop out (3.03)
Light me (1.50)
A+ in arson class (1.34)
Rid or ride (1.30)
Sturdy wrists (3.43)
Used (2.54)
Dollar (2.45)
My arrow's aim (3.26)
Boy chucker (2.56)
Jumper K Balls (2.22)
Young livers (2.34)
Suit city (2.44)
Come see, come saw (6.10)
intro/Don't Darlene (3.47)
Killy kill [cut] (1.15)
Notes : radio broadcast. some slightly annoying edits between tracks (cutting out DJ chatter), but otherwise sounds pretty good. last song is cut. radio>minidisc>cdr.

RFTC 1-8-97 Casbah, San Diego (Casbah Anniversary Celebration)
1. Dollar
2. Drop Out
3. Light Me
4. A+ In Arson Class
5. Rid or Ride
6. My Arrow's Aim
8. Birdman
9. Pure Genius
10. Cha, Cha, Cha
11. Where Are The Fuckers?
12. Slumber Queen
13. Back in the State
14. Middle
15. Born In '69
16. Suit City
17. On A Rope
18. Young Livers
19. Come See, Come Saw

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT The Casbah, San Diego, CA 2/7/1998 VIDEO 58 minutes
1. I Know 2. Made For You 3. Panic Scam 4. When In Rome 5. Dick On A Dog 6. Break It Up 7. You Gotta Move 8. Let's Get Busy 9. Mosquito (AKA Mosquito Rock) 10.Strange Hold 11.Hold Your Head Up High (? unreleased) 12.I Got Your.. (? unreleased) 13.Cheetah 14.UFO,UFO,UFO
notes- some rare stuff, including 3 unreleased songs! i have these 3 transferred to cdr, btw. You Gotta Move features The Gelcaps.

RFTC- 8/28/98 Reading Festival UK [22:30]
1. when in rome
2. on a rope
3. you gotta move
4. eye on you
5. made for you
6. I can't be trusted
Notes- Holly Golightly on backing vocals (and lead vocals on #6, which is a Holly Golightly song). radio broadcast

Rocket From The Crypt - 9/4/98 Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden
1. [speedo's broadcast intro]
2. i know
3. panic scam/made for you
4. young livers
5. suit city
6. sturdy wrists
7. dick on a dog
8. lipstick
9. let's get busy
10. middle/born in 69
11. don't darlene
12. light me/a+ in arson class
13. rid or ride
14. on a rope
15. outro/ufo ufo ufo
16. when in rome
Notes- Radio broadcast (P3 radio, Netherlands). Sounds great. There're like 3 or 4 very little skips that you'll notice if you're a sound quality prefectionist. Probably my best quality rocket boot, and a rockin show of course.

RFTC - 10/28/98 Newcastle Riverside, UK 43min cdr
i know, panic scam, made for you, middle, born in 69, young livers, dollar, let's get busy, when in rome, sturdy wrists, break it up, dick on a dog, on a rope

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - Westin Hotel, San Diego 10/30/99
1. intro
2. dollar
3. don't darlene
4. boychucker
5. lipstick
6. dick on a dog
7. sturdy wrists
8. return of the liar
9. hot wired
10. who needs you
11. middle
12. born in 69
13. chariots on fire
14. 10 forward
15. young livers
16. on a rope
17. outro
18. i know
19. panic scam
20. made for you

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - Casbah, San Diego 11-23-99
1. [greetings]
2. The Runaway
3. Return of the Liar
4. Come On
5. I Won't Stare
6. Your Finest Moment
7. Don't Hold Me
8. Heart of a Rat
9. Alone
10. Venom
11. Carne Voodoo
12. Hot Wired
13. Blood Robots
14. If The Bird Could Fly
15. Waste It
16. Chariots on Fire

RFTC 1/21/00 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
1. dropout
2. sturdy wrists
3. on a rope
4. glazed
5. lorna doom
6. i know
7. panic scam
8. made for you
9. venom
11.born in 69
12.come on
14.jumper k. balls
15.young livers
16.ufo ufo ufo
17.killy kill
18.intro/don't darlene
19.the runaway
20.chariots on fire
21.dick on a dog
Filler: 1999 San Diego Music Awards, Humphrey's, San Diego, CA 10/25/99
22.chariots on fire
23.young livers
Notes- decent, but not the best quality. plus most tracks are faded out/in between songs (but not all, for some reason)

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT 1/12/01 Casbah, San Diego [***] 66m cdr
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT 1/13/01 Casbah, San Diego [***] 66m cdr

These are both from DAT. They were part of an mp3 sharing thing on the rocket mailing list. I got my cdrs from the fellas who were behind that. I think the discs might have been from mp3s. There are almost-unnoticeable itty-bitty jumps when the tracks change.. typical of mp3s. There are also a few other minor problems, but nice cdrs overall. I personally taped 1/12 with my walkman recorder, but since it probably doesn't sound nearly as good as the DAT-sourced recordings, I haven't bothered to transfer it to cdr.

Rocket From the Crypt: Music Millennium, Portland, OR 3/15/01 - 33:17 cdr
1. venom venom (instrumental)
2. misbeaten
3. (technical difficulties)
4. slow
5. sos
6. down in the boondocks (billie joe royal cover)
7. "just for you portland" (instrumental)
8. ghost shark
9. blue cowboy (wipers cover)
Notes: Nice live in-store performance. clear sounding cdr from the master minidisc (or dat?).

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - 4th & B, San Diego 2/13/02
1. Straight American Slave
2. Carne Voodoo
3. White Belt
4. Out of Control
5. Return of the Liar
6. Heart of a Rat
7. Venom Venom
8. Savoir Faire
9. S.O.S.
10. This Bad Check Is Gonna Stick
11. Spitting
12. Ghost Shark
13. Pushed
14. Cheetah
15. If The Bird Could Fly
16. Blood Robots
17. Misbeaten
18. Dollar

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT 1-20-99 Casbah, San Diego
i know
panic scam
made for you
suit city
young livers
sturdy wrists
born in 69
dick on a dog
when in rome
light me
a+ in arson class
rid or ride
on a rope

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT 6/2/98 Off The Record, San Diego
when in rome
on a rope
lorna doom
i know
panic scam
made for you
don't darlene
come see, come saw
notes: full band/electric instore. my master. incomplete.. arrived late.

12/31/94 Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ (New Years Eve show) [72m]
1. countdown to 1995 / introduction
2. Boychucker
3. Don't Darlene
4. Hippy Dippy Do
5. Dollar
6. Ditch Digger
7. Suit City
8. Poison Eye
9. On A Rope
10. Middle
11. Born In '69
12. Pigeon Eater
13. Pushed
14. Young Livers
15. Used
16. jam while atom fixes something
18. Killy Kill
19. Glazed
Notes: Cool show that features several early versions of SDS and Hot Charity songs.. with an alternate lyric here and there. The band takes lots of time between songs, resulting in lots of entertaining Speedo banter. One of the longest live Rocket recordings. Tape flip between tracks 12 and 13.

10/31/98 Westin Hotel, San Diego, CA [65m]
1. Hippy Dippy Do
2. Dollar
3. Young Livers
4. Boychucker
5. When In Rome
6. Lipstick
7. Break It Up
8. Let's Get Busy
9. Middle
10. Born In '69
11. Don't Darlene
12. Glazed
13. Dick on a Dog (cut)
14. I Know
15. Panic Scam
16. Made For You
17. Sturdy Wrists intro
18. Sturdy Wrists
19. On A Rope
20. I Know reprise outro
Notes: rough quality, especially the first minute or so.. sounds like there were issues with the taper's mic. A few other dropouts throughout the show.

10-xx-95 Crocodile Club, Seattle, WA [57m]
1. Glazed
2. Light Me
3. French Guy
4. Pigeon Eater
5. Middle
6. Born In '69
7. My Arrow's Aim
8. Used
10. On A Rope
11. Boychucker
12. Lorna Doom
13. Hippy Dippy Do
14. Don't Darlene
15. Killy Kill
8-23-96 Reading Festival, UK (fm)[22m]
16. Born In '69
17. On A Rope
18. My Arrow's Aim
19. Boychucker
20. Jumper K Balls
21. Young Livers
22. Glazed

1/17/96 Hop & Grape, Manchester University, Manchester, England [52m]
1. intro
2. Dollar
3. Lorna Doom
4. Light Me
5. A+ in Arson Class
6. Rid or Ride
7. Middle
8. Born in '69
9. Don't Darlene
10. My Arrow's Aim
11. Sturdy Wrists
12. Lumps
13. On a Rope
14. Young Livers
15. French Guy
16. Glazed
17. Killy Kill
5/6/98 The Factory, Philadelphia, PA (HBO Reverb)
18. On A Rope
19. Break It Up
20. Don't Darlene
21. You Gotta Move
22. Come See, Come Saw
Notes: 1/17/96, tape flip between Young Livers and French Guy.

12/8/99 Casbah, San Diego, CA
1. Venom Venom
2. Dollar
3. Return of the Rat
4. The Runaway
5. Pigeon Eater
6. Come On
7. Maybelline
8. I Won't Stare
9. Your Finest Moment
10. Sturdy Wrists
11. Don't Hold Me
12. Carne Voodoo
13. Alone
14. Chariots on Fire
15. If The Bird Could Fly
16. Cheetah
17. Glazed
18. Heart of a Rat (cut)
"Needle In The Hay Stack" demo tape
19. Sucked In Spit Out / Caretaker
20. Orchestra
21. Cut And Dry
22. Acoustic
23. Soak It In
24. Free Dumb
25. Mind Over Matter
26. In My Shadow
27. Blazing Saddles
28. It's a Nice Day
NOTES: 12/8/99 is sometimes mislabeled as "12/3/99". Vocals are very low in the mix. The last song is cut on the master, and was in fact the last song of the show.

11/30/99 Casbah, San Diego, CA [51m]
1. Drop Out
2. Strudy Wrists
3. On A Rope
4. Glazed
5. Lorna Doom
6.I Know
7. Panic Scam
8. Made For You
9. Venom Venom
10. Middle
11. Born In '69
12. Come On
13. Boychucker
14. Jumper K Balls
15. Young Livers
17. Killy Kill

4/26/97 Casbah, San Diego, CA
1. Tiger Feet Tonight
2. When In Rome
3. Dick on a Dog
4. Hold You Head Up (unreleased song)
5. Let's Get Busy
6. You Gotta Move
7. Break It Up
8. Crack Party
9. Tiger Feet Tonight (reprise)
Notes: special show of new (at the time) material.

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - 1993 Tokyo, Japan
1. Cut It Loose
2. Where Are The Fuckers?
3. Boychucker
4. Dollar
5. Shy Boy
6. 10 Forward
7. Hippy Dippy Do
8. Don't Darlene
9. Evil Party
10. Weak Superhero
11. Straight Through The Head
12. Bad Ninja
13. Killy Kills
14. Sturdy Wrists
15. Birdman
16. French Guy
17. Glazed
18. I Turned Into A Martian (Melvin's cover with Atom on vocals)
notes: Apparently audio taken from a promo video recorded live in Japan on the Circa: Now! world tour.
"I Turned Into A Martian" features Speedo on drums, Petey X on guitar, Apollo 9 on bass, and Atom and Pushead on vocals.

2/27/94 World Beat Center, San Diego, CA {46:11 TAO}
1. Pigeon Eater
2. Don't Darlene
3. Hippy Dippy Do
4. Lorna Doom
5. Dollar
6. Ditch Digger
8. Birdman
9. March of Dimes
10. Guilt Free
11. Shy Boy (cut)
12. Ball Lightning (aborted)
13. Sturdy Wrists
14. Glazed

4/13/03 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada {64:45 TAO}
I'm Not Invisible
Get Down
Straight American Slave
Carne Voodoo
Can't Feel My Head
Panic Scam
Made For You
Bring Us Bullets
Bucket Of Piss
Dick on a Dog
Born in '69
Jumper K. Balls
On a Rope
Light Me
A+ in Arson
Rid or Ride
When In Rome
Venom Venom
If the Bird Could Fly
Young Livers

Slint - live @ Club Dreamerz, Chicago, IL 3/3/89 - 53m cdr
1. nosferatu man
2. ron
3. nan ding
4. charlotte
5. pat
6. pam
7. breadcrumb trail
8. good morning, captain
9. rhoda
10. cortez the killer
Notes: sounds very good, but gaps between tracks.


SMASHING PUMPKINS <- click there


SMITH, ELLIOTT - 06/02/1998 Studion Stockholm Sweden - appox. 50-55min
Source: FM
Generation: Clone
Setlist: 1. Angeles 2. Division Day 3. Clementine 4. Alameda 5. Between the Bars 6. Pictures of Me 7. Waltz #2 (XO) 8. Rose Parade 9. Some Song 10. Say Yes 11. Needle In the Hay 12. Roman Candle 13. Independence Day 14. Speed Trials 15. 2:45 am 16. No Name #1 17. Thirteen (Big Star cover)
Notes: An amazing radio broadcast of an acoustic show. There is a hiccup on "Division Day" and maybe 2 or 3 more almost unnoticeable hiccups elsewhere; these seems to be on all circulating copies of this show.

The Smiths "The Handsome devils" Derby December 7th, 1983
1. handsome devil
2. still ill
3. this charming man
4. pretty girls make graves
5. reel around the fountain
6. what difference does it make?
7. miserable lie
8. this night has opened my eyes
9. hand in glove
10. these things take time
11. you've got everything now
Meerward, Amsterdam 1984
12. heaven knows i'm miserable now
13. barbarism begins at home
14. miserable lie
15. i don't owe you anything
16. what difference does it make
17. handsome devil
18. you've got everything now

The Smiths - August 28, 1986, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Laguna Hills, CA
1. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
2. Still Ill
3. I Want the One I Can't Have
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
5. How Soon Is Now?
6. Frankly Mr. Shankly
7. Panic
8. Stretch Out and Wait
9. The Boy With the Thorn In His Side
10. Is It Really So Strange?
11. Cemetry Gates
12. Never Had No One Ever
13. What She Said / Rubber Ring
14. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
15. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
16. The Queen Is Dead
17. Money Changes Everything
18. I Know It's Over
Notes: very nice soundboard recording. CD-R of "Thank Your Lucky Stars" bootleg CD. AKA Universal Amphitheater, LA 8/26/86.

The Smiths- "The Final Gig"
1-15 live Brixton Academy 12/12/86
16-19 Peel Sessions 12/17/86
2.bigmouth strikes again
3.miserable lie
4.some girls are bigger than others
5.the boy with the thorn in his side
6.shoplifters of the world
7.there is a light it really so strange?
9.cemetary gates
10 this night has opened my eyes
11.still ill
13.the queen is dead
14. william it was really nothing
15.hand in glove
16.sweet & tender hooligan
17.half a person it really so strange?
19 london

The Smiths - "Unloveable" Rarities Collection
1. "Miserable Lie" Peel Session June 1st, 1983 4:45
2. "What Difference Does It Make" Live TV YES February 9th, 1984 2:48
3. "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" Live TV YES February 9th, 1984 3:18
4. "Hand In Glove" Live on The Tube March 16th, 1984 2:47
5. "Still Ill" Live on The Tube March 16th, 1984 3:35
6. "Barbarism Begins At Home" Live on The Tube March 16th, 1984 6:35
7. "Still Ill"/"This Charming Man"/"Hand In Glove" Live Datarun April 7th, 1984 2:21
8. "Jeane" Acoustic Johnny & Sandie on Splat! April 1984 1:53
9. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" Live on Whistle Test July 20th, 1986 3:27
10. "Vicar In A Tutu" Live on Whistle Test July 20th, 1986 2:31
11. "There Is A Light" Live Eurotube July 5th, 1986 4:21
12. "Panic" Live on the Eurotube July 5th, 1986 3:27
13. "Sheila Take A Bow" Last Tube Performance April 10th, 1987 2:41
14. "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" Last Tube Performance April 10th, 1987 3:22
15. "Hand In Glove" Inverness Soundcheck October 1st, 1985 3:17
16. "Rock 'n' Roll Part Two" Inverness Soundcheck October 1st, 19-85 3:45
17. "Unloveable" #1 Inverness Soundcheck October 1st, 1985 3:50
18. "Unloveable" #2 Inverness Soundcheck October 1st, 1985 2:57
19. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" Inverness Soundcheck October 1st, 1985 4:06

SMITHS "Wonderful Woman" rarities CD
What's The World [Barrowlands, Glasgow 25th September 1985]
Half A Person [John Peel Sessions 17th December 1986]
Sweet And Tender Hooligan [John Peel Sessions 17th December 1986]
Is It Really So Strange? [John Peel Sessions 17th December 1986]
London [John Peel Sessions 17th December 1986]
What Difference Does It Make [Troy Tate Demos]
Accept Yourself [Troy Tate Demos]
Wonderful Woman [Troy Tate Demos]
Reel Around The Fountain [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
What Difference Does It Make? [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
Wonderful Woman [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
These Things Take Time [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
I Don't Owe You Anything [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
Hand In Glove [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
Miserable Lie [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
Accept Yourself [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
Hand In Glove [Rockgarden, London 7th July 1983]
You've Got Everything Now [De Meervaart Hall, Amsterdam 21st April 1984]

THE SMITHS * "Reeling Around the Fountain" rarities * 2cd
1. Miserable Lie (John Peel session, broadcast 1st June 1983)
2. Hand In Glove (Live on The Tube, 16th March 1984)
3. Still Ill (Live on The Tube, 16th March 1984)
4. Barbarism Begins At Home (Live on The Tube, 16th March 1984)
5. Jeanne (Acoustic-Johnny and Sandie on Splat! {Charlie’s Bus}, April 1984)
6. Bigmouth Strikes Again (Performed live on Whistle Test, 20th May 1986)
7. Vicar In A Tutu (Performed live on Whistle Test, 20th May 1986)
8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Live session from The Eurotube, 5th July 1986)
9. Panic (Live session from The Eurotube, 5th July 1986)
10. Sheila Take A Bow (Last ever live performance on The Tube, 10th April, 1987)
11. Shoplifters Of The World Unite (Last ever live performance on The Tube, 10th April, 1987)
12. Unloveable #1 (soundcheck - Inverness Eden Court, 1st October 1985)
13. Unloveable #2 (soundcheck - Inverness Eden Court, 1st October 1985)
14. Wonderful Woman (Kid Jensen session, recorded 26th June 1983)
15. Girl Afraid (Live in Glasgow, 2nd March 1984 from NME Department Of Enjoyment cassette)
16. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (Different studio mix from Earsay, broadcast 31st March 1984)
17. How Soon Is Now? (rare alternate version from withdrawn Italian 12" pressing of William It Was Really Nothing)
18. William It Was Really Nothing (John Peel session, broadcast 9th Oct 1984)
19. Jeanne (soundcheck - Dundee Caird Hall, 26th September 1985)
20. What’s The World? (soundcheck - Dundee Caird Hall, 26th September 1985)
21. Asleep (soundcheck - Inverness Eden Court, 1st October 1985)
1. How Soon Is Now? (John Peel session, broadcast 9th August 1984)
2. What Do You See In Him? (early version of Wonderful Woman - Manchester Hacienda, 4th Feb 1983)
3. Reel Around The Fountain (Alternate Troy Tate mix from 1983)
4. Miserable Lie (Alternate Troy Tate mix from 1983)
5. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Alternate Troy Tate mix from 1983)
6. I Don’t Owe You Anything (Sandie Shaw sings in session with The Smiths on Radio One’s Saturday Live, 14th April 1984)
7. Jeanne (Sandie Shaw in session with The Smiths on Radio One’s Saturday Live, 14th April 1984)
8. Half A Person (John Peel session, broadcast 17th December 1986)
9. Sweet & Tender Hooligan (John Peel session, broadcast 17th Dec 1986)
10. Is It Really So Strange? (John Peel session, broadcast 17th Dec 1986)
11. London (John Peel session, broadcast 17th December 1986)
12. What Difference Does It Make? (Alternate mix from the aborted 1983 Troy Tate sessions)
13. Accept Yourself (Alternate mix from the aborted 1983 Troy Tate sessions)
14. Wonderful Woman (Alternate mix from the aborted 1983 Troy Tate sessions)
15. You’ve Got Everything Now (Unreleased cut from the radio broadcast at Amsterdam De Meervaart Hall, 21st April 1984)
16. I Keep Mine Hidden (Recorded from the last studio sessions, 1987)
17. Work Is A Four Letter Word (Recorded from the last studio sessions, 1987)
18. What’s The World? (Live from Glasgow, Barrowlands 25th September 1985)
19. Money Changes Everything (instrumental, recorded 1987)
20. Hand In Glove (Featuring Sandie Shaw on lead vocals)
21. Jeane (Featuring Sandie Shaw on lead vocals)
Notes: Decent collection of many uncommon Smiths tracks. [However, note that many of these tracks are also included on other Smiths bootlegs/CDs.] Quality varies, but is usually at least pretty good. All Troy Tate tracks are apparently "newly discovered and different from all the others offered before."

Sonic Youth - Goo Demos - cdr 58:30
1 Tunic (Song For Karen)
2 Number One
3 Titanium Expose
4 Dirty Boots
5 Corky
6 My Friend Goo
7 Bookstore
8 Animals
9 Dv 2
10 Blow Job
11 Lee#2
12 Dirty Boots (Single Edit)
Notes - cdr copy of cd released by Sonic Death Fan Club in 91. All 8-Track demos are produced by J Mascis and Don Fleming. All songs (some with different titles) except track 11 appear on the original Goo album. Recorded 11/89 water works, nyc

Sonic Youth - Blastic Scene cdr
Recorded at the Lisbon gig of July 14, 1993 at Campo Pequeno.
1 (SY next)
2 Cotton Crown
3 Bull In The Heather
4 In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader
5 Pacific Coast Highway
6 100%
7 Skink
8 Starfield Road
9 Candle
10 Stereo Sanctity
11 Self-Obsessed And Sexxee
12 Secret Girl
13 Flower
14 Drunken Butterfly
15 Theresa's Sound-world
16 Sugar Kane
17 Tokyo Eye
Notes: This is a cdr copy of an official-bootleg put out by Moneyland Records in April 1995, with Sonic Youth's permission under the following conditions: limited edition (1500) and 25% of it (375) delivered to american Sonic Death Fan Club. This is in TAO (2 second gaps between tracks) but since it's a clear soundboard recording, it's not all that noticable.

Sonora Pine play the reptile haus
july 10, 1996 grand rapids, mi
total running time: 40:01
Gin Mills
Snow’s Cut Snapshot
Long Ago Boy
Couple Of Ones
Notes: Soundboard recording directly to MiniDisc, transfered to cd-r and then to flac. First song seems to be joined in progress.

SPARKLEHORSE - Dust Shanties (various b-sides and rarities)
1. chaos of the galaxy/happy man
2. London (words by William Blake)
3. waiting for nothing
4. heart of darkness
5. ?
6. happy place
7. dead opera star
8. my yoke is heavy (by Daniel dale Johnston)
9. gasoline horseys
10. ? (live)
11. ?
12. I almost lost my mind
13. ?
14. in the dry
15. wish you were here (by roger waters)
16. ?
17. ?
18. homecoming queen
19. Gasoline Horseys
20. chaos of the galaxy/happy man (live)
21. ?

Regina Spektor - 11-5-06 Canes, San Diego, CA (85 minutes)
1. Ain't No Cover
2. The Flowers
3. Summer In The City
4. Baby Jesus
5. Poor Little Rich Boy
6. Bobbing for Apples
7. That Time
8. On The Radio
9. Sailor Song
10. Apres Moi
11. Better
12. Edit
13. Carbon Monoxide
14. Fidelity
15. Your Honor
16. (encore wait)
17. Dance Anthem of the 80s
18. Field Below
19. Us
20. Samson
--DISC 2--
1. Hotel Song
-----------------11-5-06 Canes, San Diego, CA [SOUNDCHECK]
2. jam without Regina, excerpt (soundcheck)
3. Better without Regina / some of Edit without Regina (soundcheck)
4. another jam without Regina, excerpt (soundcheck)
5. Regina keyboard check / Regina interrupted by a couple girls / Gav kicked out (soundcheck)
6. trying to hear Regina from outside (soundcheck)
7. trying to hear Regina from outside still (soundcheck)
8. Better (soundcheck)
9. just waiting for them to play something (soundcheck)
10. Better again but with a long pause in the middle / Regina vocal check (soundcheck)
11. Hotel Song (soundcheck)
12. mostly nothing but a little of Regina doing "The Flowers" as a plane flys over (soundcheck)
13. a few seconds of "That Time" and other soundchecking by Regina (soundcheck)
14. part of a song by the opening act Only Son (soundcheck)
5/2/06 MPR, 89.3 The Current, Minnesota Public Radio (from website stream)
15. intro / interview
16. Fidelity
17. interview
18. Better
19. interview
20. Samson
Notes: my master. This is my first recording with my new digital recorder. master was recorded as mp3 due to small ammount of memory available. Used crappy stock mic, so overloads badly in the loud parts. The songs that are Regina solo aren't too bad, but the bass/drums of the band sounds horrible in the recording.
"WILL NOT TRADE" NOTE: Out of respect to Regina I won't trade the recording of the soundcheck. Only listed here for my records. Sorry!

spiritualized play the rites of spring
grand valley university, april 22, 1995, 50:15 cdr
1.pure phase 4:09
2.medication 6:00
3. ? 5:31
4. shine a light 13:33
5 electric mainline 6:39
6.let it flow 5:33
7. ? 8:47
Notes: audience MiniDisc recording.

SPIRITUALIZED '98 Glastonbury Festival cdr
1. Electric Mainline/
2. Electricity
3. Home of the Brave
4. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
5. Broken Heart
6. Come Together
7. I Think I'm In Love
8. Oh Happy Day

Stars - Live at the Casbah, San Diego, CA 2/12/06
. Theme From the Stars
. Set Yourself on Fire
. Set Yourself on Fire coda
. Reunion
. Death To Death
. Going, Going, Gone
. Heart
. The Comeback
. Soft Revolution
. Life Effect
. Hungry Heart
. What I'm Trying to Say
. One More Night
. Ageless Beauty
. The Big Fight
. The Big Fight coda
. He Lied About Death
. Your Ex-Lover is Dead
. (wait for encore / rambling)
. The First Five Times (w/members of The Elected)
. Elevator Love Letter
. Calendar Girl
notes: master. Stars put on a terrific show. My recording of their set didn't come out very good, however. I met up with my friend, the lovely Sarah, who was feeling quite tipsy, so that made for a doubly fun show, but there's laughing and talking and mic blocking. Plus I did some drinking between bands myself, so I was kinda sloppy with tape flipping and I did a bit more hooting and hollering than any self-respecting bootlegger should do.

The Sundays * 12/11/92: Black Session, Paris (FM)
Sorry, no setlist.
NOTES: "Bernard Lenoir's Black Session" ... very nice recording, except that #1, it's TAO (gaps between tracks) and #2, Bernard (the DJ) talks a lot between songs (sometimes even OVER the songs).. so that's lame, but otherwise, fine broadcast recording.

Sunny Day Real Estate
LP2 Demos 1994 - 46min - Studio>Analog>CDR
Sorry, no setlist. 10 tracks, including "waffle", "red elephant", and more. A bit muffled, but decent quality. Last track is very quiet.. might be from a different source.

Superchunk - Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood. February 11, 1992. 44m. Copy of a cdr made from the master analog tape. Sorry, no tracklist. 13 songs.

Matthew Sweet - Goodfriend : Another Take on 'Girlfriend' - 55min cdr
1. Divine Intervention (home acoustic)
2. Girlfriend (home acoustic)
3. Day for Night (live)
4. Thought I Knew You (live)
5. Looking at the Sun (home acoustic)
6. Does She Talk? (live)
7. You Don't Love Me (live)
8. Someone to Pull the Trigger (live)
9. I've Been Waiting (live)
10. Winona (home acoustic)
11. Girlfriend (live)
12. Cortez the Killer {Neil Young cover} (live w/Indigo Girls' Amy Ray)
13. Isolation {John Lennon cover} (home acoustic)
notes- promotional disc features alternate versions of most of the tracks from Girlfriend, plus two cover songs.

Talking Heads - August 8th, 1979 - Berkelee Performance Center, Boston MA
1 Artists Only
2 Stay Hungry
3 Cities
4 Paper
5 Mind
6 Heaven
7 The Book I Read
8 Electric Guitar
9 Air
10 Warning Sign
11 Love -> Building On Fire
12 Memories Can't Wait
13 Psycho Killer
14 Life During Wartime
15 Take Me To the River
filler: 16 Ruby Dear (bush mix) from Nothing But Flowers 7"
Notes- cdr copy of "Memories Can't Wait" boot CD released on Great Dane records. Nice soundboard recording from a radio broadcast.

Tall Dwarfs - Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand - March 2, 2001 {67:20}
19 tracks. sorry, no setlist
audience. decent quality, but a bit much crowd noise.

Tall Dwarfs - Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand - March 3, 2001 74m
sorry, no setlist (totally different setlist than previous night)
audience. better quality than above, but still not great.

The The - Sony Music Studios, NY 5/6/93 mp3s
August and September
Slow Emotion Replay
Dogs of Lust
Sodium Light Baby
Sweet Bird of Truth
Armageddon Days are Here (Again)
Notes: nice soundboard recording from a promo cd. cdr > mp3.

Thelonious Monster - Baby, You're Bummin' My Life out in a Supreme Fashion (1986)
1 Psychofuckindelic (Forrest, Huck) 2:16
2 Yes Yes No (Thelonious Monster) 1:35
3 Positive Train (Thelonious Monster) 3:22
4 Let Me in the House (Traditional) 5:11
5 Thelonious Monster (Huck, Weiss) 2:43
6 Joke Song (Forrest, Huck) 1:33
7 Huck's Jam (Thelonious Monster) 0:58
8 Union Street (Forrest, Huck) 3:29
9 Try (Forrest, Huck) 2:43
10 ...and the Rest of the Band (Forrest, Stobaugh) 3:45
11 Life's a Groove (Forrest, Huck) 1:04
12 Twenty-Four Hours (Thelonious Monster) 0:50
13 Happy #12 and #35 (Forrest, Stobaugh) 4:46
notes: their first album, long out-of-print in the US. copy from cd.
14 (Mountain Stage broadcast 1993)
15 (Mountain Stage broadcast 1993)
16 (Mountain Stage broadcast 1993)
17 (Mountain Stage broadcast 1993)
18 (Mountain Stage broadcast 1993)
19 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
20 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
21 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
22 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
23 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
24 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
25 (Pink Pop Festival broadcast 1993)
26 Listen to the Music (loose cover, Berkeley, CA 1986)

THELONIOUS MONSTER (w/John Frusciante on guitar) 5/8/97 Rochester, NY [**] 21m cdr
THELONIOUS MONSTER (w/John Frusciante on guitar) 5/13/97 Wetlands, NYC [**] 27m cdr
Notes: sorry, no setlists. Both from 1st generation cassette (my cdr copies made from a tape I received from the taper back in late 97 or early 98). Quality is a bit rough, but cool shows. Bob Forest on vocals. John Frusciante on guitar. Norwood Fisher also plays. Angelo Moore of Fishbone guests on one of the shows.

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "some neat stuff, disc 1" [79:24]
(1-12) 3/14/95 WXRT, Chicago, IL (acoustic radio session/interview) [****] {46:42}
1. (interview)
2. don't let's start
3. (interview)
4. i wanna be sedated
5. (interview)
6. candy mine (Andy Partridge track--->not live/not TMBG) / Maine (not live)
7. (interview)
8. ana ng
9. (interview)
10. ant
11. (interview)
12. sleeping in the flowers (not live)
(13-25) 9/3/92 Live 105, San Francisco, CA (acoustic radio session/interview) [***+] {30:55}
13. (interview)
14. particle man
15. (interview)
16. why does the sun shine
17. (interview)
18. i palindrome i
19. (interview)
20. she's actual size
21. (interview)
22. mammal
23. (interview)
24. maybe i know
25. (interview)
(26) The Daily Show's Greatest Millennium TV special (Dec 1999) [****] {1:47}
26. I Can Hear You
Notes: 2/14/95 WXRT is a pretty cool late-night radio appearance after a show. In contrast,
9/3/92 Live 105 is a morning show.. so it's got the annoying "wacky" morning crew. But they're
both entertaining sessions, with some great acoustic renditions by the two Johns.

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "some neat stuff, disc 2" [79:54]
(1-2) 1989 Idiots Delight, KROQ, Los Angeles, CA (acoustic) [**+] {5:34}
1. why does the sun shine
2. lines upon a tranquil brow
(3-6) 12/10/93 Exhibition Center, Live 105 X-mas show, S.F., CA (radio b'cast) [***] {11:47}
3. istanbul (not constantinople)
4. unrelated thing
5. particle man
6. why does the sun shine
(7-15) 2/25/95 Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV (radio b'cast) [***] {24:07}
7. (host's intro)
8. don't let's start
9. the end of the tour
10. no one knows my plan
11. stomp box
12. unrelated thing
13. destination moon
14. spy (w/ Marshall Crenshaw)
15. (host's outro)
(16-22) 2/19/92 WHFS, Washington, DC (acoustic radio session/interview) [***] {13:19}
16. (interview)
17. maybe i know
18. (interview)
19. she's actual size
20. (interview)
21. when it rains it snows
22. (interview)
(23-26) 5/2/90 Soho Natural Sessions, Soho, NY (acoustic radio session/interview) [***] {8:35}
23. where your eyes don't go
24. (interview)
25. lucky ball and chain
26. (interview)
(27-28) 9/19/96 Hollywood, CA (w/ special guest Frank Black) [**]
27. particle man
28. oddball
(29-31) 6/24/93 Electric Ladyland Studios, New York, NY (TMBG at a Frank Black show) [****]
29. mammal
30. particle man
31. spy

They Might Be Giants 1994-10-14 Sony Music Studios, New York City, NY
1. [introduction]
2. O Do Not Forsake Me
3. Don't Let's Start
4. Nyquil Driver
5. [we'll be right back]
6. [welcome back]
7. Why Does the Sun Shine
8. Purple Toupee
9. Sleeping in the Flowers
10. Chess Piece Face
11. Particle Man
12. She's An Angel
13. The Statue Got Me High
14. Band intro
15. Whistling in the Dark
16. Ana Ng [end cut!?]
17. [we'll be right back]
18. [welcome back]
19. Turn Around
20. I Palindrome I
21. Birdhouse In Your Soul [small cut in middle]
22. Snail Shell
23. Twistin'
24. Dig My Grave
25. [goodnight]
Notes- nice copy of a promo cd. sadly there are itty-bitty gaps between tracks which will piss you off if you're a perfectionist like me. if not, you probably won't notice.

Three Mile Pilot - 2/19/95 at the Hanger in SF, CA
1. bolivia - 5:26
2. red sensing - 4:25
3. x-miner - 10:49
4. shang vs hanger - 6:16
5. sewn to our side - 5:05
6. pinhut - 7:53
7. the chief assassin to the sinister - 6:02
8. 97-MT (cut) - 4:24
9. androsyn guardian - 11:30
10. wahn - 6:52
Source: audience master tape>wav>cdr
Notes: some cuts between tracks, occasionally clipping off the first few seconds of a song. a few pops here and there. And there are a few glitchy seconds near the end of the last track.
11. Unicycle Silencer (live 1995, Komotion, SF, from comp CD) - 10:31

Three Mile Pilot- 4/10/95 at Bottom of the Hill in SF, CA
1. circumsized - 5:28
2. bolivia - 3:34
3. wahn - 6:53
Source: audience master tape>wav>cdr
Notes: only played 3 songs. they got to the venue late or something. recording is apparently complete, though there are cuts between some songs. Some popping.
(4-11) Pinback - More/Less Live In a Few Different Places (Tour EP 2002) [source: CD>CDR]
4. BBtone - 3:41
5. Offline PK - 2:53
6. Talby - 4:15
7. Tres - 4:49
8. XIY - 3:31
9. Penelope - 4:27
10. June - 6:36
11. Rousseau - 4:44
(12-17) Che's Private Milky Way Mobile (LP on Footprint (1999) lim. ed. of 300 (various artists comp) [source: vinyl>CDR]
12. ? (not 3MP) - 1:11
13. ? (not 3MP) - 3:41
14. Bolivia - 3:27 (live at Studio Brussel for Bassta! radio show May '95)
15. ? (not 3MP) - 4:55
16. ? (not 3MP) - 3:42
17. ? (not 3MP) - 4:53
18. Take This With You - 3:08 (That's The Way Cookie (Still) Crumbles comp cd. 1999 Kerosene, France-only release)
19. (unknown) - 3:41 (live at Showcase Theater 7/25/97)

THREE MILE PILOT 7/2/95 (aka 6/2/95) 14th & C St., San Diego [**+] 42m cdr
1. kill the racehorse
2. 97-mt
3. shang vs hanger
4. chenjesu
5. red sensing
6. bolivia
7. circumcised
8. androsyn guardian
Notes- I got this recording via mp3s, but they were pitched a little fast, so i slowed em down before burning them to disc. also, there's some light popping throughout the show, making it sound as if it were transferred from an old vinyl or something. I assume both these problems result from an old tape recorder that recorded this show. but still a must-hear show for any 3mp fan.

Three Mile Pilot - Showcase Theater, San Diego 7/25/97
1. kill the racehorse
2. if you cross
3. way of the ocean
4. ruin
5. [unknown/new]
6. the longest day
7. circumcised
8. shang vs. hanger
9. the year of no light
Notes- opening for RFTC. I recorded this with a cheap walkman that died right after the set. which really pissed me off because I wanted to tape Rocket.


TOADIES <- click there

U2 - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 5/6/83 cdr
Disc 1
1. "Out Of Control"
2. "Twilight"
3. "An Cat Dubh"/"Into The Heart"
4. "Surrender"
5. "Two Hearts Beat As One"
6. "Seconds"
7. "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
8. "The Electric Co."
9. "I Fall Down"
10. "October"
11. "New Year's Day"
12. "Gloria"
13. "I Threw A Brick Through A Window"
14. "A Day Without Me"
15. "Party Girl"
Disc 2
1. "11 O'Clock Tick Tock"
2. "I Will Follow"
3. "40"
Notes- nice soundboard. gaps between tracks

Violent Femmes - The Lyceum, London, UK 10/24/84 + filler - 73m cdr
1. it's gonna rain
2. prove my love
3. country death song
4. jesus walking
5. confessions
6. faith
7. gimme the car
8. black girls
9. add it up
10. blister in the sun
11. kiss off
Notes- copy of "Kiss Off" boot cd. nice soundboard, but kinda crackely at times, probably due to radio broadcast.
12. Color Me Once (crow soundtrack)
13. Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You) (saturday morning cartoons)
14. American Music (craig kilborn show 7/4/00)
15. Blister 2000 (grosse pointe blank soundtrack)
16. Dance, M.F., Dance! (woodstock 94)
17. Kiss Off (woodstock 94)

Tom Waits 4-26-77 Bremen, West Germany (74:33)
Spare Parts, Invitation to the Blues, Eggs & Sausage, Depot Depot, The Piano Has Been Drinking, Pasties & a G-String, Step Right Up, Semi Suite, Fumblin' With the Blues, Midnight Lullaby, Emotional Weather Report, I Can't Wait to Get Off Work, New Coat of Paint, Nobody, Diamonds on my Windshield, Grapefruit Moon, The One That Got Away, Small Change
Notes: excellent disc. radio broadcast, i believe.

Tom Waits - Black Rider Demos - 42m
1. The Black Rider
2. The Right Bullets
3. The Briar and the Rose
4. Crossroads
5. Chase the Clouds Away
6. Flash Pan Hunter
7. instrumental
8. T'Ain't No Sin
9. In the Morning
10. Gospel Train
11. I'll Shoot the Moon
12. instrumental
Notes: interesting versions of these songs, features some not on the record. a little hissy, and the last few tracks have some weird tape noise on them, but pretty good quality over all.

Tom Waits - Alice : the original demos
1. There's Only Alice
2. And No One Knows I'm Gone
3. Tabletop Joe
4. Komme Nie Zu Spaet
5. Hang Me in the Bottle
6. Down in the Reeperbahn
7. One Two & Through
8. But There's Never a Rose
9. What Became of Old Father Craft
10. Chained Together for Life
11. Falling Down the Lane
12. Untitled
13.-22. instrumental pieces 1-10
Notes: a great collection of material from the musical based on "Alice in Wonderland" written after "The Black Rider." Recorded in a studio in Hamburg, Germany, late 1992.

Sun, October 17, 1999 Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1. The Black Rider
2. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
3. Jesus Gonna Be Here
4. In The Colosseum
5. Get Behind The Mule
6. Down Down Down
7. Hold On
8. Tango 'Till They're Sore
9. House Where Nobody Lives
10. Picture In A Frame
11. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six
12. I'll Shoot The Moon
Notes: CBC 'RadioSonic' broadcast. Very nice quality, but unfortunately only about half the show is included in this broadcast.

Tom Waits shows I have in mp3 format (most of these are incomplete)
Tom Waits - live 1974-10-08 Ebbets Field, Denver
Tom Waits - live 1978-12-05 Austin City Limits
Tom Waits - live 1979-07-26 Tonight In Person, BBC
Tom Waits - live 8-11-96 Raven Theater, Heraldsburg, CA
Tom Waits - live 3-20-99 SXSW Festival, Paramount Theatre, Austin TX
Tom Waits - live 1999-04-01 VH1 Storytellers
Tom Waits - various rare tracks

M. Ward - Black Cat - Washington, DC July 30, 2003
.Vincent O'Brien
.Sad, Sad Song
.Flaming Heart
.A Voice At The End Of The Line
.Dead Man
.Duet For Guitars #3
Notes: Rilo Kiley, or rather, the Band of Four, served as M. Ward's backing band.
Taper: Gregory Martin <>
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Core Sound Battery Box (Filter) >Sharp MD-MS702
Conversion:Gregory Martin <> 7/31/03
MD > WAV:Sony MDS-JE520 > M-Audio DiO 2448 > Cool Edit 2000
WAV > FLAC:FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (Level 8)
Retracking & Editing:Cool Edit 2000 and Insete's Wave Tools 13.1

Mike Watt
Date: 1995-10-15
Venue: Trax, Charlottesville VA
Source: SBD
Quality: A
Length: 70 minutes
1/ intro
2/ Formal Introduction
3/ Big Bang Theory
4/ Walking The Cow
5/ The Red And The Black
6/ Big Train
7/ Against The 70s
8/ Drove Up From Pedro
9/ The 15th
10/ Making The Freeway
11/ Intense Song For Madonna To Sing
12/ Chinese Firedrill
13/ One Reporter's Opinion
14/ E-Ticket Ride
15/ Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
16/ Coincidence Is Either Hit Or Miss
17/ Tuff Gnarl
18/ Piss Bottle Man
19/ My Secret Garden
20/ Joe McCarthy's Ghost
21/ Powerful Hankerin'
Sound quality is awesome. I think there's a pop somewhere near the beginning, and track 15 seems to have the end cut, but those are about the only flaws.
The Geraldine Fibbers help out Watt for this part of the tour, with Carla singing on "Tuff Gnarl", "Drove Up From Pedro" and Nels Cline singing "My Secret Garden". Vince Meghrouni sings "Joe McCarthy's Ghost".
Watt - thunderbroom
Nels Cline - Guitar
Vince Meghrouni - Drums

Mike Watt 2/6/98 Jillian's, Long Beach, CA - 74m cdr
w/the Black Gang Crew > Joe Baisa, Nels Cline & Stephen Hodges

1. In the Engine Room, 2. Red Bluff, 3. Bluejacket’s Manual, 4. Pedro Bound!, 5. The Boilerman, 6. Black Gang Coffee, 7. Topsiders, 8. No One Says Old Man (to the Old Man), 9. Fireman Hurley, 10. Liberty Calls!, 11. In the Bunk Room/Navy Wife, 12. Crossing the Equator, 13. Breaking the Choke Hold, 14. Wrapped Around the Screw, 15. Shore Duty, 16. Encore, 17. Drove Up From Pedro, 18. the 15th, 19. The Red and the Black, 20. Dreams of San Pedro, 21. Big Train.
Notes: w/ Nels Cline, Joe Baiza, Bob Lee; Gary Davis Super Seven Stereo Sounboard

Mike Watt live @ Shelter, Detroit MI 10.06.01
All Sexed Up
Three Girl Rhumba
Ex-Lion Tamer
Forever - One Reporters Opinion
Caroline Says
Conspirator's Oath
Amnesty Report
Love Dance
The Product
June 16th
She Don't Know Why I'm Here
Sweet Honey Pie
The Big Bang Theory
Walking The Cow
Liars Beware
Only You Will Know
Chinese Firedrill
Revolution (Part Two)
Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
The Red And The Black
Down With The Bass
What Get's Heard
notes: Mike Watt And The Jom & Terry Show. "Time To Cat And Not Mouse" Tour 2001
Mike Watt...Bass...Vocals
Jerry Trebotic...Drums
Tom Watson...Guitar...Vocals
This is a 6-track digital field recording. Very nice sound. Disc burned from WAVs extracted from a disc from chris rees - the guy who recorded the show.

Mike Watt (AKA mike watt + the second jom & terry man show) 6/22/02 Casbah, San Diego
notes- i was eyeing the setlist all night, but some girl grabbed it before me. but it really lit up her life, so i guess it's for the best. some songs i know are in there.. the big bang theory, burning up (madonna), amnesty report (pop group), chinese firedrill, tv eye (iggy), little doll (stooges), little johnny jewel, plus many more. about 90 minute show (disc 1 70:30; disc 2 about 20min). one song has the intro partially cut from where i flipped the tape. The tour was watt + the secondmen (first five weeks) + the jom & terry show (second four weeks) did the "our oars became wings" tour 2002 (apr 15 - june 15), then for a couple shows (LA, then this one) they combined forces. last show of the tour.
watt - thud staff, spiel
tom watson - guitar, singing, cow bell
jerry trebotic - drums
pete mazich - organ, singing

(WEAKERTHANS) - John K. Samson solo {64:17}
John K. Samson "Little Pictures" acoustic ep {22:20}
1. The Maryland Bridge
2. Sunday Afternoon
3. Sympathetic Smile
4. Farewell Faded Memory
5. Saint Cecilia
6. Little Pictures
___ 12/16/01 Winnipeg, MB, Sunshine Benefit {41:57}
7. None of the Above
8. Pamphleteer
9. Reconstruction Site
10. Prescience of Dawn
11. Relative Surplus Value
12. Sounds Familiar
13. One Great City!
14. Fallow
15. My Favourite Chords
16. Psalm for the Elk's Lodge Last Call
Notes: nice disc of JKS solo stuff.
(1-6) is from a split release by John K. Samson titled Little Pictures. He shares the CD with a
band called Painted Thin (and their side of the CD is titled Small Acts of Love and Rebellion).
It was released by G-7 Welcoming Committee Records circa 2000 or so. Hard to find now. It's
originally one long track, but as you can see, the tracks are split up on this here recording.
(7-16) is a John K. Samson solo show. Very quick gaps between tracks. Some recorder problems in
the middle of track 13.

WEAKERTHANS - Sioux Falls, SD 12th Street House Basement, 4/3/00 {42:46}
11 tracks

04/14/2000 Duct Tape Radio
Length: 54:40
Recorded: 04/14/2000
Quality: A-
Notes: Radio Broadcast
1. (Intro)
2. Letter Of Resignation
3. (Interview)
4. None Of The Above
5. Wellington's Wednesdays
6. (Doug)
7. (Interview)
8. Pamphleteer
9. (Interview)
10. (Tokotronic)
11. (Interview)
12. My Favorite Chords
13. (Interview)
14. Slips And Tangles
15. (Interview)
16. (Ron Hawkins)
17. (Interview)
18. Ringing On Revolution

WEAKERTHANS - Columbus, OH Bernie's, 8/23/02 {57:20}
Schoeps MSTC64>Sound Devices MP-2>Sharp MT-15 MD>CDR
CDR direct from taper (ryan gear)
14 tracks

WEAKERTHANS - 12/6/04 Casbah, San Diego, CA
Source: my master cassette > cdr. (side of stage, front row. start of one song cut due to tape flip.)
Notes: they mention the show was being professionally recorded and sold.. so you might try to find that version.. since it's most certainly much better quality than mine.

WEEN 1995? Buffalo, NY (Universal Buzz Radio Network pre-FM cd) 56:11 cdr
sorry, no setlist. This is a copy of a cdr burned directly from the UBR CD, NOT from radio, so very nice sound. Naughty words are censored.. not with the usual beep/buzz, but with goofy sound effects. Songs grouped into 3 big tracks, plus 2 short ads for the show at the end.

WEEZER <-click there

Show date: 03/19/2003
Media: CDR (2)
Venue: Palms Playhouse
Location: Winters, CA
Grade: A
Disc One (55min)
01. Start With the Ending
02. Guitar Shopping
03. Diggin' Hard
04. Good Together
05. No Doubt About It
06. Road
07. Step Into Your Skin
08. Good Man In the Worst Sense of the Word
09. Covert War
10. Rule #1
11. Just Get On
12. Johnny's Camaro
Disc Two (53min)
01. Everywhere
02. Language of the Heart
03. Radio Man
04. Whisper of the Wheels
05. So Far Gone
06. Waffle House
07. Out of the Question
08. That's What the Lonely is For
09. Show the Way
10. Eye of the Hurricane
11. Hold it Up to the Light (fades out)

World Party - 7/25/93 Wadsworth Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (FM)
1. Is It Like Today?
2. Sunshine
3. Put The Message In The Box
4. Kingdome Come
5. Ship of Fools
6. Like a Rolling Stone
7. Way Down Now
8. Give It All Away
--- filler of some unknown show/session, circa Egyptology era (2000/2001) - 19+ minutes
9. Is It Like Today? (cuts in)
10. Vanity Fair
11. She's The One
12. Put The Message In The Box
NOTES: good radio broadcasts. Some edits between tracks.. perhaps a result of editing out DJ chatter? Both shows total 68 minutes together.

XTC - Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI, 1/22/80
Beattown/Real By Reel/When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/Life Begins at the Hop/The Rhythm/Meccanik Dancing/Roads Girdle The Globe/Ten Feet Tall/Helicopter/This is Pop/Battery Brides/Instant Tunes/Crowded Room/Complicated Game/Making Plans for Nigel/Outside World/Statue of Liberty/(backstage interview with Colin and Andy by dj's Mike Halloran and Tom Simonian)
Notes: Some tape hiss. Recorded by WUTF radio station, it includes a backstage interview after the gig that gets interrupted by the Police starting their set (XTC were opening for the Police). I believe "Dance Band" is supposed to be on this recording, but was apparently removed to allow the show to fit on a 74m cd.

Neil Young - "Hard To Find: neil young rarities on compact disc vol. 17" (Westwood One Radio Networks CD)
1. Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield Non-LP Version)
2. radio spot for "Neil Young" (1st album)
3. If I Could Have Her Tonight (original version/mix)
4. I've Been Waiting For You (original version/mix)
5. Here We Are In The Years (original version/mix)
6. What Did You Do In My Life (original version/mix)
7. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (alternate version)
8. radio spot for "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"
9. Cinnamon Girl (edited version with different vocal)
10. radio spot for "After The Gold Rush"
11. Birds (Alternate/Non-LP version)
12. War Song (Non-LP)
13. The Last Trip To Tulsa (Live Jan. 18, 1973 - Non-LP)
14. Pushed It Over The End (Live Aug. 27, 1974, CSNY 12" Single)
15. Campaigner (original extra verse version)
16. Home on The Range (12" single version)
17. Weight Of The World (extended remix 12"single)
18. This Note's For You (Live Apr. 13, 1988, unedited full length version)
19. No More (Live Sept. 30, 1989)
20. Don't Spook The Horse (Non-LP)
notes- nice collection. quality ranges from good to excellent.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse 2/10/70 The Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH, "Winterlong" (2 discs... 37m + 56m)
Set: On The Way Home*, Broken Arrow*, I Am a Child*, Helpless*, Dance Dance Dance*, Sugar Mountain*, Don't Let It Bring You Down*, The Old Laughing Lady*, The Loner, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Winterlong, Let's Go Downtown, Wondering, It Might Have Been, Down By the River, Cinnamon Girl
notes: soundboard. *Neil solo acoustic.

Neil Young - "I'm Happy That Y'All Came Down"
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Feb 1, 1971 in Los Angeles, alone with just his trusty harmonica, guitar and a grand piano.
10 tracks. incomplete? decent audience recording. fades/cuts between tracks.

Various Artists - HardNHeavy highlights, 1990-1993
2hr dvd of bits taken from oop retail vhs set. Each segment is about 7 minutes long or so and includes a music video intercut with band interview. The quality is very good except for the middle (first Nirvana segment thru Mother Love Bone) where the screen is jacked up a bit.
soundgarden - jesus christ pose
primus - tommy the cat
rollins band - just like you (live)
the nymphs - sad and damned
jane's addiction - been caught stealing / (dave navarro talking about drug habit)
smashing pumpkins - siva
nirvana - come as you are
helmet - give it
white zombie - thunderkiss 65
mother love bone - half ass monkey boy (live)
jane's addiction - stop / (perry farrell depressed and crying)
red hot chili peppers - good time boys
black crowes - twice as hard
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
faith no more - falling to pieces
megadeth - symphony of destruction

Various Artists DVD (Pukkelpop '94 "120 Minutes" MTV Europe Special, plus Rilo Kiley 7/2/05 and Jane's Addiction 2002)
ch1 - 14:44
Rilo Kiley 07/02/05 Rock Werchter, Belgium (It's A Hit, Portions For Foxes, I Never)
- - -
08/27/94 Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Belgium [tv>vhs_0>SAR>SP>dvd0 mono;+100min live/interviews]
TV broadcast from "120 Minutes" (MTV Europe). Each band typically features a couple minutes of a song, a couple minutes of a backstage interview, then a couple minutes of a different song (no complete songs, sadly, except for RHCP). The DVD has not been mastered with menus, so it's a bit of a pain to jump to a specific band. Audio is a bit hissy (the DVD was mastered from an old VHS tape. My DVD from the taper.)
ch2 - 17:38
Stabbing Westward
ch3 - 16:59
Rollins Band
ch4 - 10:52
Dig (I'll Stay High/interview/Believe)
Afghan Whigs
ch5 - 13:12
Frank Black (Los Angeles/Man Who Was Too Loud (acoustic backstage)/Pong)
Jesus Lizard
ch6 - 11:52
The Levellers
ch7 - 11:58
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Backwoods/interview/Higher Ground) [fulls songs]
- - -
ch8 - 6:41
8/22/02 Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium
Jane's Addiction (Up The Beach/Whores)

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